Reconciliation meet in Meluri, Phek

Reconciliation meet in Meluri, Phek
Correspondent Phek, March 1(NPN):

Nagas continued to display their unanimity in the ongoing Naga reconciliation and unity process, but this time with tears and remorse as the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) campaign “A journey of common hope” reached Meluri and Phek on Saturday and Sunday respectively.
“Yes” was the unanimous response from the thousands of Nagas, who gathered at the clock tower in the heart of Phek town to attend the Naga reconciliation meeting, when asked whether they supported the ongoing Naga reconciliation process on Sunday morning.
With tears, remorse and in submission to divine God, people knelled in prayer and sought forgiveness.
“God has made the impossible appear to be possible. Let us therefore already do today what shall be tomorrow,” FNR convenor, Rev Dr. Wati Aier said while addressing the sixth Naga reconciliation meet at Phek. He recalled that initially, the leaders of the different Naga underground groups refused to travel in the same flight and stay in the same floor, but today he pointed out that they were sitting together, sleeping together and eating together. “It is no secret that the Naga reconciliation process is creating a space where the rich texture of the Naga world is appearing and the exclusive polarity is disappearing,” Rev Dr Wati said and thanked the Naga political groups for keeping their commitment despite difficult situations.
Rev Dr Wati on behalf of the FNR also requested the Naga public to understand some of the difficulties each faced and said that “all are called to be together.”
“We need the grand vision for Nagaland inspired by God’s Spirit and love of our nation. We need reminders that the impossible is possible: we can and we need to communicate with one another. In our grand vision the needs of all will be met because none of us will call our things our own,” he said.
“As we desire to embrace the other while we remain true to ourselves and to God, in a sense we already are where we will be when we will be when the goal of Nagahood is achieved among us”, he added.
Leaders representing all the three Naga political groups also affirmed the “Covenant of reconciliation” on the occasion. ‘Kilonser’ Q Tuccu who along with his ‘Kilonser’ colleague Kraibo Chawang and host of other officials representing the NSCN (I-M) in his address admitted that killings among the Naga brothers earlier was a “Pakla kam” and that all the different political groups present were “pakla.” He said the FNR and the Naga people had the job to correct them. He also assured that from now on, all the different groups would sit, eat from the same plate and sleep together.
He recalled the harassment meted out to the FNR and the Joint Working group during their journey at Jessami by the Assam Rifles personnel and warned that ‘Satan’ was still trying to work against the Naga reconciliation and unity move.
Further, he also urged upon the FNR to restrain all the political groups from criticizing each other at the juncture when the process of reconciliation and unity move was on.
Similarly, ‘Kilonser’ Meren Nokpuh who along with hosts of other officials representing the GPRN/NSCN said that the cry of for the Naga unity seemed to be fulfilling and requested the Naga public to continue to pray for the leaders of the three groups. He pointed out that without wisdom, a single bullet could break the covenant.
On the other hand, the NNC/FGN vice president Zhopra Vero also reiterated that the NNC/FGN would uphold the principles enshrined in the covenant of reconciliation signed by the Naga leaders and the joint declaration of the joint working group.
He recalled his experiences during the past five reconciliation meetings held at Ukhrul, Senapati, Zunheboto, Mon and Meluri and said that he had witnessed the yearning desire of the people to see the fruition of what the FNR has started i.e reconciliation.
He admitted that when the FNR first brought up the issue of reconciliation, the NNC was hesitant, wary and doubtful but it began to engage in constructive dialogue harmoniously. “Our attitude towards each other changed and softened, emotional healings began and we are starting to see each other from a complete different perspective. And now we are beginning to see the benefits of fostering an atmosphere of grace rather than environment of maliciousness,” he added.
Earlier, local MLA and minister for health and family welfare, Kuzholuzo Neinuo said that Phek town expressed hope that Nagas would complete the dream journey if Nagas were sincere. “I believe that time has come for Nagas to come under one umbrella” he said and urged the public to extend fullest cooperation towards the Naga reconciliation process.
Admitting that he was touched by the FNR and the Joint Working Group coming to Phek and that he could not withhold tears, he expressed strong believe that God was working in the Naga reconciliation process.
Similarly, CPO President Sovenye while extending greetings on the occasion said that Nagas were in the process of shaping its nation and history.
On behalf of the CPO, he welcomed and extended its support to the ongoing Naga reconciliation process. “The success of the journey of common hope will entirely depend on you and how you uphold the covenant of reconciliation”, he told the representatives of the different Naga political groups.
On the occasion, spears were symbolically exchanged among the representatives of the three different Naga political groups as per the Chakhesang traditional practice of peace making deal between any two conflicting parties.
Before the public rally, an emotional and tearful joint service was held at the Phek town Baptists Church.
Meanwhile, during the Reconciliation meeting held at Meluri on Saturday, the Pochury People’s Forum resolved to fully support and endorse the Naga Reconciliation and unity move for lasting peace in the land.
A warm reception was accorded to the FNR and the Joint Working Group team at Kekruma while they were on their journey to Meluri on Saturday where the village council donated Rs.50,000 towards the FNR in support of the Naga reconciliation work. Similarly, the Old Phek village council accorded warm welcome to the same team the same day while returning to Phek from Meluri and donated Rs.50,000 towards the FNR.
Minister for health and family Welfare Kuzholuzo Neinuo also donated Rs.1.lakh towards the FNR for carrying out their works.