Nagalim Voice July/August 2023


How good it would be if all could work in the interest of the “RIGHT.” But today unfortunately, the RIGHT of the Nagas can be perceived as the victim of the “INTEREST” and the history may blame us if the present trend of misconceptions and misinterpretation continues.

The factual truth of history dictated us that there wasn’t 16 Point agreement at all. It was only “16 points memorandum” drafted by Indian officials like Maj. Bob Khathing, Murkot Rammuny, Maluna Malik, Kampani, etc., in a thinly veiled attempt to stop the Naga national movement and was signed by the so-called controversial NPC (Naga People’s Convention) president Dr. Imkongliba. Treacherously executed, it has come down into Naga history as going against the 1951 Plebiscite and thus, considered as “treason”.

The illegitimate child 371(A) born on the pretext of Naga solution was vehemently condemned by the Naga people and concern authorities. Accordingly, the perpetrator was also punished as per the “1956 Lakhuti Resolutions” wherein it was resolved that whoever goes against the 1951 Plebiscite will be treated as treason.

No doubt, the Indian constitution article 371(A) was in the interest of the GoI (Government of India) as stage managed by 16 point memorandum. People who are for 371(A) are against the right of the Naga people. The GoI have been playing its card very craftily to confuse the Nagas, using that 371(A) is the RIGHT of the Nagas. This became the problem for the Nagas of the present Nagaland state and consciously or unconsciously 371(A) stands as a roadblock to resolving the political problem.

Ironically, on this basis and in the interest of 371(A), the NTC, NGBF, 14 tribes, CNTC, Nagaland Ex-Parliamentarian Association, etc. including the NNPGs were formed. They are speaking their interests and justifying as the right of the Nagas with ulterior motives. All these organizations are shouting at the top of their voices displaying their overriding concern to protect 371(A) against the principle of 1929 Simon Commission Memorandum, 1947 declaration of Independence and 1951 Plebiscite.

In fact, GoI used these organizations to dismantle the Naga Apex Civil Societies that speaks the RIGHT of the Nagas.

Till the signing of the final agreement, “status-quo” be maintained on 371A without enforcing and killing the principle issue.

Certainly, the final agreement shall be definitely above the 371(A) with special arrangement and as a separate chapter.

Will the Nagas define indigenous based on 371(A) and enforces the RIIN? Is it for division or unity?

If the Nagas speak in one voice on the right principle, honourable solution could be achieved anytime because GoI is bound to comply with the rights of the Nagas.

We all want unity but let us be very clear about ourselves that Nagas unity cannot be found in 371(A) or Indian constitution.

Better not waste your time talking for Naga unity in the interest of the GoI.

Better be a responsible Naga, and we can easily find Naga unity in keeping with the historical and political RIGHT of the Nagas.

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