July 2008 News

July 2008 News

Kohima, July 2:

NSC for talks before oil explore

The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah) has reiterated its stand not to allow oil exploration in “Nagalim” till the longstanding Naga political issue is solved.

The NSCN (I-M)’s vision of Nagalim, an extended homeland for the Nagas, includes all contiguous areas inhabited by the community.

A release, issued by the outfit’s ministry of information and publicity, said: “The government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim will invite Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) or other oil companies in the interest of people of Nagalim only after a correct political situation”.

“Till such time comes, ONGC and Canoro should keep their hands off Nagalim. One nation’s economic interest should not be the basis to ride roughshod over the Nagas’ demands,” the release, received yesterday, said.

Canada-based Canoro Resources Ltd has received permission from Delhi to explore oil and ONGC to resume work in the six blocks held by the company in Nagaland.

The outfit said that Article 371(A) of the Constitution should not be interpreted to allow exploitation of the Nagas.

“We believe that the Canada-based company will usher in economic development. But it has come to Nagalim at a wrong time,” the outfit said. “Please come back when the time is right.”

The outfit also criticised Nagaland chief minister Neiphiu Rio.

It alleged that he had scant respect for the NSCN (I-M) which “enjoys Naga people’s mandate to settle the Naga political issue”.

The Telegraph


Press Release

July 8 ’08

Twisted and distorted are the panic reactions of Vedeta Veinu, now attached with Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group as Lt.Col. There is no grudge from NSCN. But strongly, this exalted Lt.Col.Vedeta has now targeted his words of war against SS.Major Ape Venuh. But amusingly, there is no such Ape Venuh with that rank. The Naga Army record shows only Lt.Col. Ape Venuh. As per the official practice, the NSCN authorize no unilateral action in the name of the government. Every action is authorized and therefore, accountable to NSCN.

Lt. Col.  Ape Venuh ever failed to execute any program placed on him on behalf of the NSCN. The aspiration of the Naga national interest is all that matters in fixing any agenda. Anybody who dared to cross swords with NSCN is unfortunate and has always been unfortunate. No individuals are greater than the Naga issue.

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9 July 2008

NSCN (K) camp raided

By NPN | Dimapur

A combined force of Assam Rifles, IRB, State Police and Peren district administration, raided the NSCN (K) designated camp at Athibung on Wednesday, NSCN (K) sources claimed.

Talking to Nagaland Post over phone, Ceasefire Supervisory Board (CFSB), NSCN (K), member Hokato Vusshe alleged that the raiding party searched and ransacked the camp besides taking photographs of the bunkers and asking the number of cadres and arms in the camp.

According to the NSCN (K), the combined force raided the camp on the charge that the designated camp was sheltering some Northeast militant groups which did not have ceasefire with the Government of India.

He said the combined force initially tried to raid the camp at around 9 to 10 a.m. but backed off when the NSCN (K) activists objected to it and fired some few rounds in the air. Vusshe said right after the first attempt to raid the camp, he rang up CFSB chairman, central joint secretary (Home), State Home commissioner and IGAR, and briefed them about the alleged violation of ceasefire ground rules (CFGR) by government forces.

“They assured to issue instructions as per the CFGR, but around 11 a.m to 12 noon, the combined force comprising of 30-40 AR personnel, 20-30 IRB personnel, State police and administration led by EAC Athibung, forcefully entered and raided the camp,” he said.

On charges of harboring other insurgent groups in the Athibung camp, he said the NSCN (K) had in the last CFSB meeting told the Government of India representatives that some NE insurgent groups willing to enter into ceasefire with GoI had approached the NSCN (K) to act as a “channel.”  He however clarified that the NSCN (K) had already asked the insurgent groups to leave and that at the time of the raid, there was not a single cadre from other groups.

Vusshe further said the CFSB members of NSCN (K) at a meeting held Wednesday took serious note of the “raid” and cautioned that GoI would be held sole responsible in case of any untoward incident relating to the camp.


Press Release

July 11, 2008

To react to any incident from Communal and individual angle when the issue in focus is the direction of the  NSCN, is ill-motivated with the intention to flare up sentiment against the NSCN with communal venom added to it, and victimizing certain individual without any tangible reason attached. As a matter of reality, to mislead the people on the unfounded ground is the main target of the concern group who has gone to the extreme of resorting to undesirable reaction. Unfortunately, the communal fraternity will become the victims of this false propaganda.

In the operation against the ‘Highway Command’ notoriously operated by Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group, the mention of Major Viyito by Hokato Vusshe is irrelevant and out of the context. Maj. Viyito was never on the scene on the day of the attack. More over, it does not warrant pinpointing any individual. It is the responsibility of the GPRN to do away with any anti-social operation.

Significantly, the maturity of the Naga people should be rationalized and not allowed themselves to be carried away by such misleading utterance. Let no Naga be so naïve to fall victim to the deceitfulness of Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group. The public have had enough of this group’s big mouthed habit to cry foul against NSCN. But the natural course of justice is already in the making, and the attack against the Highway Command is part of the process. People’s interests should not be sacrificed at the hands of the forces with destructive agenda in the making.

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JULY 13, 08.

A boy of yesterday but with professorial headstrong attitude has been censorious in his writing targeting the NSCN.Kaka D Iralu’s recent article ‘THE GLARING DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ANCIENT NAGA DEMOCRATIC SOCILISM AND MODERN MARXIST COMMUNIST SOCIALISM’ is an affront to the NSCN in particular and to the Naga people in general. There is, of course, no doubt about his bete noire status vis-à-vis the Naga national cause under the banner of National Socialist Council of Nagalim. Let it be known that before Kaka was given birth in this world the Naga democratic socialism and the modern Marxism Communist Socialism has already been well versed by Collective Leadership and a clear and detailed exposition of this status has been convincingly explained across the world. Kaka is in the know about this discourse from our leaders. But ridiculously Kaka is plagiarizing Muivah’s theory and practice on socialism and Marxist- Communism. But in the deeper analysis of Kaka’s impulsive style of writing that comes along with devilish charm, such article is only to be treated with disdain. It is exasperating to learn that his writing is a part of the program to launch bitter dia-tribe against the NSCN. May be, emboldened by wine of treason, he has chosen the despicable course to test the nerve of NSCN. Amusing enough, Kaka had the effrontery to teach NSCN on the issue that was customized by NSCN before he started his basic education. The pleasure of plagiarizing to serve vested interests will never be taken kindly by NSCN.

It is ludicrous to think that the Naga people will be perturbed by someone of the type of Kaka’s article that was written from the pig headed point of view. The study on Kaka’S past writings also shows that he has the propensity for going hyper bole   when choosing to act as one of the most outspoken critics against NSCN. Kaka is one individual with insidious mindset who has taken the NSCN for a head on confrontation. By deliberately writing on the subject that is none of his business and doing it in the fashion of indiscretion NSCN have no choice but to accept his challenge on the subject, anytime, anywhere in full public view to satisfy public conscience. But toleration cannot be exercised for such person who has developed the habit of taking pot-shots at the NSCN. Mentioning the Marxist-Leninist or Maoist ideology/Communism is not relevant in the Naga context. And annoyingly, by a person of the like of Kaka whose foul mouthed campaign against the NSCN has only taken the form of sleazy writer or writer of fortune.

Nagas have not mechanically imported any traits of Socialism or communism and the Nagas way of socialism reflects the modernized socialistic economic pattern that suited the Naga best. There is no denying of the Naga socialism as a purest form of democracy where consent and spontaneous willingness finds its own reflection. This is the hallmark of the Naga democratic socialism. China also follows or practice socialist form in one way or the other. But Nagas have never learned to compromise on the communist socialism. Anything that contradicts the existence of God or the relevant of God in the human revolution or creation is the antithesis of Naga’s socialist way of life. Where is the evidence that NSCN is practicing or has imported Marxist Leninist and Maoist ideology? In the global Naga campaign NSCN came across many ‘Doubting Thomas’ particularly in US and European countries. But on elaboration, there was admiration and praise on the spirit that shaped the Naga socialism. And that was the turning point for the Nagas to get the much needed moral support.

All said and done, the plagiarizing article of Kaka Iralu has come in a very bad taste, leaving us with no option other than to treat the write up with revulsion because of the intoxicated spirit that carried him through. In its true spirit, Kaka’s journalistic material to satisfy the antagonistic forces of NSCN has to be contemned for being obnoxious, outrageous and diabolical.

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JULY 15, 2008

Directive For Strict Compliance

The office of the Kilo-Kilonser hereby directs all the public leaders and NGOs to restrain from keeping personal guard(s) with arm(s) on the pretext of security matter.

In the event of any undesirable/unwanted incident taking place out of non-compliance of the government directive, the concern person shall be solely held responsible.

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Kohima, July 15:

NSCN-K may call off truce


Eight years after agreeing to a ceasefire with New Delhi, the Khaplang faction of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) today said the outfit was seriously considering scrapping the peace deal because of the Centre’s lack of sincerity.

Kughalu Mulatonu, an emissary of the outfit, said over phone that “discussions are on among our leaders, including chairman S.S. Khaplang and prime minister Kitovi Zhimoni, to abrogate the eight-year-old truce with the Centre due to the indifferent approach of the leaders in dealing with the issues of the NSCN (K)”.

The outfit has been on a ceasefire with Delhi since April 2001 but there have been no talks yet.

Its rival faction, NSCN (Isak-Muivah), has been holding parleys but without any results.

The NSCN-K accused the Centre of trying to “smoke out” the outfit in collaboration with its rival outfit.

Mulatonu said the Centre and the state government “are forcing us to consider breaking the ceasefire” but warned that the outfit could not be held accountable for the breakdown of the truce.

“The government of India, Neiphiu Rio, Imkong L. Imchen and J. Changkija will be directly responsible for the breakdown of ceasefire,” the rebel leader said.

Imchen is the Nagaland home minister and Changkija is the state’s director general of police. Both have often been accused by the Khaplang faction of patronising its rival.

He said if anyone tried to act “oversmart they will be forced to bite the dust like Hesso Mao”. The NSCN (K) assassinated Mao, a former director general of police, in November 2005, accusing him of a nexus with the NSCN (I-M).

There was no point in the Centre talking to the NSCN (I-M), as the parleys have reached a deadlock and that it should begin negotiations with them to resolve the Naga issue, but without compromising the issue of “sovereignty”, Mulatonu added.

The Telegraph.




22 days already since the illegal Vihokhu camp went up in smoke, but the Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group is still licking their wound. The humiliation and defeat at the hands of the Naga Army is haunting them day and night. For the third time they face the misfortune and the casualty at the hands of the Naga Army is crossing three digits. The eviction operation was inevitable because the spirit of the ceasefire ground rules has to be set in order, but it was a reluctant operation as the government of India refused to act. Nevertheless, the operation was conducted with human touch to minimize lose of human lives. Otherwise, there could have been total annihilation. Barbarity was never the option despite futile attempt by the Vihokhu campers to defend the camp. The lost of more than 30 precious souls is a lost for the Naga nation. But the reactionary group with the head strong leaders sacrifices so many young boys for no cause. Indignantly, to cover up their horrible defeat, they are crying foul against the NSCN using highly fabricated communal language targeting certain tribal group. But it evoked scornful laughter by the public because it defies ground realities.

The holy name of God was again brought into the scene. But if God was with them why they suffered such a huge lost of human lives? This is disturbing to hear and hard to be accepted for anyone who knows the omnipotence of God. Certainly, God cannot be with the forces whose ways are intoxicated with evil plans, and truly, God has forsaken the forces whose hands are still tipping with the blood of the innocent civilians and the devilish plans still at work in their minds.

The game of deceitfulness has not worked and the Nagas are never that naïve to be taken for granted. Limit is there in everything, but when things went too far it became a source of public mockery. And taking the name of God in vain, the wrath may follow in a more horrible way. This is the truth about Vihokhu camp attack and never the other way.

There is no doubt that Indo-Naga struggle crossing sixty years is replete with many battles fought with the enemies. But Naga   Army never considers the Vihokhu camp attack as another battle. Had the Naga Army treated the attack as another battle field the whole inhabitants of the camp could have been wipe out. The mission was just  eviction of the illegal camp and to drive home the point that NSCN would like to do serious  business with ceasefire ground rules but daring to go to any extend to sent the message across that it tolerate no criminalization of ceasefire ground rules. As the demolishment of the Vihokhu Camp show lessons has to be taught but in a very   harsh way involving huge lost of human lives and properties (ill-gotten wealth). It is for the Naga people to judge which side was God on that fateful day and why God has treated the Vihokhu campers so cruelly. On 27th June there organized a huge party in Delhi hosted by the businessman of Dimapur to rejoice the destruction of the Vihokhu camp. Because the Vihokhu camp kidnappers still haunts them.

Oh thy name is Naga but your works are bereft of any Naga spirit that builds up brotherhood and nationhood. Under the stolen name of GPRN/NSCN you continue to spit venom of tribalism. But nothing surprising nevertheless! You are made to exist to serve this purpose. Under the

circumstance you somehow intoxicated yourself and you went extreme, compelling wrath to fall on you at Vihokhu camp, and this is the truth about Vihokhu Camp attack.

Glorifying the names of the brave Tangkhul Army Commanders of Naga Army of NSCN by the so called Defense Ministry-GPRN/NSCN is nothing short of giving them military honor. This is well appreciated. The numerous but fictitious names that are hardly related to any bonafide Naga names are also praise worthy. But such inventive mind should have been utilized somewhere, and productively.

Newspapers are being used to hide the shameless debacle of Vihokhu camp. But unlike this organized gang of criminals making big noise under the stolen name of GPRN/NSCN, the Naga people of today are well developed with shrewd sense of judgment and knowing too well the distinct difference between good and bad, heroes and villains, national   workers and pseudo-national workers and etc. and they will never accept anything that contravene the ground realities. No matter how much the gang members tried to change the colour of the Vihokhu camps’ attack the truth is there, and the truth shall remain. And the truth shall haunt them as long as they exist.

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Press Statement

JULY18, 08

NSCN welcome another group of Home comers from UT-1 .

Sl.No  Name                                   Designation                       N/ Village

1.   Mr. Rangkham                              Leacy                               Vishiyi

2.   Mr. Kikheto chishi                        Leacy                             Hovukhu

3.   Mr. Hutovi Yeptho                       Raju Peyu                       Ghoshito

4.   Mr. Khehuto Chophy                    Raju Peyu                       Ghoshito

5.   Mr. Lanu Ao                                 Raju Peyu                       Dimapur town

6.   Mr. Zakato Achumi                       Khapur                           Ghoshito

7.   Mr. Aron Chishi                           Khapur                           Hovukhu

8.   Mr.  Mughabeto Chishi                  Khapur                           Hovukhu

9.   Mr. Ahoshe Aye                           Khapur                           Niuland town

10. Mr. Mughato Chophy                   Khapur                           Luzheto

11. Mr. Kihovi Chophy                       Khapur                           S. Hetoyi

12. Mr. Bovito Chophy                      Khapur                          Hovukhu

13. Mr. Hotoyi Achumi                       Khapur                           Ghoshito

14. Mr. Vikheto Chophy                     Khapur                           Shikavi

15. Mr. Mr. Ghutoshe Achumi             Captain                           Hovukhu

16. Mr. Tokavi Sumi                          Corporal                         Lotovi

17. Mr. P. John                                  Private                            Homeland

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Press Statement

JULY 18, 08


Regarding my resignation from the NSCN and joining the ‘K’ group three (3) year ago, I have nothing to say  for and against anybody  or authority or this or that. But in a nut shell, I can only say that I went (to the K-Camp), I saw and I discovered and came back. In a win win politics, in order to out do the others much had been spoken and written for and against each other, individually or collectively, rightly or wrongly. But everything had been buried in the last years’ proclamation of the Chairman of NSCN Mr. Isaac Chishi Swu for unity and reconciliation. Let us look forward for united body of Naga National workers for courage and strength and put up a united front for achieving the cherished goal of the Nagas.

Lastly, as a bonafide citizen and as a human being, and under my civic and political obligations, I have had to give a positive response to the call of the place where my little contributions are highly valued.

Dated: Oking

The July 18th ,2008.

A.Z Jami

Senior Naga National worker



July 19,2008.

The Kughalu Mulatuno’s veiled threat of scrapping the peace deal with the center is sounds amusing and but hallow. As far as the ceasefire ground rules are concern, the K-group stands on a very weak ground, and the enforcement of the ground rules is the responsibility of the government of India as per ground rules no.2. This gives unilateral power to the center to decide the fate of the ceasefire. Taking the cue from NSCN, s point of argument with the center the K-group is talking about the center’s lack of sincerity. But the moot point is, what is the proper interpretation of ‘sincerity’ in the context of K-group. Sincerity on what? What is the parameter to test sincerity? No single round of talks during the last eight years of ceasefire. No group worth the salt would have tolerated this indignity. But ironically, there is no grumble and the occasional noise made by K-group least bothered Government of India. Even the noise that was heard was timed and arranged by their Indian intelligence   master like RAW (Research  and Analysis wing) to  give a sort of shaded colour to the meaning of ceasefire in order to maintains some living status to the meaningless or politically hallow ceasefire.

The K-group to talk with India on what?  The government of India cannot be faulted in the eye of the public or Nagas. But at the sometimes,  RAW have tamed and taught  them to keep shouting ‘sovereignty’ to maintain their political image and to keep the people on tenterhooks on the non-existent political agenda. In any political process, political agenda always precede. But in the case of K-group this bears no meaning. They know where they stand and who they are. But the noise on sovereignty is necessary for them to keep them standing for personal survival. In the back ground of this deception on the part of K-group, it is worth recollecting the encounter Mr.Th Muivah had with the then Prime Minister of India Narasimha Rao in paris. When Muivah retorted ” why don’t you talk with the K-people”? Narasimha Rao replied ” why should we talk with them? The issue is with you, the people are with you. This is the reason why we we are in search of you , to seek a solution, to find a solution because you can do that but these people they cannot do. They are in my hand. What can they do, the issue is not with them”. Nonetheless, deception and deceitfulness are the traits that has carried them through.

It is too demeaning for a group with dubious status issuing threat to Neiphiu Rio, Imkongt  L. Imchen  and  J. Changkija. But it only reflect the terrorist mindset of this group. Terrorist they were and terrorism they only knows and practice. Killing innocent civilians they took sadistic pleasure. Abduction for ransom their favorite earning sources. Killing for non payment comes too quick and easy. These are the characteristic style of any terrorist group. And K-group represents the exact face of terrorism in Nagalim.

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Dimapur, July 20 (MExN

Sumi Hoho to excommunicate ‘Unity-violators’


The Sumi Hoho today reaffirmed the November 27 Kuhuboto town resolution that “the Sumi people shall contribute to Naga Unification group only” and that anyone ‘violating’ and ‘sabotaging’ the “unification move shall be expelled and excommunicated from Sumi community.”

The hoho today said to have had an executive meeting on July 19 at Zunheboto. The hoho deliberated on the current situation vis-à-vis the ongoing “peace” and ‘unification’ process. The meeting also took strong exception of the unceasing factional violence, with special reference to the ‘cold-blooded murder of innocent “Sumi and Naga civilians” without any reason. Vehemently condemning the ‘high-handedness’ of the “factions” and its cadres involved, the hoho reiterated the Kuhuboto resolution.

“The resolution adopted on 27th Nov 2007 at Kuhuboto town by the Unification group in the presence of Sumi civil societies and church leaders that ‘the Sumi NSCN functionaries and cadres have vowed in the name of God to unify among ourselves and to work towards bringing total unification among the different Naga underground factions. Those who were present on this day and violates this vow by back-tracking and sabotaging the unification move shall be expelled and excommunicated from Sumi community henceforth’” a statement from the Sumi hoho stated, adding that the “Sumi people shall contribute to Naga unification group only”.

The hoho reiterated its January 15, 2008 resolution that “if and when any unwarranted action is taken against any Sumi leaders and public alike by any underground group or its cadres, the Sumi public shall initiate appropriate measures (s) for deliverance (sic) of justice.”

The meeting unanimously reaffirmed the aforementioned resolutions and put into place a number of actions in pursuance. A core committee has been endorsed to work out ‘modalities’ for implementation of “the expulsion and excommunication resolution of 27th November 2007.” On the matter of the Sumi public contributing only to the “Naga unification group”, the meeting urged the various Sumi organizations and individuals to “uphold this resolution in letter and spirit.”

The hoho also demanded from the NSCN (IM) to produce “valid reasons” for the cold-blooded murder of one Khejeto Chishi, GB of Yesholuto village by one “ss capt.” Akuto of NSCN (IM) and also the murder of other civilians namely one late Lhotoi, an autorickshaw driver of Kukidolong, one Vikugha of Ghotovi village, one Hetovi of S Hetoi village and late one Avito of Khewoto village. Over this matter, the hoho stated to hold protest rallies in all “Sumi-inhabited areas.”



NSCN-IM questions SH

By NPN | Dimapur

NSCN (I-M) has questioned the stand taken by the Sumi Hoho (SH) during the hoho’s executive meeting held on July 19 at Zunheboto on the issue of Naga unification.

The MIP/GPRN in a press release said under the given situation, ambiguous statement would neither serve the purpose nor stabilize the conscience of the Nagas who long for genuine unification. “The travails of life for the Nagas in the post November 23, 2007 has been a traumatic experience, a grim reminder that the unification process of such magnitude cannot be expected to bear fruits when started on shaggy ground and without the backing of moral or ethical conviction,” the NSCN (I-M) said.

The NSCN (I-M) also said the irony of the situation demanded a perspective assessment without prejudice and without being carried away by the wave of vested interests. “Posterity will not forgive us if lessons are not drawn from the unpleasant atmosphere that has overshadowed the Nagas in the name of unification,” it added.

It may be mentioned the Sumi Hoho in its July 19 executive meeting, reaffirmed resolutions adopted earlier with regard to Naga unification. The resolutions include expulsion and excommunication of those Sumis who violated the vow to work towards bringing total unification among the different Naga underground factions and that “the Sumi people shall contribute to Naga Unification group only.”


Itanagar, July 24:

NSCN-K ask for techies

-Outfit writes to village chiefs seeking computer-savvy men.

Atonu Choudhuri.

This is a “situation vacant” advertisement you will not come across in any newspaper.

The militant National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Khaplang) has sent out word seeking “computer-savvy youth” to produce sophisticated web documents and multimedia products to spread its philosophy across the world.

An official of Arunachal Pradesh police said the NSCN (K)’s “commander” in the state has written to at least 15 tribal chiefs of Tirap district asking them to provide “computer-savvy youths to join our ranks”.

“The outfit has asked all the Wangchu chieftains to assist by encouraging educated village youths to land lucrative jobs for helping their cause,” the police official in Tirap said.

The Tirap superintendent of police, C.K. Mein, said: “We came across these letters recently and we are investigating the matter.”

Both factions of the NSCN were among the first rebel groups in the country to use the Internet for effective communication with their sympathisers around the world.

Though connectivity in this part of the country is not state-of-the-art, the rebels can still log on to the Net using the GPRS facility in their mobile phones.

Arunachal Pradesh’s Tirap and Changlang districts — bordering Myanmar — have always been safe havens of many militant groups of the Northeast, including Ulfa and the NDFB of Assam.

A Wangchu chief, contacted by The Telegraph, refused to comment on the issue beyond saying: “We receive many requests from the boys, ranging from food to shelter.”

According to the police official, one “major” K. Ngaimong wrote to the chieftains of 15 villages under Longding circle of Tirap district. The letters were issued recently and the police got wind of those letters after a few days.

The police official said the NSCN (K) has computer engineers and other professionals in its ranks but this was first such recruitment drive asking for “youth with specific requirements”.

In January this year, the NSCN (K) abducted 39 school students from Tirap district within months of sending notices to 13 villages in the district asking for 200 boys to join the outfit.

Later, the outfit said the youths were not abducted but had joined the outfit voluntarily.