The article of Dr. S.C. Jamir on ’the present political scenario in Nagaland’ written in the publication of the 50th Anniversary of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly speaks that the octogenarian Dr.S.C. Jamir is the venomous advocate of divisionism, tribalism, dissension and unrest. He is always hell bent ongoing against his own people and their leadership of the past and present because he is a born traitor. He talks of 16-point agreement without ceasing as the bedrock of Naga society. Does the Naga history begin with it? In spite of his shameless tall claim of being a genuine Naga of Nagaland, people know where he comes from biologically; where his politics begins and who he is working for. Even if he sings sweetly with beautiful language the Nagas know that it is he who devices wicked schemes and stirs up dissention among brothers. His political philosophy is oriented to Indianizing the Nagas for gold or power and he has been doing that for decades without having any feeling of remorse. A man of such brand naturally views people as commodities for trade and power gambling. He is in the wrong bus never to reach the Naga destination however trickery he may be. Do the Nagas believe in the sorcery of such man as S.C.Jamir?

As for the NSCN, Nagas are a people who have their own unique history, culture and identity, which mean a unique socio-political community that has existed independently since time immemorial. Our politics begins from the rock solid of the people and their land and it will end with them. As people and land are inseparable so also people and God are.

Dr. S.C.Jamir, has rightly stated that the so-called NPC (Naga people’s Convention) was formed by ‘some educated people and public leaders’ not by the national assembly.He was a stakeholder of the 16-point agreement that had divided the Nagas as Berlin wall did to the Germans. In other word, it was but a political bait to hook the spineless Nagas on the one hand and a heinous murder attempt on the life of the Naga national issue on the other.Had it not been that traitorous agreement, we are sure, the Naga people would have taken a better political step towards the final solution in that kind of favorable situation created by the blood and sweat of the sons and daughters of the land.It is indeed a roadblock to the genuine solution of Indo-Naga political problem. India justifies her illegal occupation of Nagaland on account of it. It has become a strong weapon in the hand of the colonial government of India, which fights Nagas through Nagas and kills Nagas through Nagas. The Nagas have no reason to glorify the 16-point agreement at all.

Enemies call us in derogatory terms like undergrounds, extremists, insurgents, terrorists etc. Do you call us underground? You are terribly misinformed of us. Ours is a historic resistance movement of the Naga people against aggressors and we are the revolutionary patriots, who have been defending the right of the Nagas since aggression started. We have never ever run away from the people and issue even for a moment to hide like traitors. We do not take shelter in the enemies’ bunkers like you people.Our people have always been our home and our bank as well since day one. Our strength comes from the people, not from the enemies’ forces.

Revolutionary people move forward, never backward in history. Do you call us ‘forces pulling Nagaland backward? ‘ That is topsy-turvy. It is those reactionary traitors who pull back the wheels of Naga history. And you are one of them.Your 16-point agreement vis-à-vis Naga issue is a mock agreement nothing to be venerated. The same year before the ink of the agreement dries up, the historic first cease-fire agreement was signed on 6th September 1964 between the then Federal Government of Nagaland and Government of India for political talks. That agreement speaks volume. It overrides the 16-point agreement.

Another tragic event that took place in Naga history is the treacherous Shillong Accord signed on September 11, 1975. It is another black day for the Nagas.However, NSCN under the dynamic leadership of Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah saved the future of the Nagas from the high treason of the accord.It is a hallmark in Naga history. It is during the time of NSCN when the Indian military generals and political leaders made the notable statement saying, ‘“Military solution is not possible. It is a political issue which calls for political solution.” Finally, the government of India and NSCN as two entities signed the second cease-fire agreement on 1st August 1997 for political talks at the highest level without any pre-condition.The good news is that that agreement nullifies the Shillong Accord legally and politically. The government of India recognized NSCN as the legitimate organization of the Naga people and unique history and situation of the Nagas. It is not a terrorist organization, it further said.How can then NSCN be called terrorist organization?

You have also stated, “Transparency is missing all the time.” Do traitors have any business with the people and in the matter of their national affairs? They are not stakeholders.Will democracy respect the traitors? Traitors don’t have politics. As regard to the question of sovereignty we uphold the universal principle that sovereignty is vested in the people, not in the government or parliament. Nagas know that sovereignty is never your agenda. You are preaching of it only to throw bone among the people to confusing them and covering up your high treason. But that mantra does not sell.

Shouting of Naga integration by an ardent advocate of Nagaland state is hypocritical. Integration of all Naga areas is a natural necessity just as hands and legs are inseparable parts of the body of a person.Even if you try to tarnish the image of NSCN with hate campaigns and even if you try to sabotage the current peace process in thousand ways we will go ahead. Your master will no longer listen to you. He has come to know what kind of breed you are.This is the Era of the suppressed people like the Nagas to decide their future by themselves. No force or power can stop them any more.

Of course, we view India and other neighbors as our potential partners in all fields, not enemies. Nevertheless, we are strongly opposed to the philosophy of seeking peace or solution sacrificing one’s own right.The reality is that interdependent relationship among different people and nations is a must because nothing in the world exists in total isolation, but everything is interrelated and interdependent and that is where we stand.

Dated Oking, Hebron. 12-01-15.