Rejoinder to President Angami Regional Council, NNC/Federal

Rejoinder to President Angami Regional Council, NNC/Federal
Judas Iscariot had sold Jesus Christ for 30 gold coins and with those coins he purchased a plot which is called the ‘plot of blood’. Even today, people from various parts of the world visit that place. Similarly, the NNC/Federal has sold out the rights of the Naga people by singing the 1975 Shillong Accord and accepting the Indian constitution. The Shillong Accord has brought trouble within the Naga nation and the division started with factionalism and it has caused thousands of precious life. Out of that profit made by NNC/Federal, the Peace Camp or the Transit camp was established for their own benefit and they are taking shelter under the camp.
Now onwards it may be appropriate to call the camp as ‘Naga blood camp’, because from this place all the evil propagandas, including misunderstanding and hatred were conspired against the Nagas, which has caused thousands of innocent and precious lives.
One day when the Naga political problem is solved, the so called Peace camp or Transit camp may be demarcated by barbed wires and the names of those utilizing it will be written in a stone for people to know that they had betrayed the Naga nation. Even people will be scared to live nearby the place as all sorts of evil propagandas emanated from there.
Considering all such facts, the Angami Region NSCN/GPRN is compelled to react to the statement made by Vilhouthie Rhiepfu, president Angami Regional Council, NNC/Federal appearing in the local dailies on 29th May, 2010, wherein he has made several false allegations against NSCN/GPRN Ato Kilonser, Th. Muivah. Such allegations may not be made by Vilhouthie himself but it should be the handy work of his pay-masters as he has been the president of Angami Regional Council after the Shillong Accord till date.
Vilhouthie should be ashamed of talking about the Naga political struggle now as he is the follower of the Shillong Accord. But if he is not satisfied with what he is getting from his masters then he has every right to complain to Indians. Therefore, it is useless for him to talk about the Naga National leaders thereby putting the fame of Angamis into shame before the Naga people.
Like Vilhouthie there are some few people who are also trying to confuse and divide the Naga people with such false propagandas and allegations, but now the Naga people have become more intellectual and they are well aware that white is white and black is black.
The Angami Region NSCN/GPRN fully supports the leadership of our Ato Kilonser Th. Muivah, who is following the foot-steps of our great leader A Z Phizo in carrying forward the dreams and aspirations of the Naga people, which is at the crucial juncture.

CAO Angami Region