‘Myanmar will not cooperate with India in crossborder insurgencies’

Ratnadip Choudhury Bertil Lintner, a scholar on Indo-Burmese affairs, tells Ratnadip Choudhury why it is tough for Myanmar to crack down on Northeast insurgency groups. Edited excerpts from an interview. You have seen the insurgencies of Southeast Asia from Ground Zero. In some areas they have joined the mainstream, in many places they continue with their struggles. How do you see the Read more

Nagas do not want the Indian state of Nagaland

New Delhi | June 15 : One of India’s smallest states is also among its biggest conundrums. With a history as chequered and intriguing as its topography, Nagaland is a bewildering mosaic of social and geopolitical complexities. In his book Nagaland: A Journey to India’s Forgotten Frontier, British journalist Jonathan Glancey tries to take a closer look at Nagaland. He shares Read more

Th. Muivah Interview with Avalok Langer: Tehelka

‘If India thinks we are Indians because we are now using Indian passports that will not work’ Source: Tehelka India and Nagalim will exist side by side and have joint defence structure For the past six months, 76-year-old Thuingaleng Muivah, General Secretary of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland, the NSCN(IM), has been flitting in and out of India in search Read more

‘Gandhi supported the Naga desire for independence’

From Tehelka Magazine Vol 7, Issue 43, Dated October 30, 2010 For more than six decades, a section of the Naga community has been fighting for freedom. Naga National Council veteran Thinoselie Keyho tells AVALOK LANGER why the battle is not over yet   Tucked away in the Northeast, a 60-year-old insurgency festers unresolved. Exposed to the nationalistic fervour that Read more

‘India listened to us only when we took up arms’

The Naga rebellion has spawned many groups in the past 60 years. NSCN-IM’s Maj Gen Phunthing Shimray tells AVALOK LANGER that his outfit wants to bring all Nagas under one administrative umbrella Nestled in the dense jungles of the Naga Hills, the Naga people’s movement simmers, ignored and unresolved. Since 1946, the Naga National Council (NNC) had championed the cause, Read more

Muivah Wants Indian Govt. to Resolve The Issue Soon

(An exclusive interview with Muivah) Jotsoma (Nagaland), Jun 22 : The National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM) General Secretary, Thuingaleng Muivah, on Monday said the Central government must recognize the unique history of Nagas and resolve the issue soon. Muivah is presently in India to hold talks with the Central government on the Naga issue. Muivah in an exclusive interview Read more

Nagas could understand the danger of being suppressed. To the Nagas their freedom is above everything else.

Nagas could understand the danger of being suppressed. To the Nagas their freedom is above everything else. Interviewee : Th. Muivah    Interviewer : Kikhrie Yhome, Himal    Date published : 9/20/2008 Interview date : 8/11/2008 The Naga movement has come a long way. The oldest armed struggle in the Subcontinent has not only sustained itself over the course of some six decades, but Read more