Press Release 09-03-10

PRESS RELEASE 9th March, 10 The inadvertent omission of the many civil societies who have played their noble role in paying homage to the departed soul of late Khodao Yanthan, Vice Chairman, NSCN when he died on 1st March, 2010 is regretted. However late it may be the NSCN remain grateful to all the civil societies who stood up to Read more

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Press Release 8 March 2010 – International Women’s Day On International Women’s Day, AAPP has released a brief on the women political prisoners. The brief shows that there are women from all across Burma and from various sectors of society, who are imprisoned for their political beliefs. There are women in prison as young as 21 and as old as Read more

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PRESS RELEASE 8th March 2010 Home coming Two members from Khehoi Camp return to Hebron today, 8th March, 2010. Mr. Lpinglong Dy. Kilonser, from Phom tribe and son of Lakpan, first joined the national service in 6th February 1996 under NSCN-K. He shifted to NSCN in 3rd Nov. 2009. He was in the Vihokhu Camp when it was attack by Read more

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PRESS RELEASE A LEGENDARY NAGA FREEDOM FIGHTER PASSED AWAY. A die hard Naga freedom fighter, Mr. Khodao Yanthan died in the evening of 1st March, 2010 at his brother’s house at Lakhuti village in kyong (Lotha) Region. He was 87. From his young life he was involved in Naga Freedom movement and served the Nation (Nagalim) in different capacities and Read more

Press Release PDA

OFFICE OF THE PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE (PDA) Head Office : Ragailong, Imphal, Manipur Press Release Imphal, the 8th February, 2010. The General Council of the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) held on 04-02-2010 at Imphal deeply discussed about the participation in the ensuing District Council Election in the hill areas of Manipur. In the said meeting, the extension of the VI Read more

Press Release NISC

A Naga International Support Center , NISC A human rights organization Amsterdam February 4, 2010 Press Release United we stand! It is a strong demand this demand to end Indian Imperialism, but does it hold water, does it stick? The answer to that question is embedded in history and the present: in history when considering the dynamics of Indian policy Read more

Press Release

Press Release 18th January 2010 NSCN is in ceasefire with government of India since the year 1997.According the terms of the agreement NSCN knows where its hands should be. Though India ’s response to the aspiration of the Nagas is upsetting to say the least NSCN has been exercising patience all along. Lack of sincerity and political will power is Read more

Press Statement Longvibu Naga Army

Press Statement Apropos the January 2 incident, much has been hyped about, blaming the NSCN in Toto without considering the nature of the incident. Plainly stating, the NNC (Accordist group) is wholly responsible for creating the situation leading to the shootout. They are the aggressors and we are acting only in retaliation. All conscious Nagas should note that the group Read more

Press Statement

OFFICE OF THE STEERING COMMITTEE SECRETARIAT NATIONAL SOCIALIST COUNCIL ON NAGALIM PRESS STATEMENT 6th January, 2010. The January 2 killing at Kijumetouma village might have happened as something not pleasing to the human feeling given the fact that it happens when the peaceful atmosphere of New Year still occupies the hearts of the Nagas across Nagalim, and when the hope Read more