N.S.C.N RAISED NAGA ISSUE AT U.N.P.O ASSEMBLY – Source: Nagalim Voice May-June 2024

Nagalim Voice May-June 2024


At the Sixth General Assembly of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organizations (UNPO) held at Munich (Germany) on the 12th May, 2024, the Naga issue was raised by Mr. Apam Muivah, Steering Committee Member, NSCN & Co-ordinator Alee (Foreign) Affairs, Europe. Mr. Apam Muivah highlighted the Naga political history and the blatant human rights violation by the Indian security forces in no uncertain terms.

He called upon UNPO to inform the international community to stop the state terrorism of the present Indian state and Myanmar and firmly impress upon them to exercise political foresight and take the right path to come to a political agreement through peaceful political action, respecting the unique history and sovereign rights of the Nagas. He reminded the UNPO that unless the Government of India honours the historic Framework Agreement of the 3rd August, 2015, in letter and spirit, it is not going to be possible to find Naga political solution.

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