Dated Tahamzam, May 24, 2010


With reference to the news item Sangai Express, dated Imphal May 23 under the heading “Naga Forum Appeal for Peace” is nothing but Shedding a crocodile’s tear in the pretext of the acute inconvenience due to economic blockade by the so called Naga Leader Forum is disgusting. That, such a forum is nothing but a self-styled front flouted by some disgrunted and frustrated individuals intending to mislead the people and gain cheap popularity and please their masters. Though any individual may have the liberty to form any organization by way of exercising their democratic right, the Naga people are bound by the traditional customary practices of upholding the village decision.

The Naga frontal organizations upholding this principle after due consultation at the village and tribe level adopted a decision to reject the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council Act 3rd Amendment Act 2008 in its present form and contents.

When the Government of Manipur fail to recognize and protect the rights of the tribal, the people’s organization has no choice but to abide and uphold the people’s decision to protect their inherent right to land and governance. It is a shame for few individuals who are actually a member of the Indian Political Party in the guise of Naga Leader’s Forum crying foul against the village decision to justify and legitimize their position in the party amounts to selling the rights of the hill people. At the cause of the hill people, few Naga individual acting as stooge of the Communal State Government of Manipur have admitted themselves to be an agent working against the interest of the hill people.

Vice president, ANSAM