PRESS RELEASE, the 14th October, 2023: Consultative Meeting at Tamei (Makuilongdi Region)


Ministry of Information and Publicity

Press Release

CHq Hebron, the 14th October, 2023

To keep abreast of everything about the Naga political issue and the on-going Indo-Naga political talks, and bring better understanding on the Naga issue, a “One Day People’s Consultative Meeting” was organized under the aegis of Makuilongdi Zeliangrong Region, GPRN and the people of Liangmai and Inpui at Tamei, Tamenglong, on the 12th October, 2023. Culturally, religiously and politically the meeting was a lively interaction, a blessing for the Naga people of the region and for the NSCN. NSCN dignitaries and delegates were received and accorded warrior dance reception with active participation from denizens of Tamei and nearby areas.

Mr. Kraibo Chawang, Member, Collective Leadership and Lt. Gen. Retd. Vs. Atem, VC, were the resource persons for the meeting.

Mr. K. Chawang asserted that NSCN is very clear of the present situation regarding the on-going Indo-Naga political talks and there is no confusion whatsoever. The whole world appreciates the stand taken by NSCN except a few for vested interests.

On the controversial Kuki issue he minced no words to quote from the historians who made no reference to the Kukis as indigenous tribe. They are only quoted as nomadic and wandering tribes who are used by the British against the indigenous Nagas in Manipur. The refugees status of Kukis in Manipur is well documented in Indian Parliament record when a Naga MP, Mr. Suisa fought for the welfare of the Kuki refugees.

On the Article 371 (A) he cautions the people where Naga’s identity as a people and as a nation finds no meaning here.

He made the reference to the 16 Point Agreement and the Shillong Accord that was vehemently condemned by the Nagas for accepting the Indian Constitution, treacherously betraying the Naga people’s political aspirations. This is linked to the irritable syndrome called “something is better than nothing”. For the NSCN, “Nothing is better than nonsense” as this kind of agreement/accord only brought more killings in the name of Naga political movement.

He reminded the people of the region that NSCN is not going to betray the Naga nation by accepting the Indian Constitution. What God has given to the Nagas, NSCN shall accept the challenge to defend, he said.

Lt. Gen. Atem opened his speech by telling the Liangmai and Inpui people that “Nagas are God’s special chosen people” by sharing stories historical incidents/facts, including the Naga Army trip to China that took 8 months to reach after encountering enemy fire 31 times. The mighty Indian Army who admitted that there is no way the Naga political movement can be suppressed by military means and how they advised the Government of India to find political means. The Government of India for several times tried to deceive the Nagas into submission. But the God of Nagas cannot be deceived. It is for this reason that NSCN keeps consulting God and Naga people to carry on the Naga political movement, he said.

Nothing good happen to the Indian political leaders for wilfully ignoring the Naga issue when the door was laid open for them to look into the issue. What happen to the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s family when they failed to take cognizance of the Naga issue seriously, ignoring the political rights of the Nagas.

Another Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai showed his extreme disdain for the Nagas when he said, “I will exterminate the Nagas without compunction”. But he did not live long to see the Nagas destroyed as per his scornfulness towards the Nagas.

The history of the Nagas is different from others. God gave the Nagas the political will and strength to stand the ground when faced with the situation to decide which way to go. In the history of the Indian political movement there was a time when more than 500 princely states were asked to join the Union of India. Princely states of Lushai and Khasi-Jaintia and later Manipur joined the Union of India, except the Nagas who refused, to stand alone by its political identity as a nation that declared independence on the 14th August, 1947. This is the uniqueness of the Naga history.

Gen. Atem quoted the historical role of Haipou Jadonang as the man, who showed the way to the Nagas to stand the ground for their political rights, Gen. Atem give credit to Haipou Jadonang when the Nagas declared independence on the 14th August, 1947.

The Nagas cannot forget how God show them the way to the UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and peoples Organization) to become its bona fide member, while many were denied such a high profile membership that legitimize the Naga political issue in the international platform like UNPO which is recognized by the UNO (United Nations Organization).

Gen. Atem remembers how the then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh said, “I will walk extra mile to find Naga political solution”. But for reason best known to Manmohan Singh, he could not go beyond this. However, his (Manmohan Singh) conviction of the Naga’s political rights he openly accepted.

Former Government of India’s interlocutor to Naga political talks Mr. RS. Pandey also admitted that, “Unless Naga’s political rights are respected; it will be difficult to find solution”.

Gen. Atem appealed to the Liangmai and Inpui people not to be carried away by false propaganda that Nagas may be left out getting nothing whereas the Kuki-Zo and Meitei may be given something to appease them. “This is all nonsense, as God knows better for the Nagas”.

On the issue of Flag, Constitution and Integration, Gen. Atem said, there is no compromise. We cannot give up our national identity under any given situation in the name of Naga solution.

He pointed out that no outside people, either Chinese or American will be able to do best for the Nagas. It is the Nagas themselves who should do their best to stand by their rights. All said and done he asked the people to be careful in the way they live but do God’s will while accepting that Nagas are God’s chosen special people.

Significantly, NSCN team was highly impressed when Rev. Dr. Alungbou Newmai, Executive Secretary, LNBA (M) along with ordained Church leaders offered intercessory prayer for all the leaders of Nagas, staff of Makuilongdi Zelianglong Region, Talk Team of NSCN/GPRN and Government of India and for the unity of Nagas. It was a blessed trip for the NSCN/GPRN to be remembered for many years to come. The expression of support and solidarity was well appreciated and acknowledged.