Press Statement, 16 November, 2019 (Statement on Indian Army’s action in WTR)

                                                   GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF NAGALIM

                                                                                Ministry of Information and Publicity


                                                                                                PRESS STATEMENT

                                                                                Hebron, 16th November, 2019

It is unfortunate of what happened on 14th November, 2019 evening at a place between Hoomi and Talui, Wung Tangkhul Region (WTR)at the hands of Assam Rifles (AR) personnel when NSCN Army official Brigadier Thotmathing was detained but released as a goodwill gesture. Brig. Thotmathing was on the way to Ukhrul from Dimapur when the incident took place. He is the Commander of Phungtha Brigade, Naga Army. It is quite natural to witness the Tangkhul civil society groups who wasted no time to activate themselves to launch peaceful operation in a democratic manner to get the Brigadier released. However, the positive response exhibited by the Assam Rifles is highly appreciated and valued.

But, we acclaim the Tangkhul civil society groups, particularly women groups like Halang Shanao Long, Tangkhul Shanao Long, Hunphun Shanao Long and others who bravely rise up to face the AR and proved themselves the stuff they are made of when confronted with such an incident that provoked their conscience. We express our gratitude and appreciation to them for coming out boldly to let the world know that they are one in spirit and one in action to safeguard the legitimate rights of the Nagas, particularly at this critical juncture when the Nagas are at the threshold of starting a new era after signing the agreement that is being given a final touch. The exemplary role displayed by Tangkhul Shanao Long (Tangkhul Women Organization) to steer the peaceful operation is simply great. It signifies the power of people’s involvement for the cause that belongs to the people and not to any organization. NSCN as people’s organization is the flag bearer to take the Naga people to their political destination.

His Excellency, the Vice-Chairman/Vice-President Mr. Tongmeth Wangnao was all praise to the Tangkhul women society groups who are involved in showing solidarity with Brig. Thotmathing. The bravery they have shown that night is extraordinary, he said. He also said that Naga people should not fear doing such act of bravery while Indians and Nagas are in peace and the process is underway towork out for the final agreement. He prayed for God’s blessing and courage to be upon the Naga people.

It is pertinent to mention that the longer the Indo-Naga political issue keeps wrangling, many more bizarre incidents, particularly with the ubiquitous Assam Rifles may follow anytime anywhere. This calls for urgency and this calls for sincerity and commitment on the part of the two entities engaged in political talks for final Indo-Naga political agreement.

                                                                                                                                                                          Issued by MIP