Message to the Naga people

Oking : 30/09/2015

My dear Naga people.

We have come to the very important juncture of our history once again and it is a time for us all to take a decisive decision for the sake of our future. We know and believe that God certainly has a portion for us here on earth and so, the time is here for us to stand firm and we cannot effort to make any mistakes or live in a state of confusion. The historical force and the change of time favours us once again to correct the mistakes of our own making and also the wrongs committed against us.

I want our people to understand that our unwavering struggle had eventually made others to respect and accept our historical position and aspiration. Therefore, today from military stage we have reached the political stage. Political negotiation replaced violent armed confrontation and with the official recognition of our unique history and situation on July 11, 2002 we are earnestly in search of an enduring political solution based on that recognition.

Therefore, kindly allow me to remind our Naga people that we are truly blessed and also honoured to say that based on this recognition a “Framework Agreement” has been concluded with the Government of India on the 3rd of August, 2015 and both the entities have agreed to move forward towards a possible meeting point of peaceful co-existence by the sharing of different competencies which also defines the different stratums of sovereign power that must be shared. Also, in the spirit of mutual respect and recognising the universal democratic principle, both the parties agreed that sovereignty lies with the people concerned.

We know that there will be no solution whatsoever, so long as Nagas are kept divided ignoring their historical and political rights.There is also danger of self defeat if the Naga people’s aspiration is interpreted in terms of the past agreements, like the 16 point Agreement and the 1975 Shillong Accord, which betrayed our cause.

Therefore, when God has given us the best we cannot effort to take wrong decisions again. I and my friend Thuingaleng Muivah together with many of the revolutionary patriots had, from the very beginning taken the decision to uphold the 1951 plebiscite and we also agreed not to waver from our commitment that Nagaland shall be for Christ. We want you to know that we will  not compromise on any issues that contradicts our historical rights and aspiration.

Today, at this very important turning point of our history I want my Naga people to know and understand that, the past is past, and that we must all come together in the name of Christ and also respecting and acknowledging our historical and political rights. We must also know that there is a time  and season for all things, hence, we must correct all the political mistakes and come together in order to chart out our common future based on the uniqueness of our  history.

My dear Naga people I cannot be with you at this moment because of my delicate health condition but I urge you all to come forward and we shall march forward in a united strength. May God grant us wisdom to take the right decision in order to realize a lasting peace and prosperous future of our people.

We all know that we still have an enormous task before us but however, we are confident that we shall overcome with the help of our mighty God. I am writing this message to the Naga people in the precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.



Isak  Chishi Swu