Editorial (Nagalim Voice September 2023): Let us face the truth for conflict resolution

Nagalim Voice September 2023



Ever since the state sponsored ethnic pogrom started on May 3, 2023, in Manipur, NSCN had remained resilient and neutral, showing respect for humanity. So far we have taken the stand to give room for historical reasoning and critical thinking as we assess the different narratives and perspectives.

Despite the unpleasant historical record with the Kukis, we have not stooped in to “fishing in troubled waters”. Rather we seek to “soothe the troubled waters” by extending unconditional humanitarian aid and spiritual sharing with the Kuki-Zo community as we believe in building a peaceful society. True to our stand, no amount of trouble will allow us to lose faith in humanity. This is our approach to the on-going ethnic crisis between the Kuki-Zo and the Meiteis in Manipur. And this is our abiding faith in “Nagalim for Christ”, because there is hope and peace in the presence of God. There is protection from injustice in the presence of God.

With our faith in God we have remained unperturbed, unfazed by rumours and provocative incidents/narratives, and relaxed under stressful situation. We believe that a real lasting peace and solution only comes when the parties involved in the conflict exercise the courage to disentangle hard fact from myth, or truth from lies. And thereby, to accept that truth is the only way to approach God for conflict resolution.