The National Socialist Council of Nagalim(NSCN) feels impelled to remind the Government of India about how the peace process between the Government of India(GoI) and the NSCN was initiated. If the GoI has forgotten in what spirit the peace process was initiated, it may derail.
At the instance of P.V Narasimha Rao, the then Prime Minister of India, the Chairman Isak Chishi Swu and General Secretary Th. Muivah met with him in Paris on June 12,1995. During the meeting the P M of India proposed a political dialogue to resolve the political conflict. In response, our Collective Leadership said: “Okay, Mr. Prime Minister, why don’t you talk with Khaplang Group and NNC? We will not stand in the way, but we will not be a party to it.” The P.M replied: “Why should I talk with them? The issue is not with them. The issue is with you. The people are with you, and so if we talk with you, we believe solution can be worked out. I will not talk with others. I know who they are. They are in my hands.” Then our Collective Leadership said to him: “It seems there are two Prime Ministers in India.” He replied: “I know who is who; I will not allow anyone to stand in the way. I will deal with the issue by myself.” Consequently, ceasefire was declared and negotiation started.
In the formal meeting between the Government of India and the National Socialist Council of Nagalim, the Home Minister of India said that R.S Pandey has been appointed with confidence to be the interlocutor. It was also said that no one should issue any statement except the P.M, Home Minister and R.S Pandey regarding the peace process between GoI and NSCN.
Unexpectedly, Mr. G.K Pillai has started standing in the way with strange statement: “After a little bit of progress with the NSCN (IM) from the present stage, we shall start talks with NSCN (K) including State Government fully in picture.”
It will be wise on the part of any authority not to exert beyond his authority and the GoI is expected to check such undue exercise of power before the peace process is endangered.

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