PRESS RELEASE, the 1st August, 2022 (On Arunachal Pradesh police & Assam Rifles’ Fake Surrender Drama)


Ministry of Information and Publicity



 CHq Hebron, the 1st August, 2022


 The Wancho Region, NSCN/GPRN and Wancho public have taken a strong exception to the fabricated press release issued by the joint team of the 40th AR (Assam Rifles) and Longding Police on the 28th July, 2022, which stated that 14 (fourteen) active cadres of various groups surrendered before a joint team of the 40th AR and Longding Police.

The claim made by the AR is far from the truth and not based on ground realities. In fact, those arrested cadres were discharged from active service on ground of family and health issues and the question of “surrender” never applies to them. They were discharged 5 to 20 years ago.

They were picked up by the 40th AR and Longding Police from their residences by force, ignoring their status that they are no longer NSCN members. Such indulgence in false statement by the AR is not the first time. It was done on earlier occasions as well. But the public is aware of the game plan of the AR. Nothing is far from the truth and the AR simply cannot fool the people at all time.


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