Friday, January 28, 2011

This is to clarify that no Naga Army personnel surrendered in Imphal on 27th January 2011, as against the news item that appeared yesterday in some local papers. Whether the Manipur government actually organized a ceremony or was it a fictitious one is not our concern but the plain truth is, Naga Army remains intact. GHQ has inquired all our units based in Manipur regarding the news propaganda and it has been entirely refuted since there was no such case of desertion from any camp and that the names mentioned in the paper were unfamiliar to our army records.

In this connection, it is hereby reiterated that the path chosen by every cadre of Naga Army is a voluntary commitment, out of love for one’s motherland. It is a selfless service for a sacred cause and it remains our undaunted cherished goal to bring political changes in our land, against all odds and therefore the question of disillusionment does not arise. For, ours is a noble sacrifice and not a treasure hunt.

On the other hand, the demeaning act of deception and lies orchestrated by the Indian security forces is quite unbecoming of a civilized army organization. They may have apprehended some gangsters; even so, some cadres of the valley based militants might have surrendered to them which in fact are everyday event in Manipur; but the pleasure these pseudo-security forces take in tarnishing the image of NSCN by relating to us with such concocted stories is simply pathetic. It obviously depicts the kind of complexes they may have towards us.

Col. Levi Zimik


Naga Army