CLARIFICATION, the 18th August, 2023: A viral video of a Naga Army cadre


Ministry of Information and Publicity


Oking, the 18th August, 2023

This is in response to the viral video wherein a cadre of the Naga Army purportedly engaged in selling/supplying arms to a particular party/ community.

The person seen in the viral video is Mr. H. Khosiivei Lovingson Roah, s/o Hriipunii Roah of Sirong village, Shepoumaramth Region. He joined the Naga national service on the 12th October, 2022 and done his basic military training during the early part of 2023. He was then posted at Thungbo Brigade, Naga Army as private.

On the 7th of August, 2023, he was granted medical leave for ear infection and sent to Dimapur but went missing since then. He surfaced through this viral video floating on social media.

According to his commander he proved himself a dubious character, a habitual liar and violating the integrity of a soldier. Any layman on the street will understand that there is something cold and sinister about the video clip. The video is evidently a premeditated and pre-planned aimed at provoking communal antagonism and force the hypersensitive situation descends into mayhem by creating hostile environment among the communities and thereby portrays NSCN in bad light.

Simply put, it is beyond credible sense that a mere rookie private soldier on leave could have access to such illicit arms dealings unless he has premeditated action plan in collusion with the Indian security forces/agency.

The Naga Army handled its armoury or any military related matter with the crash tested security systems where no officer other than the concerned commander of the unit/area has access to it, least of all a mere private soldier.

All said and done, this video viral is nothing but the work of a bunch of “warmongers”.