Dated Tahamzam, May 30, 2010

The statement of Government of Manipur’s (GOM) spokesman N. Biren as appeared in local dailies once again highlights the immaturity of the GOM led by its CM Ibobi Singh.
The spokesman has taken pains to state that the government will protect non-Manipuris living in the state with full proof. We would like to know if the same “full proof” protection also extends to the people whom the Manipur government claims as its people, particularly the Nagas. If the recent state sponsored terrorism in Mao Gate where two students Loshuo and Chakho were shot dead point blank and more than hundred civilians injured is any indication, we are left with no option but to conclude that this “full proof” protection does not extend to the Nagas whom the Manipur government claims as its own.
We would also like to point out that until the coming of the murderous Manipur IRB and Commandos, Naga areas were peaceful. And the spokesman is right, “no community or race in this planet would remain a silent spectator when their very peaceful co-existence had ever been disturbed”. As the GOM has broken the peace in the Naga areas and continues to use all the resources at its disposal to undo the peace that Nagas have fought for, Nagas cannot be “mere spectators”. In the face of the aggression and disregard for Naga lives displayed by the GOM, Nagas are more than ever resolved to stand up for their rights.
Past and present actions of the GOM clearly indicate its communal nature. How can it be otherwise when the murder of two innocent students, shot dead at point blank range, is just termed as “so unfortunate”. Mr. Biren, an event is “unfortunate” when they happen beyond one’s control. The incident of 6th May was a result of the GOM expressed instructions to its security personnel to use force and informed by intentional actions. The students did not just die, they were murdered by your terrorist Manipur government’s forces. Such therefore is not just “so unfortunate” but an intentional crime. Further, if it had been someone from your own Meitei community, Ministers like you led by your CM would have raced to the spot, met family members and the locals. Has any of you done that despite the lapse of so many days since the incident? No, but you have been busy issuing false propaganda against the Nagas.
We doubt if the GOM has any political will to take action against those who commit crime. It is open knowledge that your own colleague and friend Mr. Ranjit, Works Minister shot at Mr. Koteshwar, Advocate General of Manipur. Did you even constitute an enquiry into the incident? Forget about following the rule of law, did your government even attempt it? Given these, are we going to be assured that justice will be done and that “action against those personnel as per the provision of law if found guilty” will be taken ? “If found guilty” being the catchphrase here, let it be known that given the series of injustice meted out to the Nagas, and the fact that the GOM is complicit in the actions and crimes committed on 6th May at Mao Gate, we are under no illusion that justice will be done.
Mr. Biren, we find it ironic that you accuse of others robbing when you yourself is responsible and guilty of robbing millions and millions from developmental funds meant for the hill people. Further, we want to question whether you sent your brother, President of Information Center for Hill Areas Manipur (ICHAM), to the hill areas to ascertain the vulnerability of the hill people to formulate and plan how you can rob them further? Please wash the dirt off yourself before you accuse others of being dirty.
When you say that the problem in Manipur is “between Mr. Muivah who is openly challenging the territorial integrity of Manipur and people of Manipur one side who say no to him” what people of Manipur do you have in mind? Your Meitei community? Are the Nagas included in your definition of the “people of Manipur”? If Nagas are included in your definition then you have no business saying that it is the people of Manipur who say no to Mr. Muivah’s visit, for Nagas are clear and resolved in their desire to have Mr. Muivah come among their midst. As such not respecting their decision is clearly an indication of the communal nature of your government.
Mr. Biren, when you and your Manipur government point your dirty fingers at Mr. Muivah, you are pointing at the whole Naga people. Mr. Muivah is our leader and we have given him the mandate and support to seek a solution to the Indo-Naga political problem. Your actions are just sinister designs to break the unity of the Nagas and we are very clear about the “sincerity” of your Manipur government and yourself.
If you and your Manipur Government cannot even understand the simple fact that there is no ‘Greater Nagaland” or “Smaller Nagaland”, maybe you should not shoot your mouth off like an expert. For Nagas, there is just the land that belongs to the Nagas, nothing more nothing less. Do not ridicule yourself and display your stupidity to the public.
Mr. Biren, we are not going to stoop to your Government’s level of using stooges to espouse your cause. We are aware that you have misinformed and brainwashed Nagas in your illicit payroll who do your dirty laundry. We know that their loyalty to you will end the moment you are unable to feed their greed. Further, we are unfazed by their actions because we know that the truth and the Naga people’s actions now are based on it.
Mr. Biren and the GOM, your politics is a politics based on the appeasement of the majority population of Manipur and as such it will always suffer from shortsightedness and immaturity which has been amply demonstrated by the actions of your security forces at Mao Gate on 6th May and the myriad of problems that defines Manipur.

Publicity Wing
United Naga Council