NSCN/GPRN clarifies its position on Khekiye Sema and IM’s contention


While corroborating Khekiye Sema’s apt presentation on Naga’s political history, his understatement by way of casting aspersion on other Naga political groups needs to be clarified and equal justification is being sought.

To quote Khekiye’s assertion “knowing full well that even they would not be able to achieve anything better than what NSCN-IM has brought home. Keeping the subject of sovereignty alive would seemingly legitimise the continued existence of all other factions beyond NSCN-IM’s solution, if only to ensure that their ‘money river’ does not run dry”.

The all knowing and learned Mr.Khekiye may therefore be as bold as he has been so far to point out specifically to whom does he refer by “THEY” and under which/what capacity can he guarantee that no other factions can achieve nothing better than what IM is bringing home. He may also prove beyond doubt without hypothesis that other factions talks about sovereignty only to ensure it’s “money river” does not run dry.

As a retired “Indian bureaucrat “ his exposition is understandably tolerable, however, as a senior and enlightened Naga citizen, such affirmation on extremely sensitive “Indo-Naga-Myanmar” ongoing political conflict at this crucial hour definitely tends to undermine the legitimacy of the entire Naga struggle merely for his personal intolerance towards certain NPG or NPGs. Mr.Khekiye should without hesitation prove his statement logically.

On the issue of principle based reconciliation as espoused by IM there by implying NSCN/GPRN as having agreed to cease-fire with GOI basing on “Law of the Land”- meaning Indian Law, it is regrettably clarified that nowhere in the entire cease-fire text  is the sentence “Law of the land” mentioned. The agreement is however purely bi-lateral and NSCN/GPRN is yet to initiate any formal political dialogue.

Trying to revisit 1988 factional crisis and making the same as criteria of qualification to be a part of “national principle” based reconciliation is nothing but reckless egotism and such stratagem has always been a stumbling block in the process of national reconciliation.

Now, that NSCN-IM is supposedly on the verge of solution, it remains to be seen if “solution” at all will be nothing more or less but sovereignty considering thousands of innocent Nagas slaughtered and many families massacred on the pretext of Naga sovereignty since their inception in 1990 up till the killings of innocent Sumi Nagas as recent as December 2013 at Mukalimi.

As for the NSCN/GPRN under the leadership of SS Khaplang, we do not recognise arbitrarily imposed so called international boundary that bisects Nagas into two occupied country, our National principle is firmly “Sovereignty” on the basis of all ancestral Naga inhabited territories.


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