NGBF submits memorandum to R.N. Ravi

Shalem Konyak, NGBF President & A.Taku Longkumar, NGBF General Secretary.:

16 May.

The Nagaland G.B federation (NGBF) has submitted a memorandum for an early settlement of Naga political issue to Shri .R.N.Ravi, Interlocutor jointly signed by Mr. Shalem Konyak, president NGBF, Mr. T.L.Angami first president NGBF and Mr. A.Taku Longkumar General Secretary as follows.

Respected sir,

We the Nagaland G.B Federation would like to give a warm welcome to Shri. R.N.Ravi Interlocutor.

At this juncture, the Nagas are willing for an amicable settlement between the GOI and Nagas. In the meantime, from time immemorial the GBs are the custodian of Naga customary law, practices and its usages representing all the villages in Nagaland and as such the present and consent of the village chiefs is very much important for any Naga political final settlement.

That Sir, during the last meeting of various NGOs with the Hon’ble Governor of Nagaland seeking for an early solution to the ceasefire talks, he has pointedly replied to them that the Nagas should clearly state as to what kind of solution they want on political issue. However, we have not come out with a concrete decisions or suggestion therefore, we suggest to arrange round table conference by inviting all the Naga frontal organizations, Tribal Hohos, Nagas Mothers Association, Students, and Churches along with the Nagaland GB Federation.

Today, the issue of sovereignty and integration is the subject discussion therefore; solution if any will bring us back to the first agreement signed between the GOI and the Naga leaders under the banner of NNC in 1947 know as 9 points agreement. But because of the GOI’s failure to fulfill its own commitment, the NNC decided to conduct the famous unilateral plebiscite on 16th May 1951. Thus, began the long drawn conflict between the GOI and Naga people resulting in heavy loss of lives and destruction for the last 65 years. Presently talks between GOI and NSCN for 18 years without any solution.

Therefore, if the GOI desire to an amicable solution of the pending Naga political issue it must go back to the historical fact and fulfill all its commitments made to the Naga people for an honorable solution.