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Nagalim Voice May 2022


*“The Government of India is trying to impose a Naga solution which is not based on the Framework Agreement. We should not allow such a well-planned treachery. Re-edited version of the 16 Points Agreement is at work. We have to face this situation boldly as our right is not being honored. We should instil ourselves the courage and determination to stand by the Framework Agreement which is the only acceptable basis for the Naga solution. This is the time to take the decision in order to protect our identity and our history. We have to take the right decision at the right time. Nobody have the right to take away what belongs to us. When the Government of India recognized the uniqueness of the Naga history, the solution should also be unique. No wonder, unique solution will come only from the Framework Agreement.”- Excerpt from the Yaruiwo’s 43rd Republic Day Speech 2022.

*“The Government of India and the NSCN, have been in political dialogue for over two decades, since 1997, based on the principles of two equal national entities, that talks will be held without any conditions, at the highest level and in a third and neutral country, which was re-enforced on July 11, 2002 with the GoI recognizing the unique history and situation of the Nagas. The Framework Agreement of the 3rd August, 2015, re-affirmed this position. For the Nagas, no effort for peace and honorable solution is wearying even if it were to take longer time. The Nagas have time and again proven their resilience and commitment to sincere search for political settlement on the basis of the established historical and political truth.”- NPMHR

*“The history of the Naga political struggle has been fraught with so much sacrifices and pain and the spirit of patriotism has kept burning, all these decades. We acknowledge your dedication to the Naga cause and support the peace negotiations, because we believe our children deserve to live in peace. We urge our leaders here to uphold the principles of reconciliation and create environment of trust and better understanding for the greater good of the Naga people. Our enemies have watched us for years as we wallowed in our disunity and bloodshed. It is time to rise as true warriors, like our ancestors, with dedication and commitment and works towards a sustainable peace and honourable future. As mothers, sisters, wives and daughters, we have walked besides our brothers, our men with the belief that one day the Nagas will be together and live as one people, beyond the imposed borders of our beautiful lands.”- NMA’s message on the 43rd Republic Day celebration, Hebron, the 22nd March, 2022.

*“It is the revolutionary responsibility of all members to forbear any financial problem that comes our way. This is the inherent part of our unfinished task. We must look forward and display fortitude to carry on with our struggle.”-  Excerpt from the Yaruiwo Q. Tuccu’s Tatar Hoho Budget Speech, the 23rd March, 2022.

*“Anti-Naga self-determination campaign by Intelligence Bureau: Its role has been to create divisions among the Nagas every which way, with the Government of India in tow with free cash flow to corrupt and change the Naga traditional values and indigenous governance. The Bureau helped create a new governance structure in 1962-63 with the establishment of the Indian state of Nagaland. This mission of dividing and corrupting the Nagas has been accomplished with remarkable success for India, but irreparable harm to the Naga society. Six decades of alien partisan party politics imposed on the Nagas- separated into four states in India and a province in Myanmar- have put huge obstacles in the way of sustainable development on all fronts- political, economic, social, and cultural.”- Excerpt from the statement presented by Global Naga Forum (GNF) at the 21st Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), UN Headquarters, New York from April 25 to May 5, 2022 represented by GNF General Secretary, Mr. James Pochury.

*When the NNC (Naga National Council) leaders met Jawaharlal Nehru at New Delhi on March 11, 1952, J. Nehru showed his disdain for the Naga issue as he banged his fist on the table and screamed: “Whether heaven falls or India goes to pieces and blood runs red in the country, I don’t care. Whether I am here or any other body comes in, I don’t care. Nagas will never be allowed to become independent.” He went further and said that he could station one Indian soldier for every tree in Nagalim and it would be a matter of few days for the Indian Armed Forces to crush the Nagas. True to his words, on November 15, 1954, the Government of India sent the Assam Armed Police and the Assam Rifles to crush the Nagas. A year later the Indian Armed Forces moved into Tuensang by October 1955 and the foil war against the Naga people started. Ultimately nearly two divisions of the Indian Army and thirty five battalions of the Assam Rifles or Armed Police were in operation in the Naga Hills and Tuensang Frontier Division and in the adjoining areas. These Indian troops (fifty four thousand in total) between 1955 to 1956 burned down to ashes six hundred forty five Naga villages. All the village granaries were also burned down and within one year over 100,000 (one hundred thousand) Nagas died from bullets, aerial bombardments, murder, torture, systematic rape, starvation and disease.

Despite what Nehru claimed, the ground reality is that even after 50 years of Indian Armed Forces in Nagalim, they could not crush the Nagas. To the contrary, the Indian army generals declared that a military solution to the Indo-Naga conflict is not possible.- This was mentioned in KWIA’s letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh, the then Prime Minister of India on the 15th November, 2004.

* “We want our Indian brothers and sisters to know that we are not their enemy. We want the world to know that there is civilization in Nagaland. Academically backward we may be, it is up to us to show to the world that we are not a people which have lost its raison d’etre. We are alive.

We never feared India; and of course there is no reason for the Nagas to fear India in this human struggle for maintaining our political independence. Just as you cannot see a black spot in clear water, likewise, we cannot have a black spot of fear in our mind of clear conscience. I always have a feeling that God, our Heavenly Father– our creator, is with us and guiding us. What is there to fear? Only a murderer and people of evil intent can have fear and suspicion in his mind. We do not belong to a criminal race. And there is no ground for the Nagas to be worried or to fear the millions of Indians in this struggle to retain our independence. We also appeal to India to be sane and wise. We appeal to them that they should be human and not brutes. We appeal to India to a free people with a real feeling of independence in which there is no place for suspicion or fear. The Nagas do not ask independence from India; indeed, we do want anything from India. India has nothing to give away to Nagaland. We are independent and sovereign in our own national right. What we ask is not to interfere in our administration but leave us alone and allow Nagaland, the national state of the Nagas, to continue to exist in peace and make progress without hindrance.”- Excerpt from Mr. AZ Phizo’s Plebiscite Speech.  

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