NNC/FGN Khiamniungan region replies to R.H. Raising

In connection to Raising’s Agony Day speech alleging that the attack on Langnok camp on Sept.27, 1980 was a joint operation between the NNC, Burmese army and the Indian army, we the national workers of the Khiamniungan region wish to give the following facts for public information.

1. The Khiamniungan people of Eastern Nagaland did not have anything to do with the Shillong Accord of 1975. Being under terrible persecution from both the Burmese army and the Indian army operations in our region during those days, we were not even aware of who had written what in the Shillong Accord.
2. However, on July 15, 1979, Colonel Yamtsetung of our tribe was killed by the orders of Th. Muivah because he opposed the NSCN government being initiated by Muivah. After the murder of Yamtsetung most of the senior NNC and FGN leaders like Vice President T. Venuh, Speaker Lorho Mao and Tatar Mayanger Ao along with 12 others were all butchered at the Hasik GHQ between Nov.1979 and Jan 1980 because they opposed Muivah and his henchmen in their attempt to set up a Socialist government in order to usurp political power from the NNC and FGN.
3. After these massacres and the formation of the NSCN on Jan 31, 1980 group after groups of NSCN cadres led by Tangkhul Officers were again and again sent into our region with orders to eliminate all the NNC and FGN leaders of our region as well as those of other regional leaders hiding in our area. These elimination commands were led by officers like Captain Shangam Tangkhul,  Lt.Taokai Tangkhul and Lt. Col. Ningwon Tangkhul etc. These groups first attacked Kingphu village on Feb. 15, 1980 and murdered Pinglang and Muno, President of the Tang Range and Runa Peyu of Kingphu village. In the subsequent raids and large scale operations against our people, they systematically burnt down the Khiamniungan villages of Asheiking, Haikum, Langkhiang, Chukie, Haiphu, Taingan, Thang, Thingniungan, Tsemshuk, Ninshet, Pang and Kingjung. In Taingan, after killing Major Neituolie Angami and nine other villagers, all the surviving members of the village were roped together and relocated to Lankhiang village after burning Taingan. In all these operations, church properties were looted and villages were burnt to ashes along with all their granaries. Also domestic and semi domestic animals were also all shot to death so that the villagers could never survive again. In Taingan alone more than 60 Mithuns were randomly butchered. By the time the operations came to an end, more than 500 Khiamniungans were dead from bullets, machetes and starvation. The victims included Pastors, Deacons, national workers and ordinary villagers whose names and dates of death are all in our NNC national records. (Read Th. Muivah’s Terrorist Activities. Pp52-66)
4. After committing all these horrible atrocities, the NSCN next defiantly set up their GHQ at Langnok village deep inside the Khiamniungan territory of Eastern Nagaland. The NNC and FGN members still in the region therefore attacked the Langnok camp and did what they did. This action was undertaken to safeguard the NNC and FGN from the NSCN which had gone astray by establishing an un-mandated government and even starting to kill their own people who disagreed with their political ideology.
5. As for the allegation that this was a joint NNC, Indian army and Burmese army operation, surely any sane Naga, Indian or Burmese citizen would know that no Indian soldier or Burmese soldier would ever be assisting the Naga army  to defend the NNC and FGN! Nothing can be more ridiculous than that.
Signed:  1. Longphu, Midan Peyu,
Khiamniungan Region
2. M. Paheiu, Tatar,
Federal Government
of Nagaland