25th May 2010

This is the time when the whole Nagas across Nagalim is getting revolutionized in the face of the Manipur government using terror tactics to suppress the rights of the Nagas in general and the birth right of our leader and General Secretary of NSCN Th.Muivah. But it is surprising to learn that certain Naga individuals are still groping in the dark, refusing to learn from the history of the Naga political struggle that is not without bloodshed among the Nagas This is the wrong time for anyone to open the old wounds. This is the time to be in line with spirit of reconciliation and unity that has captured the imagination of the Naga political groups.

Whatever has happen in the past in the Khiamniungan region is something very unpleasant to remenber.Not only the Khiamnungan people but many NSCN members also died. This things do happen in the world of revolutionary movement. But it has to be taken into serious note that the Khiamnungan people knows better than others, and never welcome any unwarranted comments that is more to do with seeking vendetta than anything else. Any bonafide Naga national worker will go for exercising magnanimity and not go for hate campaign as indulged by the so-called Tokiho Zhimomi , President Sumi region,NNC. It is rather ridiculous for Tokiho to have taken such extreme course of comments when he himself does not know anything about the incidents that he was desperately trying to score a point for himself and NNC Sumi region. He need to be sensitive of today’s political scenario and not be carried away by his own world where only attacking Muivah preoccupied their political thinking throughout.

The Khiamnungan people never appreciate people who take pleasure in causing provocation at such juncture of the Naga political movement. This is totally anti-Naga and the Nagas as a whole should treat such person with disdain.Why dragged the name of Khiamnungan by digging up the dirts of the history that ought to be forgotten for the sake of Naga political exigency that is undergoing serious test of dedication and sacrifice from every Naga people. Khiamnungan people should not be use as an instrument to bring mis-understanding and confusion among the Nagas.We know the colour of every political party and therefore,the Naga issue is best handled by the group who stands committed to solve Naga political issue based on the historical and political rights of the Nagas.

We the Khiamnungan people believe in the spirit of forgive and forget. Because the issue is more important that messing about other people’s mistakes. In keeping with this spirit we stand committed to the declaration of Yaruiwo in 13th January 2007 for unity and reconciliation, and the Covenant of Reconciliation as initiated by Forum for Naga Reconciliation.

Issued by:
On deputation as CAO,Khiamnungan Region