Myanmar Nagas, MPs condemn Niki’s statement and NSCN (K) move

Hla Tun, MP Khamti, Myat Ko, MP Naga Self Administered Zone & Zing Wam, MP Nanyoung

June 13, 2014

With deep sense of responsibility, the Myanmar Naga concern citizen and senior public leaders had deliberated with the MPs including the NSCN-K’s move for the so call sovereignty in Nay Pyi Taw. The Naga issue which involves thousands of lives for the past sixty years of fruitless struggle is more than enough for Myanmar Nagas now. The Nagas here had decided to maintain the spirit of oneness with every Nagas wherever they are and  shall remain” brothers in hand and not brothers in arms”

Today we found ourselves thousands of miles short of global community because of the wrong doctrine taught by those leaders not to study Myanmar education and refuse any kind of help from Myanmar govt. Even after sixty years in the wilderness, they still shout sovereignty which they themselves do not believed in it! Such illogical magic has no more home in present context and for which those old boys can not fool around the people of this generation. Shouting for sovereignty is  nothing but something like a child crying for the moon.

Interestingly, we see most of the leaders of the NSCN-k are heavily engaged in registering contract in the form of bussiness company. The question is what is their destination? Do they believe in what they do? Are they try to buy sovereignty? In Myanmar, NSCN-K is the only group that federalism, let the Myanmar Naga decide and not the handful of people.

In the light of the above statement, Myanmar Nagas would like to ask NSCN-K to  give peace and development a chance.

The Naga representatives to the govt. of Myanmar would like to clarify on the news article that appeared in the Morung Express on 6 June 2014, which was published by Niki Sumi of the NSCN/GPRN-K, that the article as such was never source from the people, neither the opinion of the Myanmar Naga nor the views of the representatives but the article is purely the writer’s opinion, miles away from the truth and the ground reality.

The Naga MPs would like to make it clear that the present Naga representatives to the govt. of Myanmar are never a nominee but elected in peoples’ election back in 2010. Therefore, we ask upon every Naga citizens not to confuse with such unhealthy publication even in the future. Since we are in the era of democracy, everything we do, we do with the series of  cosultation with the people and always go with the voice and mandate of the Myanmar Nagas. While we extend our strong support and appreciation to the peace process between The govt. of Myanmar and  NSCN-K, we also ask  the same not to go for hurry and unfiltered publication that creates   cofusion and distrust within Naga society. The writer and the NSCN-K alike are hence asked not to publish any article relating Myanmar Nagas without proper consultation in the near future.