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This is a rejoinder to ‘K’ group Kilonser Mr.Wangtin’s press write-up under the caption “FOURTH POINT DRAFT FLAYED” carried by the local papers on the 31st Oct. 2010 wherein he accused the Naga Civil Societies on groundless points and also denigrated the NSCN and blackmailed the ongoing Indo-Naga political dialogue.

It was said that Mr. Wangtin was an officer of the Konyak Union (NGO) before he joint the ‘K’ group in the later part of 2006 or early part of 2007. It is a wonder of wonders that Mr.Wangtin had acquired so much knowledge and experiences about the Naga political case within a short span of 3 / 4 years of his so-called Naga National Service. The Naga people in general also want to know what were his attitudes and reactions towards the Naga National movement and the ongoing peace process between the NSCN and the GoI, when he was an NGO leader.

It is a matter of concern whether Mr.Wangtin speaks after waking up from his deep slumber or is surcharged by his deep hatred towards any community or organization.

Mr.Wangtin is a chameleon who changes his color every moment. He speaks one thing at a place and speaks another of the same thing at any other place. He speaks one thing in Chingmai and speaks another of the same thing at Khehoi Camp. He speaks one thing at Mon and speaks another at Dimapur. Such man is dangerous for any group or society.

Mr. Wangtin stated that Naga Political movement is a collective issue. He also said that declaration of Naga Independence on August 14, 1947, the plebiscite of 1951 and the uniqueness of Naga political history and situation were not private properties of NSCN (IM). In all these he is cent-per-cent right and the NSCN leadership is pursuing them in the interest of the Nagas as a whole.

He wrote that no faction is superior to the other. In this case the NSCN have a say. Whether NSCN under the leadership of Isaac-Muivah is superior or inferior, Mr. Wangtin may better ask this question to the Indian leadership and the foreign political analysts who have the profiles of every group on their finger-tips. During the parleys between the NSCN leadership and the Indian leaders from 1995-1997, the NSCN leadership openly told the Indian leaders to talk with the ‘K’ group or NNC/FGN. But they refused to talk with them, the reason base known to them.

In one place, Wangtin wrote, quote. “No faction could claim to be the mandatory body”. But here he is round. He is completely ignorant of what is going on around him. The fourth Naga people’s consultative meeting towards strengthening the Indo-Naga political dialogue, was held on Jan.20 and 21 2005 at NSCN council Headquarters, Hebron. The meeting was attended by more than 6000 Nagas in difference walks of life and representing almost all known Naga organization and Christian denomination. The following were the Declaration‘of the meeting:-

1. The fullest support for an honorable solution to the to the Indo-Naga political Issues on the basis of the uniqueness of the Naga political history and situation.

2. That the unifications of all Naga areas is legitimate and therefore, non–negotiable.

3. That the political solution should be found through peaceful means and

4. That both GoI and NSCN uphold utmost sincerity towards finding a political solution.

This solemn declaration was signed by representatives of almost all known Naga organizations including Dimasas, Kacharis, Kukis, ect. and all the Christian denomination leaders in Nagaland and almost all known Naga organizations in Manipur State. There were also Naga representatives from Arunachal and North Cachar of Assam who signed the declaration. There were all together 66 organization leaders who signed the declaration. The declaration was properly documented and more than 30 Church leaders dedicated it by praying together over it and handed over to the NSCN collective leadership. This was total re-affirmation of Naga people mandate to carry forward the Indo-Naga political dialogue for finding and honorable solution.

So now, what kind of mandate thus Mr.Wangtin want? Another mandate or plebiscite to be under Indian constitution? If any leader or Organization who and which signed the ‘declaration’ speaks otherwise then he or she or the group may be chameleon like Mr.Wangtin.

Mr.Wangtin is taking about ‘Unanimity’ of the Nagas, yes NSCN wants unanimity among the Nagas and that is why the NSCN first declared unity and reconciliation call in 2007. The NSCN is patiently and anxiously waiting the fulfilment of this cherished goal. However be it known to all that the NSCN will carry forward the Naga cause under any circumstances.

Dated, Hebron:6th Nov. 2010.

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