PRESS STATEMENT, the 20th August, 2023: Unearthing the truth-Indian security forces


Ministry of Information and Publicity

Press Statement

Oking, the 20th August, 2023

This is the follow up of the video viral case involving one private of the Naga Army H. Khosiivei Lovingson Roah that linked him to supplying arms to the Meiteis. On his release from the custody of the Indian security forces he was taken over by the Naga Army to unearth the truth of everything and the exact circumstances that led to creating the stinging sensation in the social media platforms.

It is however understood that he was released after rewarding him handsomely for doing what he was asked to do in order to fulfil the scheming game plan to corrupt the communal integrity of NSCN amidst the communal violence that is burning Manipur.

What happened as per his confessional statement was that he was caught somewhere at Lamlong, Imphal East, Manipur, on the 15th August, 2023, by the security forces and taken to their camp somewhere beyond Chingmeirong, Imphal. After that he was blindfolded and taken to the Army Camp located between Koirengei and Mantripukhri where he was interrogated.

There he was subjected to third degree torture and under duress he was made to speak out exactly as tutored, before the camera. He was threatened with dire consequences if he refused to cooperate. Thus, everything that flowed from his mouth was done under duress and nothing of his own version.

The manner of how it happened leave us nothing to doubt about the existence of a conspiracy group managed by a powerful and sinister security forces to assassinate the image of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) before the world by plotting such an extremely dramatic situation in the midst of the Meitei-Kuki-Zo ethnic pogrom.

This is the awful truth of the Indian Security Forces targeting the NSCN to drag NSCN into the “communal pool of violence”.