CLARIFICATION, the 19th September, 2023: On K. Therie’s statement on Kuki-Zo demand


Ministry of Information and Publicity



Oking, the 19th September, 2023


The statement issued by K. Therie on the controversial Kuki-Zo’s demand for separate administration in Manipur is not surprising as he is a person who always found himself the odd man out. His statement also reflects his poor knowledge of the geopolitical issue in Manipur.

Given the sensitivity of the issue involved National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) has stayed away from getting involved in any manner other than to make its stand sharp and clear that not even an inch of Naga territory should be touched in the name of geopolitical arrangement for the Kuki-Zo community in Manipur.

K. Therie’s unmerited concern for the Kuki-Zo community for separate administration is like a “voice crying in the wilderness” for the Kuki-Zo community. He needs to look at the Kuki-Zo demand for separate administration within the larger context of Naga’s geopolitical issue and not from the Kuki-Zo geopolitical perspective.

Moreover, he is a person who has lost the representative status of his people consecutively, making his voice irrelevant anywhere on any issue.

It is better for K. Therie to stay low and cool his heels and stay away from Meitie-Kuki-Zo ethnic issue. He should therefore, avoid giving any comment/statement that is bigger that what he can chew.