PRESS RELEASE, the 9th September, 2023: A Consultative Meeting of the Southern Zone, NSCN


Ministry of Information and Publicity


 Oking, the 9th September, 2023

Notwithstanding the slow progress of the Indo-Naga political talks, NSCN is determined to keep the tempo going by organizing consultative meetings of Tatars, Deputy Kilonsers and Kilonsers, Steering Committee Members and Steering Committee Executive Members of all regions and keep abreast of any development on the on-going Naga political issue.

On the 8th September, 2023, a Joint Parliamentarians Consultative Meeting of Southern Zone, NSCN/GPRN was held at Ecological Park, Mayangkhang, Senapati district.

Maj. Retd. Kewe Mero, Kilo Kilonser in his keynote address said this is the time to stand strong and resolute and understand together the prevailing development from proper perspective. He reminded the members never to forget the hard earned achievements of the Indo-Naga political talks ever since it started after the ceasefire in 1997 where the Nagas have firmly asserted their historical and political identity after negotiating its way to get the official recognition of the Government of India on the “unique history of the Nagas and situation” and followed by the historic “Framework Agreement of the 3rd  August, 2015” and the critical importance to stand by it no matter what circumstances we may have to face.

Eno Zhehoto Awomi, Chaplee Kilonser, fervently appealed to members how NSCN should reflect unity at all times taking into consideration how the Naga political movement was run under the banner of “Nagalim for Christ”. He also stressed on how NSCN members should maintain moral integrity and discipline in all respect in order to guard the image of NSCN as the bona fide Naga national organization fighting for the political rights of the Nagas.

Eno Jongpong Sashi, Kilonser, Education, called upon the members not to lag behind in introspection and examine where they stand, if they are giving hard and soul for the Naga national cause. He called upon the members to work fearlessly but in closeness with God as nothing good can be achieved without God in our everyday struggle.

Eno Meyong Phom, Member, Collective Leadership, called upon the members to realize how the Naga nation wants them to be righteous leaders to face the huge task at hand and how God has been with the Nagas when the solid political foundation was laid with the signing of the historic Framework Agreement of 3rd August, 2015.

He pointed out that NSCN today is facing aggressive forces to drive the Naga solution away from the Framework Agreement. This requires rededication of commitment from all members to the Collective Leadership of NSCN and supports them to take the Nagas towards the desire goal. He quoted from the Holy Bible to drive home the point, “Righteousness exalts a Nation but sin condemns any people (Proverbs 14:34)”. With this he called upon members to give importance to qualities of righteousness in order to make God happy to help find Naga political solution.

Lieut. Gen. Retd. Vs. Atem, VC, Member, Collective Leadership, welcoming the big turned out of the members from all regions of the Southern Zone impressed upon the members that we all have to bear all the inconveniences as the Naga issue matters to all at this turning point of Naga history when the Indo-Naga political talks is at a critical stage. With this he asked the members to exercise responsibility as serving the Naga nation is not without sacrifices.

Gen. Atem quoted from the records of the Naga history mentioning the names of two Prime Ministers of India, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru and Mr. Morarji Desai who are critical of the Naga political issue and made disparaging remarks with their crude manners and how Nagas proved them wrong for their irresponsible recklessness.

According to Gen. Atem, the political resoluteness of the Naga political struggle is the driving force that has taken us this far. The Nagas after the declaration of the Naga Independence on the 14th August, 1947 launched peaceful movement as they boycotted the Indian general election consecutively, in 1952 and 1957. The Nagas refused to join the Union of India when more than 500 princely states have joined the Union of India. He hit on the point that the Naga political struggle comes this far because the Nagas have the political courage to assert their rights. Taking reference to the present context he said, “We have to stand upright as history will judge us how we stand up for our rights”.

Acting correspondingly, the core issue of the Framework Agreement of the 3rd August, 2015 was brought forth before the members as they stood up in unison to stand by “Framework Agreement” and with the coherent voice shouted “No Naga flag, no solution” “No Constitution, no solution” “Under Indian Constitution, no solution”.


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