PRESS RELEASE, the 13th October, 2023: Consultative Meeting at Zhavame (Chakhesang Region)


Ministry of Information and Publicity

Press Release

Oking, the 13th October, 2023

NSCN/GPRN had a consultative meeting with Chakhesang Region at Zhavame on the 10th October, 2023. The meeting was joined by Chakhesang CSOs including representative from the NSF (Naga Students Federation).

The Zhavame Village Council (ZVC) exhibited a generous host extending traditional hospitality to the NSCN dignitaries and other CSO leaders. The Kilo Kilonser, Maj. Retd. Kewe Mero in his welcome address highlighted the theme of the consultative meeting, “The awareness on the Indo-Naga political talks” from correct perspective and also something about what we should know on the on-going ethnic violence between the Meiteis and the Kuki-Zo.

In his short speech, Mr. Jongpongsashi Longkumer, Kilonser, Education, boldly stated the critical need to bring awareness and identify who are the bona fide national workers who are giving heart and soul with their never giving up spirit of sacrifice for the Naga political cause.

Mr. Zhehoto Awomi, Kilonser, Chaplee Affairs, in his short speech took pride of the NSCN that brought the historic declaration of the Indo-Naga ceasefire and the signing of the Framework Agreement, another historic landmark in the Indo-Naga political issue. It is for the world to testify who has carried the Naga political issue and how NSCN shouldered the Naga political movement without succumbing to any situation and pressure but standing upright for Naga’s political rights.

Mr. Kraibo Chawang, Collective Leadership Member, addressed the Chakhesang people that “we have come to you to understand together our historical root and political rights, and the critical need to understand our identity based on Naga people’s historical and political rights”. He pointed out that identity and land cannot be separated, because it is our land that gives us our political identity as a nation and we have to fight for it. No wonder Nagas have fought for more than 75 years at the cost of many precious lives and loss of properties.

He further added that NSCN knows exactly what is all about spearheading the Naga political movement under the leadership of chosen leaders. NSCN leaders are never confused of its political movement, because a confused man is a lost man and a confused man is a dangerous man. He appealed to the Chakhesang people not to be confused of what NSCN is doing for the Naga political issue.

He minced no word to make the Chakhesang people understand that in the history of Naga political movement, the syndrome of “something is better than nothing” had done terrible damage to the political rights of the Nagas and this syndrome is still in danger of getting repeated in the hands of treacherous people deceitfully shouting for Naga solution. The so called 16 Point Agreement and Shillong Accord was condemned for accepting such agreement under the Indian Constitution. These are all about Nagas being carried away by the syndrome of “something is better than nothing”. However, the stand taken by NSCN is “nothing is better than nonsense”. NSCN is not going to betray the Nagas by making nonsense agreement with Government of India accepting the Indian constitution but to keep on defending what God given to the Nagas.

Quoting from the Holy Bible that says, “Blessed are the peace-makers, for they shall be called sons of God”. (Mathew 5:9) K. Chawang pointed out how Church leaders played the role of peacemakers that went against the historical and political rights of the Nagas. In the name of peace-makers, the worst treachery was committed as recorded in the chequered history of Nagas. Church leaders that played the crucial role in organizing the Peace Committee and the Naga People’s Convention (NPC) simply ended up as “killing mission” that betrayed the Nagas.

Matthew 5: 10 also say, “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. NSCN had never given up fighting what is right for the Nagas under the banner of “Nagaland for Christ” and waiting for the fruition under the Framework Agreement going through tormenting period.

Touching on the on-going Indo-Naga political talks K. Chawang said, article 371 (A) is a road block to Naga political solution as this particular article as incorporated in Indian Constitution is only going to give diminishing return to the Nagas which in real sense of the term means loss of Naga’s nationality and political identity as a people and as a nation.

On the ethnic conflict between the Meiteis and Kuki-Zo, NSCN have stood firmly as ‘neutral’ and well-acknowledged by the Government of India as “a gentleman’s stand”. Lt. Gen. Retd. Vs. Atem, VC, Member, Collective Leadership, pointed out how the Nagas defended and stood the ground for the historical and political rights of the Nagas. After the Nagas under NNC (Naga national Council) declared Naga independence on the 14th August, 1947, Nagas never wavered. When all the princely states of India joined the Union of India, including the Lushai and Khasi-Jaintia, the Nagas refused to join.

The Government of India representatives even reached Kohima to persuade the Nagas to join the Union of India. But the Nagas stood firmed to stand by its independent identity. This is the unique history of the Nagas that India too recognized and acknowledged in formal declaration.

Giving cognizance of the political rights of the Nagas, it was the then Prime Minister of India Mr. Narasimha Rao who initiated the movement to start political dialogue with the NSCN.

When the Indo-Naga political talks ended up by signing the historic Framework Agreement it means giving recognition to the sovereign rights of the Nagas. Lt. Gen. Atem pointed out that what exactly paved the way for the Framework Agreement is NSCN’s commitment to understand the Government of India’s security issue if the Government of India understand and accepted Naga’s political rights. This is the crux of the Indo-Naga political talks and how details are being worked out (Competencies) for mutual wins for both the parties.

Highlighting something about what transpired during the Indo-Naga political talks on the core issue of flag and constitution, Gen. Atem pointed out that the Government of India tried to evade accepting these two crucial issues. But NSCN Talk Team talked tough on the Framework Agreement that can never be separated from the flag and the constitution as sovereign rights of the Nagas having been recognized under the Framework Agreement. Significantly, the Naga flags and constitution symbolized the sovereign Naga nation like any other nations around the world.

Gen. Atem pointed out the mistaken concept of the Government of India that anything offered is good for the Nagas. But NSCN stood up to show that the Nagas cannot be fooled to repeat the flattery of the past.

On the political status of Manipur merger agreement with India vis-à-vis the Nagas he said that the agreement that covered only 700 square miles have nothing to do with the Naga areas. It is just a matter of force that the Naga areas are made to be part of Manipur.

The meeting concluded as NSCN leaders presented a well-meaning narratives on the Framework Agreement, Unique history and Naga unification issue that the NNPGs undo everything as they refused to part with their own treasury to be made part of “One government, one tax”.

Thus, NSCN leaders has left no stone unturned to clear the way forward by doing away with anything that confused the Nagas.