EDITORIAL – Nagalim Voice May 2022

Nagalim Voice May 2022 EDITORIAL The Naga Agreement should not defile the Naga Political Issue again When the high profile Framework Agreement was signed on the 3rd August, 2015, the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi went histrionic as he called up all the political leaders who matters to announce that he has solved the longest running insurgency movement Read more


   Gideon Shadang Student of Political Thought New Delhi I can’t let go unnoticed the anguished feelings of this despair, the forewarned fear strikes me deep. I am not a linguist but easy expression comes clinically of this multiple organ failures. Where could have I gone wrong all through this life, my senses were sharp until yesterday. I want to Read more

Where Does Naga Civil Organizations Stand Today

Porteus Shimray Research Student, DU It will not be justifiable to paint the picture of Naga civil organization in a completely black and white manner as far as their role in Naga political movement is concern. Not all the organizations are either completely black, in the sense that they have worked against the political stand of Naga nationalist, or they Read more

Westminster Conference on Self-determination

India’s position unlawful, untenable 6 May 2014: At a packed venue at the Houses of Parliament in London senior leadership figures from national freedom movements gathered in an impressive show of solidarity to demand UN action against those states that forcibly suppress legitimate self-determination movements. Resolutions also calling for guilty states to be taken to task and for the creation Read more

Absence of Postcolonial Accountability the root cause of conflicts regarding Self Determination?

A Naga International Support Center, NISC www.nagalim.nl A human rights organization London May 6 2014, Amsterdam  May 12 2014 In the Netherlands, where I am from, we celebrated Liberation Day yesterday for the 69th time.  Why? Because we should never forget how precious freedom really is; it should not be taken for granted. This is especially true for the Indigenous Read more

Editorial Note

Congratulations to Mr. Narendra Modi, the new Prime Minister of India on his successful election to the 16th India Lok Sabha election held recently. We wish him a successful tenure in Parliament while serving the people of the largest democracy in the world. We hope that Mr. Narendra Modi will be able to sail smoothly through the rough political water Read more

A monthly bulletin

“Nagalim Voice” invites serious ideas. The Ministry of Information and Publicity (MIP) run bulletin “Nagalim Voice”, circulated extensively within the ranks and file of NSCN comes a step closer to solicit the ideas of the Naga intellectuals, to take on the table of decision makers. Taking full cognizance of the churning ideas of the youths and the intellectuals in this Read more