Naga People, The guardian of “Great Eastern Corridor”

  Naga People, The guardian of “Great Eastern corridor” The Naga people and its territorial area still in the yolk of civilization, subjected by forceful occupation by Indian intriguing British colonial legacy claim is currently the most close yet silently watched regions in the world, also known as “Great Eastern corridor”. Situated in tri-junction border of the three giant countries Read more

Events in Ukhrul and the Democratically challenged Government

24 days have passed since the assassination of Mr. Ngalangzar Malue, an Autonomous District Council member of Ukhrul district, and civil society organisations have condemned it. Secondly, 23 days have passed when the Police Commando (MPC) and Indian Reserved Battalion (IRB) raided the Public Liaison Office of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim NSCN-IM) and arrested 8 cadres who were Read more

NSCN/GPRN on Naga Sovereignty

Lt.Gen.Niki Sumi, People’s Army of Nagaland, NSCN/GPRN June 7, 2014 Recently, speculating on possible settlement between GOI and IM, the NSCN/GPRN has unnecessarily been dragged in by few high profile individuals either out of their ignorance or with ulterior motives. Hence, the NSCN/GPRN’s position on the longstanding unresolved political issue is being clarified thus. The Indo-Naga-Myanmar political issue basically is Read more

The Indian Republic, Draconian Laws and The Quest for an Alternative

Amit Bhattacharyya (Courtesy: The Arrested) The framers of the Constitution of India, who adopted the Constitution in November 1949 after the ‘transfer of power to friendly hands’ in 1947, described India as a “Sovereign Democratic Republic”. On 3 January 1977, during the period of Emergency under Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, India became, through an amendment to the Constitution, a “Sovereign Read more

“Naga’s journey with Talk and Politics: A Reflection”

R. Marza Naga’s strive for liberation, a solemn stretch of political mandate to acquire self-rule historically from erstwhile colonial move keeps craving for an ‘indigenous world order’ Nagas had destined since the intrusion of British raid on the Naga soil. The issue was left unsolved with independent India following the transfer of power, and put the Naga movement to confront Read more

Revisiting Phizo’s Ideals: The Question of Sovereignty in Naga Political Movement

Porteus Shimray Research Student, University of Delhi There is a general perception among the young Nagas of present generation that Phizo, the grand leader of yesteryears Naga political movement, may have actually erred when he was not willing to accommodate any form of political arrangements for the Nagas, except absolute sovereignty. However, some old guards may still stand by what Read more

Reconciliation: How and where from what we stand.

                                       Editorial: The yearning for peace and reconciliation within the Naga family had necessitated the formation of Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) in 2008, under which many unwanted nature of conflict/confrontation and hostilities has been reduced to an encourage-able level. The efforts Read more

Quo Vadis Naga Nationalism?

Abraham Lotha When we look at the present Naga political scenario, we have made a mess for ourselves. The filth, dirt, garbage, pollution and the endemic clogged drains of our towns are symptomatic and emblematic of the Naga society. This in spite of Rio getting India Today Group’s State of States Award 2011 for the Most Improved Small State (Infrastructure) Read more