Press Statement, 28 October, 2019 (Statement by ENNWF)

                                                      GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF NAGALIM

                                                       Office of the EASTERN NAGA NATIONAL WORKERS FORUM                                                                   

                                                                                              PRESS STATEMENT

                                                                                               28th October, 2019

For the sake of Naga national reconciliation, the Eastern Naga National Workers Forum (ENNWF) has been silent on several issues taking place within the Naga family. However, the Forum is compelled to express its opinion on the current situation wherein the historical and political rights of Naga People is being threatened and manipulated by a section of Nagas for their vested interests. In fact, the imposed solution with some economic packages that the WC of NNPGs is vying for is a pure mockery and betrayal to the Naga living history and their easy agreement with the Government of India within two (2) years of the so called peace talks only for Nagas of Nagaland is nothing more than an insult to the souls of thousands of Naga martyrs who sacrificed their lives for a shared future in the course of our freedom struggle.

At the onset of Naga national struggle for sovereignty, the Eastern Nagas, who are now despised as Burma Naga within our own family, sheltered the movement in their soil bearing untold sufferings from different corners with the trust that all the Nagas from all across the Naga inhabited areas would fight together in unity against the forceful colonialism of India and Burma. The Eastern Nagas in courage embraced all the bittersweet experiences so as to shoulder the common cause till this date.

Naga national fighters irrespective of eastern, western, southern, northern or central were given shelter and provided all that we have even when our living condition is down to the lowest with the hope that we would stand together and achieve together as a unified people against all the odds. The contributions in terms of material and immaterial the Eastern Nagas made for the struggle are still a living witness in the history of Naga people and their struggle, and they are not meant for just a section of Nagas within the Naga family. The atrocities and catastrophe experienced by the Eastern Nagas from both India and Burma are uncountable and words will not qualify them to express the picture of actual suffering. They cannot be erased from the annals of Naga history and these are historical facts which cannot be twisted or betrayed by anyone however big or tall because these sacrifices are meant for the true cause of Naga people to live as One People with freedom and dignity based on the unique historical fact. They are never meant for just a section of Nagas trying to live off other fellow Nagas. We should not forget as God’s people that these historical realities will hunt down anyone who tries to distort the unique history. After a tough resistance, the NSCN earned the second phase ceasefire setting the principle that the Indo-Naga political imbroglio would be solved through peaceful negotiation is not a childish game and twenty two (22) years of negotiation is not for a section of Nagas but for all. NNPGs should realize that Naga national struggle is not only meant for the India crafted Nagaland state alone. So, it will be important to recall the genuine struggle of Naga People before it is too late. Having used the nomenclature as ‘Naga National’ and on one hand betraying the Naga People does not qualify a good statesmanship, which cannot be justified by history and principle, and such an action is a disgrace to revolutionary fraternity at large. Instead, we must all be unified to fight against all the evils so as to live as a dignified nation amongst others.

Let us not forget that human drawn boundary lines do not actually divide people but it is disunity and misconceived pride that divides us in reality. Our position as inclusive solution should not concern other Nagas that we the Eastern Nagas are trying to, for instance, settle in the Nagaland state. We have our land and territory but we look for all inclusive solution so that we exist as a sovereign nation with the distinct identity. We have to overcome all the artificial boundaries imposed on us. At the present scenario, whatever provision the occupiers sanction today does not guarantee the future of Naga People and we are convinced that we the present generation have to uphold the path laid down by our ancestors and elders under the guidance of our living God toward a free nation. Let us be watchful that the divisions imposed on us in the past do not remain permanent among us because of our blunders.

The Eastern Naga National Workers Forum (ENNWF) after having read the various press statements in the local dailies issued by NNPGs with the effort to seal off the solution for Nagas of Nagaland alone, are compelled to express our position and call on every Naga regardless of tribes and regions to out rightly condemn and reject such a deal. So as to also make our position that any solution which denies the Eastern Nagas and dishonours the Naga People as a sovereign nation, we the ENNWF will not own any responsibility in the future for any eventuality. Meanwhile, we remind NNPGs once again that solution must be acceptable and honourable which encompasses all the Nagas wherever they live. We, the ENNWF wholeheartedly stand in support of the Collective Leadership of NSCN in an effort to secure Naga National Flag and Constitution which are the backbone of Naga People as a sovereign nation with the distinct identity.


                                                                                       Issued by: Eastern Naga National Workers Forum (ENNWF), GPRN