PRESS STATEMENT, the 27th October, 2023: Statement against MLA Imkong Imchen


Ministry of Information and Publicity

NSCN’s Press Statement against Imkong Imchen

Oking, the 27th October, 2023

There are certain people among the Naga political circle who took capricious delight to expose their chameleon-like character bereft of any principles that match the political exigency of the Naga political issue that is hanging fire for many years. Such people are like cankerous sore for the Naga political movement. Ironically, we are referring to none other than Mr. Imkong Imchen who took pleasure to comment on the NSCN negotiators of the Indo-Naga political issue with the tongue of unhealthy or decayed mind.

The chameleon character of Imkong Imchen is on record since he took the plunge in politics in the 1990s as a staunch supporter of the Congress. Naturally, he was totally against the Naga political movement spearheaded by NSCN. His change of heart came after he left Congress following the complete uprooting of the party in 2003 Nagaland state election of and joined NPF and began to show his strong support of Naga movement under the leadership of Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah. However, opportunist like him far from being “principled” politician jump into the band wagon of BJP after he was denied NDPP ticket and started to show his true colour by rubbing shoulder with NNPGs who have gained the notoriety for willingly accepting to function under the “patronage system” or “spoils system” as plotted by Government of India (GoI) agency to counter weight the bona fide political leadership of NSCN and played dirty with the sanctity of the God given Naga nation. He has proved himself that nothing will bind him to work within the defined moral boundaries, which ruled out doing “just anything” to keep him stay in power as elected MLA.

In principle, NSCN is not against BJP or any other political party. We are simply against political opportunists like Imkong who had joined the BJP party hunting for personal benefits and now spitting venom against NSCN negotiators. A time may come when he will discard the party once strong winds started blowing against BJP.

Reading between the lines, the divisive politics of Imkong is poisonous for the Naga people. Simply put, NSCN will march ahead unnerved of unethical critics like Imkong.

NSCN is just ashamed of Imkong so cheaply becoming a political turncoat for the pleasure of uplifting his new found party, BJP and stamping his foot on Naga political issue. His changed language speaks volumes of his disdain for the Naga political issue after his honeymoon with BJP started. Such spineless people will continue to be used by big guns in BJP and RSS to create confusion on the Indo-Naga political talks.

NSCN knows what it takes to handle Naga political issue after the ceasefire in 1997. The complexity of Naga issue we know better while sitting across the negotiating table with the representatives of the Government of India. We know how to safeguard the historical and political rights of the Nagas and we know how to get tough lest Nagas are flattered again like what happened in the past.

Things would have been better for Imkong to mind his own business than throw mud against NSCN by mocking the historic Framework Agreement. We know who has plotted him to utter something nonsensical against the NSCN negotiators. Imkong’s memory should tell him better how many rounds he made to meet NSCN leaders begging them to lend support to him. What a person he has become to show his thick skin and shockingly audacious behaviour.

There is no pleasure gained for NSCN negotiators to prolong the Naga political settlement. The delaying tactics of the Government of India has become the bane of Indo-Naga political talks. This is something the world has been keenly observing.

The question that arises is if Imkong has sold out his identity as a Naga after joining the BJP and the right of the Naga people for flag and constitution.

On the core issue of flag and constitution, NSCN negotiators has made the position very loud and clear and he must have the political maturity to acknowledge that the ball is in the court of GoI.

It is a matter of regret that Imkong has changed himself to such distance after joining BJP. His hobnobbing with BJP’s at the cost of the righteous cause of Naga people for which thousands of lives have been sacrificed is unfortunate. Certainly, his credibility in Naga politics has been reduced to laughing stock just for a morsel of meal fed by his political mentors. No sane people who value the sanctity of Naga political issue and the identity of the Nagas as a people and as a nation would have the audacity to stand up and criticize the Framework Agreement. NSCN at no point of time has taken any step to deviate from the Framework Agreement as bewilderingly alleged by Imkong. It is unthinkable that NSCN will betray the Naga people by going against the Framework Agreement wherein the sovereign identity of the Nagas is well protected.