Memorandum to Prime Minister of India, NSF

The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,
New Delhi.


Hon’ble Sir,

We bring warm greetings from the Office of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF). As an Organisation representing the voice and sentiments of the Naga younger generation, we place this Memorandum, seeking your prompt attention and intervention.

India is known as one of the largest Democracy in the World. As a Nation embedded with the democratic values and ethos, it is expected of every State Government within the present union of India to uphold the democratic tradition. However, in the present State of Manipur, every attempt has been made by the Government of Manipur under the Chief Minister-ship of Mr. O. Ibobi Singh to crush the voice of the people thereby endangering the basic principle of Democracy.

The following sequence of events would substantiate the effort of the Government of Manipur to systematically sabotage the voice of the Nagas in particular and the tribal people in general which tantamount to burying the ideals of democracy:

1. On 26th Feb. 2010, the All Naga Students’ Association of Manipur
(ANSAM) and the United Naga Council (UNC) submitted a Memorandum to the Government of Manipur for amendment of the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Councils Act, 1971. This appeal was made because this very Act challenges the existences of the Nagas as well as other tribal people living in the present State of Manipur. However, the Government of Manipur turn a deaf ear to the appeal made by ANSAM & UNC and forcibly imposed the Autonomous District Council Election against the will of the People. Therefore, the ongoing agitation in the Naga Areas is only an expression of our democratic rights and it will continue till the issue is address in the right perspective.

2. On 10th April 2010, the Naga Students’ Federation notified to all its
Federating Units and Sub-ordinate Bodies that the Federal Assembly will be held on 7th May 2010 at Oinam (Naga) Village under Senapati District (which falls in the present State of Manipur). This Notification was also widely published in the Newspapers for all concern to take notice.

3. On 3rd May 2010, the NSF delegation left Kohima and headed towards Oinam (Naga) Village to hold the Federal Assembly. However, the Manipur Commandos and Manipur Rifles erected barricades at Mao-Gate and prevented the NSF delegation to proceed farther from Mao-Gate.

4. On 3rd evening itself, the NSF served 24hrs Ultimatum to the Government of Manipur to immediately lift section 144 CrPC promulgated in all the Naga Areas while also, asking the Manipur Chief Minister to tender unconditional apology to the Federation. However, the Government of Manipur did not respond positively to the demand of the Federation. As such, the Federation was compelled to launch agitation against the Government of Manipur starting from 4th evening which is being carried out in the form of restricting movement of Manipur registration vehicles in all the Naga Areas.

5. On 6th May 2010, when the Nagas were staging a peaceful demonstration at Mao-Gate against the promulgation of prohibitory orders in the Naga Areas and erecting barricades in the National Highway 39 by the Manipur Commandos and Manipur Rifles, the Manipur Commandos and Manipur Rifles randomly fired upon the peaceful demonstrators and in the process two innocent students were shot dead on the spot, hundreds of people including children and women were wounded and thousands of poor villagers were displaced.

We bring to your kind attention that, it is the Government of Manipur who has initially started the present impasse. The Naga Students’ Federation in particular and the Nagas in general are only responding befittingly in a more democratic manner as per the demand of the situation. We have no hesitation to say that the Government of Manipur style of functioning is dictatorial in every sense of the term and the present state of affairs is almost emergency like situation because, the voice of the tribals especially the Nagas have been suppressed and the free movement of the Naga people have been curtailed.

It is also pertinent to mention here that, some few individuals and organisations including the Government of India have started talking of humanitarian issue in regard to the shortage of essential items in Imphal Valley. However, nobody seems to bother the “Quit Notice” being issued by some Meitei Organisations to the Hindi Speaking people including Bengali and Assamese living in Imphal Valley. Despite of all these phenomenon, the Government of India have not shown even an iota of concern which has made us to believe that the Government of Manipur is doing all these suppressive acts in connivance with the Government of India. We stand on the principle that, every individual and community has a right to live with dignity and respect and as such, we have done whatever we could to give protection to all those people who were forcibly driven out from Imphal Valley.

We are sceptical that the very essence of democracy which India has embraced for decades will lose its meaning if the Government of Manipur continues to suppress the voice of the people by citing reasons based on suspicions and speculations.

We believe that the right time has come for the Government of India to recognise and materialize ‘Nagas desire and right to live together under one political roof’.

In conclusion, we strongly urge you to reign over Government of Manipur because the situation will go beyond control if the Government of Manipur is given free hand to do things at their whims and fancies. Further, we urge you to issue specific directive to the Government of Manipur to withdraw the Manipur Commandos, Manipur Rifles and other State forces from the Naga Areas and to revoke the arrest warrant issued to the Naga Leaders forthwith.

With kind regards,

President Speaker, Federal Assembly
NagaStudents’ Federation Naga Students’ Federation