REJOINDER, the 1st October, 2023: GPRN’s clarification on kidnapping New Market GB


Ministry of Information and Publicity


Oking, the 1st October, 2023

Apropos the news report dated 1st October, 2023 Nagaland Post, under the headline “2 arrested for kidnapping New Market GB” this incident has nothing to do with kidnapping New Market GB by NSCN. It is rather a case of cheating by New Market GB Abdul Kayum Talukdar, a resident of Khatkhati, Assam.

In Khatkhati, Assam, a group of Nagas had bought plot of land, about 100 bighas. As normally done they have entrusted the plot to some Muslims as caretakers (tenants). In the 1st week of September, 2023, the Naga owners of the plot along with Abdul Kayum Talukdar went to the spot to inform those Muslim tenants that they should vacate the land as they are going to dispose of the land. After a few weeks, the Naga group land owner along with the prospective buyers went to check the land to take measurement. The tenants coming to know of the land owners with the buyers got very agitated and countered them with deadly arms telling that Abdul Kayum Talukdar has sold the land to them and they are not going to part with the land come what may. Somebody was also heard threatening Abdul on phone not to allow the land to be disposed of. Original documents (patta) are with the Naga group.

Later on the Naga group called Abdul to settle the case. But he repeatedly ignored their calls and refused to meet them. Out of desperation to settle the case peacefully Naga Army personnel were entrusted with the task to bring Abdul Kayum Talukdar to Hebron. He was just picked up and they were on the way to Hebron. He was not blind-folded nor his hands tied.

On the way when IRB stopped them for checking he played his game again to tell the IRB that he was kidnapped. Cheating by Abdul Kayum has also revealed his actual identity as a habitual cheater with many Nagas as the victims of fraud in his hands. More serious revelation is how Abdul Kayum Talukdar who is a bona fide resident of Khatkhati, Assam, was made the GB of New Market, Dimapur.