Rejoinder to Venuh Alezo’s press statement


Ministry of Information & Publicity

21st May 2012

This is a rejoinder to Venuh Alezo’s press Statement carried in the local papers on the 16th May 2012. According to his statement we are compelled to think that Alezo has a confused mind. When the political dialogue started between the government of India and the NSCN, he was an active member of the Organization and was privy to all matters and affairs of the NSCN. Again when the NSCN launched the Reconciliation process in January 2007, he was a leading member of the Organization. But as per his write-ups, it seems Alezo is completely ignorant of all these matters. Or, Alezo is rather trying deliberately to confuse the minds of the people.

Alezo must understand that when the government of India offered to have a political dialogue with NSCN, the NSCN leadership, in the first place, encouraged in no uncertain terms to talk with Khaplang group and NNC. But then Indian Prime Minister said that those groups were already with the Government of India and the issue is only with the NSCN and that was how, the Government of India wanted to talk with the NSCN. Accordingly, the dialogue started between the Government of India and NSCN and is running in the 15th year. Therefore, Khole-Kitovi group in connivance with certain elements in the Indian Government like Mr.Sambhu Singh to enter into a political talk is hypocritical act to jeopardize the prospect of political agreement between the Government of India and the NSCN on behalf of the Nagas.

Secondly, Alezo must understand that the Reconciliation process was first started by the NSCN and many important leaders and groups had already responded and joined the NSCN. Taking the advantage of good gestures some peace loving personalities formed the FNR and started to organise the Reconciliation meetings, Khaplang agreed to participate in the meetings, but Kitovi vehemently opposed to it. Later on Khaplang refused to participate in the reconciliation meetings. But Kitovi, and his men participated in the meet. What a pitiful contradictions. For the NSCN, the reasons for not willing to attend the Reconciliation meeting Scheduled on 21st May 2012 at Chingmai had been made known to the people and concerned parties through print media.

The aim and opinion of the NSCN is not to force every Naga group to merge with NSCN. But they may either join the NSCN or remain in their organizations and maintain their own identity, but support wholeheartedly the current political dialogue between the Government of India and the NSCN. Because, the NSCN is not seeking political settlement with India only for the NSCN and their supporters. But for an honourable settlement for all the Nagas.


Lastly, Kitovi Zhimomi, general Secretary of Khole-Kitovi group had time and again categorically asserted that his objective was to have a political settlement with Government of India for the Nagas of Nagaland. But Alezo had stated through print media that Nagaland encompasses all Nagas within and outside National and international boundaries and that they are talking for all Nagas. This is also a serious contradiction between the two. If they don’t have clear political visions how can they lead people in political matters?

Issue by : MIP