EDITORIAL – Nagalim Voice May 2022

Nagalim Voice May 2022


The Naga Agreement should not defile the Naga Political Issue again

When the high profile Framework Agreement was signed on the 3rd August, 2015, the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi went histrionic as he called up all the political leaders who matters to announce that he has solved the longest running insurgency movement in Southeast Asia. The world at large was however, not impress and waited to see how he will match his words with action acceptable to the Naga people. Today, NSCN is watching how the same Prime Minister of India is going to handle the Framework Agreement with NSCN and Naga people that he himself took so much pride and credit.

What is of concern to the NSCN in particular and to the Nagas in general is the habitual betraying nature of the Government of India after signing agreement after agreement. Such was the depravity on the part of the Government of India that every good thing gained during the 25 years of the Indo-Naga political talks is facing the risk of going down the drain. The unfortunate development is tantamount to political blackmail. But NSCN is unnerved in the face of such brinkmanship.

The Naga people had seen the Naga political issue that was defiled earlier on three occasions. The NSCN cannot allow defilement to take place for the fourth time. This is the crux of the issue now. And nothing can be further from the truth. Everything is clear before the world.

Certainly, the Framework Agreement was signed as the way forward to salvage the Naga political issue from getting defiled again.  It would be a huge irony if the Indo-Naga political issue and the on-going talk are not regarded as a politically sacrosanct program that should not be violated again and again. For the thousands of Nagas that suffered martyrdom for the Naga cause how can we come to Naga Accord and celebrate in the manner that betrayed them. How could Naga people tread such a hollow ground after more than six decades of blood, sweat and tear. In spite of threat and pressure NSCN will never lent itself to committing an act of abomination before God and treason before the Naga people.

It is unthinkable for NSCN to accept the Naga national flag as a cultural flag as hinted by Government of India. The Naga National Flag which symbolizes the Naga Political identity is not negotiable.


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