Nagalim Voice May-June 2024



One of the most beautiful episodes in the political history of the Nagas is the Naga Plebiscite of the 16th May, 1951 as this high-profile national occasion emboldened the spirit and approach of the Nagas towards the Naga political issue with the new found nationalism became the growing trend. It was significantly all the more beautiful because the God-given Naga nation was given a new political dimension as the historical and political truth of the Nagas was brought before the UN (United Nations).

If we look into the pages of the history of India after her independence, there is one princely state, Junagadh, located in what is now the Indian state of Gujarat that was annexed to the Union of India through plebiscite after a dispute arises with the dominion of Pakistan. The Junagadh plebiscite took place in February 1948. Ultimately, the will of the people prevail. The ruler of Junagadh, a Muslim, had already signed a pact with Pakistan to be a part of the latter’s territory. However, India firmly believed in the will of the people as the vote was overwhelmingly in favour of joining the Union of India. That decisively put an end to the issue of Junagadh political status.

However, three years later when the Nagas under the NNC (Naga National Council) conducted plebiscite with thundering 99.0% in favour of Naga Independence, the India’s Prime Minister Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru refused to entertain when it was brought before him. This is where the world found the stand of India as CONTROLLING, MANIPULATIVE, DUPLICITOUS, IMMORAL and OBSTRUCTIVE

73 years later, the Nagas joined together to commemorate the Naga plebiscite. It was a significant development as the Nagas demonstrated their political attachment to the truth of the Naga history that shall remain indelible. Such was the beauty of the Naga Plebiscite that it simply refused to fade away. It will stay on like a jewel and a timeless treasure to remind the Nagas that it is the will of God and will never go into oblivion.


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