Rejoinder to the Press Statement of P. B. Acharya, Governor of Nagaland and Assam.


Dated: Oking, 10th September, 2015

We are sure that the Governor P. B. Acharya is totally misinformed or ignorant of the framework agreement signed between the Government of India and NSCN on 3rd August 2015. The Framework Agreement is the foundation upon which the edifice of solution will be built. The agreement says that India and Naga will co-exist as two entities and that the question of merger of one with the other does not arise.

The Nagas are not looking for status in par with other communities within the parameter of Indian constitution. Ours is not a domestic/law and order problem of India. The agreement says it is a political problem that calls for political solution. It also says that the history and the situation of the Nagas is unique, which means Nagas have never been a part of the Union of India either by conquest or by consent.

Much against the spirit and letter of the agreement he also reiterated “no areas of other states will be lumped with Nagaland.” We believed he has made the statement without a second thought. The Nagas have never ever grabbed even an inch of land from their neighbors rather our land has been divided into a number of pieces and taken by our neighboring states against the wishes of the Nagas. Division of Naga territory is one of the causes of the resistance movement. Peaceful and honorable solution will never be there so long as Nagas are kept divided. Territorial integration of the Nagas is a natural necessity, not a choice or demand.

NSCN retorts the statement of Acharya that says, “NSCN has given up the demand for a sovereign Nagaland.” The framework agreement says that according to the universal principle sovereignty lies with the people, not government. Therefore, the sovereignty of India lies with the Indian people and the sovereignty of the Nagas lies with the Naga people. However, there will be sharing of sovereign power for enduring peaceful co-existence of the two entities. The Nagas will never accept any agreement that betrays their principle. Seeking solution by suppressing the right of the Nagas is the seed of war, not solution. The representatives from all sections of Naga people wherever they are have unanimously approved and endorsed the framework agreement in their consultative meeting held on 25th August 2015. The following day on 26th August 2015 NSCN authorities and 60 members of Nagaland Legislative Assembly along with the two Member of parliament (MP) had a historic open interaction on the 3rd August framework agreement where they (NLA Members) too gave their high appreciation and support.

The Nagas are now entering a new era where they will live with India and other neighboring people and nations on the basis of harmonious interdependent relationship. This is the era of the Nagas. No evil policy or deception strategy or coalition forces of the aggressors or power of the enemies of the Nagas will prevail anymore.