Protest against militarization of Naga areas by Manipur State Communal Forces

Dr Manmohan Singh,
Honourable Prime of India
15TH June, 2010


Protest against militarization of Naga areas by Manipur State Communal Forces (Indian Reserved Battalion & Imphal West & East Police Commandos)

Hon’ble Sir,

The Naga People in the present State of Manipur have been under an imposed situation since the rejection of the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council Act 1971 (3rd Amendment 2008) in its present form and contents by the Naga people. Taking this privilege, the United Naga Council would like to appraise your good office of the prevailing situation in the Naga areas in this regard for your prompt intervention –

1. On 13th June 2010 at 3: 50 p.m. at Thumkhonglok within the jurisdiction of Makhan Liangmei Naga Village, Senapati District, armed persons in civil dresses came in two Gypsy vehicles bearing registration No. MN-01 3617 and MN -01 3619 of Imphal West Commando – 22 shot a point blank Mr. Abonmai Kaidihemang (Master in Religious Education) from Berean Baptist Bible College, Bangalore, age 35, S/O Abonmai Nampuilungbou of Makhan Village, P.S Gamnom Sapermeina, Senapati District. While shooting Mr Abonmai, the armed miscreants hurled abuses on the tribals with invectives filled with communal overtones and after the act escaped from the spot.

Mr. Abonmai is now struggling for his life under intensive care in Shija Clinic, Imphal with a broken spinal cord. An FIR No 18(6) 10U/S307/226-IPC dated 13th June, 2010 was lodged with Gamphajol Saparmaina Police Station. The culprit has since been arrested by the police and has been identified to be one Shri Takhellanbam Angou Singh of Wangkhai Kongba Laishram Leikai s/o Takhellanbam Mohendro Singh, a commando of the Manipur Police force attached to Sekmai Police Station under Imphal West. It may be understood from this incident how the police commandos have been detailed to carry out the communal mission of the Manipur State Government with such atrocities.

2. That the Manipur State Communal Forces in its attempt to create havoc and social disturbances on the peaceful environment of Naga Areas, have deployed heavy contingents of the Police Commandos & IRB under the Command of Th. Radheshyam, MPS in Liyai Khunou and surrounding Villages of Senapati District and at Jessami village in Ukhrul district under the command of Shri K. Jayanta, MPS. The day to day lives of the villagers in the two named villages have been severely dislocated. Denizens of the village are not able to conduct church worship services

and work in the paddy fields and farms have been discontinued for fear of their lives and security. When representatives of the Naga peoples’ Movement for Human Rights and the Naga Women Union visited Liyai Khunao to take stock of the situation, they were not allowed to take photographs of the house the IRBs/Commandos had forcibly occupied and their cameras seized and photos deleted and they were prevented from carrying out their fact finding mission.

3. This continuous process of militarization of the Naga Areas is designed purely to sabotage the ongoing Indo-Naga peace negotiation.

4. Even after the massacre of Peace Marchers of May 6, 2010 by Manipur State Communal Forces, justice has been denied as our request for Judicial Inquiry has not been acceded to and the culprits responsible for the same have not been booked till date.

It may kindly be understood from the above facts that the situation in the Naga areas in Manipur State is very grim, being literally placed under siege by the Manipur State Armed forces, who have been committing atrocious crimes of killing and maiming of unarmed Naga civilians for no reason whatsoever with impunity. This situation is being created purposely to systematically suppress the voice of the Nagas in particular and the tribal people in general and tantamount to burying the ideals of democracy.

It will be appreciated therefore that the ongoing agitation in the Naga Areas is only an expression of our democratic rights and will have to be continued till the material issues are addressed in the right perspective.

We therefore reiterate our demand for the withdrawal of all Manipur State Armed forces from the Naga/tribal areas of Manipur and institution of judicial enquiries into the atrocities and crimes being committed by them at the earliest.

Yours sincerely

(A. Ashohrii)
General Secretary

Copy for information to:-

1. Hon’ble Home Minister, Government of India
2. His Excellency, the Governor of Manipur
3. Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Nagaland
4. Mr. R.S. Pandey, Chief Interlocutor, Government of India.

(A. Ashohrii)
General Secretary