Rejoinder to Amuco Naga Hoho

In view of the serious allegation perpetrated by All Manipur United Clubs Organisation (AMUCO) against the Naga Hoho platform on May 26, 2010, the Naga Hobo is constrained to issue this Rejoinder based on truth and justice.
1. We question the consistency of AMUCO in view of their continual change in positions. This is not just in regard to their protest against the aspirations of the Nagas but in their past policies with regard to their own people. It is everyone’s knowledge that the AMUCO, initially stated that they have no objection to the homecoming of Mr. Th. Muivah. However, very soon they did a U-turn and started objecting to the visit. We are inclined to conclude that these actions are done in cahoots with the Meitei politicians who took the infamous Cabinet decision banning Mr. Muivah from visiting his village. Nagas are not surprised by the behavior of these organizations because they have shown their lack of direction and principles in many instances. The public knows that AMUCO have been trying their utmost to bring down Ibobi calling him a criminal in the wake of the Khwairamband incident of July 23, 2009. Now, they are colluding with Ibobi and his corrupted colleagues in conspiring against the aspirations of the Nagas. How can organization such as these which have no principles or values face the public time and again and claim they represent the interests of the “people?
2. AMUCO also advised the Nagas of not falling into the tactics of colonial rulers of snapping “age old fraternity ties” and yet they are trying to do exactly the same by stopping the Nagas from coming together and living together as one. It is clear that the AMUCO is espousing the same colonial tactics by opposing the Naga aspiration to live together as one.
3. Who are the “people of Manipur” that AMUCO represent? Do they have any democratic practices within their system or their representatives merely self-promoting individuals? Is it the AMUCO or UCM which represents the “people of Manipur”? Do they also represent the people in the hills? Clearly, the people that these organizations represent are the Meitei majority and their area of activity is confined to the small geographical area of Imphal Valley. How can they then
4. say they are representatives of the “people of Manipur” given the fact that these organizations themselves say Manipur is a land made up of many different groups of people?
5. AMUCO constantly talk about the “peace loving people of Manipur” and yet they are opposed to the application of ceasefire in all Naga areas. If they represent the peace loving people of Manipur then why not support peace initiatives? Is your action not directly against what you talk about in front of TV cameras and newspersons? The Nagas have been voicing their desire for peace for a long time and the ceasefire between India and the NSCN was a welcome development. Yet these organizations were unhappy when it was sought to be applicable to all Naga areas. Is it because they want the Nagas to face the same kind of bloodshed and violence rampant in the Imphal Valley? Your opposition to the ceasefire is a direct propagation for violence in the hill areas. Do not victimize and create problems for the Nagas because you are unable to solve your own problems.
6. AMUCO needs to understand this simple basic fact- THAT THERE IS NO GREATER OR SMALLER NAGALAND. Nagas have their land and it is theirs and theirs alone. Nagas are not going to claim what is not theirs but they will also not give up an inch of their land. If such simple facts are not even understood, it is difficult to comprehend that the organization has the capacity to take informed decisions.
7. The Meitei Maharaja signed away the land and freedom of the Meeteis to the Avas and the British and therefore AMUCO should stop talking about their proud history. Refer to the many history books written by your own Meitei authors for more information in this regard.
8. The AMUCO as an organization that cannot even speak out against the atrocities committed in their own front-yard and yet they demanded the Nagas to “review their political strategies in view of the welfare of the North East”. These are tall claims given the fact that menial laborers from different parts of the country, including Assam, are leaving Imphal Valley in flocks for fear of their lives in view of the Quit Notice diktat of some Meitei groups. If they work for peace and rights, they should not discriminate and ignore others purely because they are not Meiteis. In the many cases of helpless menial laborers arbitrarily shot dead in Imphal valley, have AMUCO spoken a single word of condemnation? Have they done anything to prevent such clear violation of human rights? Have they spoken a single word against the clearly peace and rights violating Quit Notice issued against non-Manipuris by Meitei people?
9. Were these organizations and organizations affiliated to them, not responsible for the counter blockade specifically targeting the Nagas? These communal acts in itself speak volumes about their sense of right and wrong and as such AMUCO should stop and think before they accuse others of being communal. Clearly they are the ones who are communal.
10. AMUCO talks about the age-old relationship between the Meiteis and the Nagas and yet they have not, at any single time, spoken against the discrimination and prejudiced suffered by the people in the hills for many years. Their slogan of “Ching-Tam Amatani”, is just a rhetorical slogan without any substantive meaning.
In view of all these, AMUCO should stop their attack on the Nagas. Nagas are patient but not weak.
Dated-Kohima, the 3rd June, 2010
Publicity Cell Naga Hoho