Press Statement, 22 October, 2019 (Statement on ‘yes men groups’)

                                               GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF NAGALIM

                                                                           Ministry of Information and Publicity                                                                               

                                                                                                Press Statement

                                                                                        Hebron, 22nd October, 2019

In the name of going along with contemporary reality, the political decency and Naga sentiment cannot be simply discarded into the dust bin of flattery. Under the pretext of compromising with contemporary reality, which is a machination of the Government of India to hoodwink the Nagas into submission, the agreed principle of honorable and acceptable solution cannot be sidelined into oblivion. Unfortunately, the Government of India’s insincere approach has brought down the Indo-Naga political talks to this level.

Going further to push the Machiavellian handling of Naga political issue, the Government of India machinated the use of primary stakeholders by adopting  ‘yes men groups” and ignoring the others. But, in the absence of majority Naga tribal groups, this so called primary stakeholders is not only a misnomer but against the Naga’s democratic practice. This is simply sowing the seed of division in the name of pushing Naga solution without getting the mandated blessing.

Strange is the way Government of India represented by Ravi handled the Naga political issue by blaming the NSCN negotiators for practicing procrastinate negotiation. It matters Naga’s pride and identity. It matters Naga’s future and security. It matters Naga’s covenant with God. And, this is the reason why Nagas are sentimentally attached with flag and constitution.

                                                                                                                                                              Issued by MIP