Responding the Kehoi group wild allegation

Dated:Oking, 8th July, 2014.

At the outset, Kehoi group is once again reminded that, the Killing of late. Maj. Athong of Yimchunger who ran away with three arms after killing the then Security Commander Lieut. Thouthutho from Pochury tribe in 1998 has nothing to do with tribe or group affiliation but basing on the serious crime and humiliation he had committed against the nation deserving such unwanted consequences. Yet the press release dated 4th and 8th July 2014 has crossed the limit of tolerance which we initially had hold back from responding to your first press statement knowing that such unrelated and unfounded allegation will hold no water.

Firstly, the unwarranted boasting of having the capability if we have to quote from the 4th July press statement says “GPRN/NSCN also had the armaments and what it takes to unleash terror at any given time” (Unquote). Such childlike snobbishness will not help your intention to survive through the press without any political agenda.  Besides nobody is stopping you to unleash your true colour of what you called as “terror”. Nagas do not expect any political statement from such terror minded group who will go to any extend for bull dozers and buildings. Such self indulging materialistic group cannot be more selfish and detrimental to the reputation of Naga nationalism.

Secondly, the “ism” infested group from Kehoi will never grow up from being the epitome of communal and regionalist group. To quote “ the NSCN (IM) risks the real danger of all their hard-earned work and sacrifices for fellow Nagas being totally wiped out due to the silly and stupid antics of some Tangkhuls leaders who are interested only in serving their vested personal interest in the name of Naga national cause” (unquote), dated: 8th July, 2014. Such deliberate vitriolic propaganda of singling out a particular community is nothing but an attempt to create a negative image towards the Tangkhul community. The jaundice infected eyes of the Kehoi group which cannot see things beyond the tribal line need to be thoroughly medicated for the larger interest of Naga unity and peace.

Thirdly, there is no Angami army, Sema army, Tangkhul army, Yimchunger army and what not in NSCN. There is “only one Naga Army” and they are not called by their tribe name. The allegation of Kehoi group saying late Maj. Athong Yimchunger was killed by Major. Phongam Tangkhul is fabricated because no such names exist in our government. The motive to mention Tangkhul is to flare up communal enmity and therefore very unfortunate; condemnable by all. Kehoi group should be more careful and responsible in what you say.

Finally, the allegation of mass killing by NSCN is most outrageous. It is a fact that factional clashes had happened many a time but NSCN does not target civilians and tribes. Most of the cadres based in Kehoi group are defected from NSCN in the recent past. They could be the one who massacred many communities in the past while they were with us if at all such allegations are true! Therefore, take an about turn and give swift justice to those culprits who are in Kehoi group.

NSCN hold Naga reconciliation with utmost importance and with all sincerity we will go by what we all have agreed under the banner of Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR). Therefore, misunderstanding of any kind can always be discussed across the table under the proper platform.