Nagalim Voice September 2023


To maintain the tempo and keep the historical and political temperament of the Nagas alive, Kilo Kilonser, Maj. Retd. Kewe Mero took the initiative to act against complacency and negative factors within the group and to work with renewed vigour in order to take forward the burden of the Naga political issue focussing on protecting the achievement of the Indo-Naga political talks. In keeping with this spirit, consultative meetings of parliamentarians of all regions was held in Dimapur, Kohima and Senapati during the three months of July, August and September where senior leaders took the stage to put the responsibility of each member into life to encourage the members to continue with their pledge of allegiance to the Naga political issue. Unquestionably, this is all about the duty of being members of National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN), the torch bearer of the Naga national movement.

During the consultative meetings, top leaders of the NSCN/GPRN presented strong narratives about the Naga political movement giving clear picture of how NSCN took over the centre stage with a tight rein and save the Naga issue and identity from sinking into oblivion.

How the NSCN negotiating team led by Chief Negotiator General Secretary Mr. Th. Muivah prevailed over the Government of India to grant official recognition to the unique history of the Nagas in 2002 and how this opened the way to the historic Framework Agreement (FA) of the 3rd August, 2015, was impressively brought forth before the members. Significantly, the point was driven home towards the responsibility of each member and region to take the avowed stand to defend the Naga political identity that has been incorporated in FA.

The meetings also hit on the critically important point that the way forward to stand upright while defending our political rights is to maintain our everyday struggle in harmony with the slogan “Nagalim for Christ”. Because no where can we go far enough without Christ, the Lord.

No less important is for the parliamentarians to leave their personal interests, ego and grudge behind but to reflect unity and positive attitude before the people. To work under the slogan of “Nagalim for Christ” should also mean to work with the spirit of forbearance and cooperation towards the common goal of political freedom. Members were made to understand that sacrifice is the pinnacle of patriotism and there is nothing nobler than giving everything when called by the nation.

NSCN parliamentarians were asked to be ready to accept the challenges when history will judge them how they have travailed to defend the political rights of the Nagas that they professed to be fighting for under the banner of NSCN.