June 2008 News

June 2008 News

Press Release

June 1, 2008.

After the 23rd Nov. 2007 when Azheto run away from Hebron along with a handful of Sumi Company taking shelter under the slogan of “unification” a deeper conspiracy was hatched to dethrone DAN government with the active connivance of the Goa Governor Dr.S.C.Jamir. The vulnerable ministers succumbing to the threat withdraw support to DAN government one after the other. The opposition congress with the support of the Ministers who betrayed DAN succeeded in bringing President’s Rules via Congress led UPA government in New Delhi.

In the letter address to Mr. Ato Yeptho, President BJP, Nagaland one Capt. James Naga Commander Kohima Urban Command, Naga Army served an Azha that read “Ever since the formation of DAN in Nagaland, it has been an obstacle for the restoration of peace and unity among the Nagas, therefore you are directed to pull out two of your legislatures from DAN conglomerate and join Congress for the formation of new government.

Failing to comply this Azha and DAN letting to power, you will be held responsible and destined to face dire consequences.

The letter dated 12 March 2008 was written in the letter head of “Government of the People’s Republic of Nagaland”.

Issed by:



Th. Muivah’s Interview with Sanjay Kumar, ANI.

2nd June 2008.

61 Lodhi Estate, New Delhi.

Sanjay: What’s the status of the talks?

Muivah : Well from our side it is going on well but the problem is from the Indian government side. They still find it difficult to take any positive steps. That is the main reason. Of course, somehow we are pulling together along the positive line.

Sanjay: I heard that you are studying Indian constitution?

Muivah: We are examining not only the Indian constitution but the constitutions of many countries. We will examine any constitution carefully, what would be acceptable we will accept and incorporate them in our constitution. And that is the purpose of finding some possible means but it does not mean that we would accept Indian constitution. But it is good to understand it, to examine it and if provisions are there acceptable to us surely we will accept. But those accepted provisions will have to be incorporated in our constitution.

Sanjay: So what are those things which you think that the Indian constitution can accept and what are those demands and what are your areas which you think that the Indian constitution can’t accommodate? Can you specify?

Muivah: At the moment it is hard to say or to point out the positive ones but in general it can be understood that human rights is acceptable. The Indian constitution is in many ways democratic. Yes, we are also democratic; we can accept but the point is that even if we accept what are acceptable to us, our constitution will have to be a separate one. I think you get my point.

Sanjay: So you want a separate constitution for yourself and a separate constitution for India but this separate constitution does not mean sovereignty for you, you are willing to work in the broader framework, if I understand, right?

Muivah: You know all the countries all the nations here on earth are inter-dependent. From that perspective if we are to talk, the terms sovereignty is limited everywhere not only to the Nagas or to any particular nations. So the term sovereignty should be interpreted from this perspective and in the end what can be best said is that the fate of the Nagas will have to be decided by the Nagas and that is sovereignty to us. But can we be totally independent of our neighbors? It is not possible because we are living in a world where there is inter dependence so we have a lot to depend on India and vice versa. India may also depend on us too.

Sanjay : Yes, basically if I understand in a common person’s language you are willing to be part of India, but in a broader framework. You don’t want an independent nation. You are willing to be a part of this broader framework, broader federal structure for India.

Muivah: At the moment that question does not arise. It is no compulsion on the part of the Nagas to be a part of the Indian union. It is not the choice of the Naga people; neither can it be the historical basis for the Nagas to do so? And if it is so, of course, you cannot expect us to be a part or to become a part of the Indian nation? It is a big question.

Sanjay: So you are very much open to this idea of being part of Indian federal structure. Simple answer.

Muivah:  We can be a part of each other in the sense that a federation of India on one side and Nagalim on the other working out clearly the type of relationship between the two. That sort of steps may be positive.

Sanjay : So the demand of the NSCN is to create an independent nation? I think you are willing according to the present world reality you are adjusting your earlier demand of independence to some sort of federal solutions.

Muivah : No, no, no, that question doesn’t arise. You know Nagas have been living as an independent people and that is our history, that historical facts cannot be questioned. So we are not demanding from India our rights. Our rights belong to us and we stand for that.  But if there can be any adjustment or an understanding that can be arrived at between India and the Nagas, we will not hesitate to do that provided it does not entail the loss of the right of the Naga people to decide their own future. I think you understand me.

Sanjay :  What’s the government’s response? You have been engaging the government for the last more than ten years. How sincere and how are they buying time or just like you think that they are sincere in holding and engaging you and finding a solution to this problem?

Muivah : The point is that from the Indian side they don’t have the political will to take positive steps. I don’t want to say further than this whether they are sincere or not that is a different issue again. But do they have the political will to solve the problem? I don’t see that in them.

Sanjay : And also your organization NSCN (IM) is like you have so many other factions who also claim to represent Nagas and they are fighting with you that also affecting your ability and standing amongst the Nagas. Does it affect you?

Muivah: Yes, in some ways you are right but you know different groups cannot be ruled out and it is not an exception to the Nagas; it is natural in the course of any revolution but the point is that you know traitors cannot influence the course of history. It is the people who would decide their destiny every where and that is the case. Yes, there may be some groups of people who claim that they represent the people and they represent the cause, but this had been settled. When we were approached by the Indian government during Prime Minister Narashimha Rao’s time and in the talks there in Paris, I personally told him, ‘Mr Prime Minister, your government is there and we respect that, why don’t you talk with NNC? Why don’t you talk with the K (Khaplang) people? We will not stand in the way when you talk with them, but we will not be a party to it’. The Prime Minister replied, ‘why should we talk with them? The issue is not with them; the issue is with you; the people are with you. This is the reason why we are in search of you to seek a solution, to find a solution because you can do that but these people cannot do. They are in my hand; what can they do? The issue is not with them’. So, you know, from that you can very well understand.

Sanjay: But then the recent factional clashes sir in Nagaland has really disturbed the people and the people are coming out against all groups whether it is IM, whether unification whether it’s a K (Khaplang) group people are coming on the streets. Does that worry you?

Muivah: You know, naturally people wouldn’t like to see Nagas fighting among themselves, that is the common sense. Let them have their expression but one has to get down to the ground realities. What is the reason over which these people are fighting against one another? That is the very point.

Sanjay: Is the reason like you all the groups want to dominate the trading market?

Muivah : No, no, no, that question does not arise. If there is any problem I would rather say there must be some reasons making them necessary to take their own course. Ok, you know government of India has made their position very clear. They are not going to talk with this people because the issue is not with them, why? Because NNC surrendered in the Shillong Accord. Is it the time for the government of India to talk with the NNC for the second time? I don’t think so. Of course if they have the determination or the policy to do like that again we have nothing to say. Do you expect the government of India to have accord like the Shillong Accord for the second time? I don’t think India government would go for that. Ok, this time we have heard Mr Azheto’s group coming up. They said, “We are for unification” and ran away. They occupied a portion near Dimapur. Government of India declared: ‘They are illegal, we don’t recognize them’. See those illegal people or those people who are not recognized as a party or a genuine party even by the government of India cannot be taken into consideration when it comes to talk about the issue because it represents the will of the people. How can Azheto and other groups claim that they represent the people? How can they claim that? It is simply not possible because they have committed defection, they have defected themselves from the mainline. So Naga people will have no regards for them.

Sanjay: They say that they also represent the wills of the Naga people; you also claim that you represent the real wills of the Naga people.

Muivah : Ok, let me put you a question. Nagas have their history. NNC was the only authentic organization of the nation and all of us were party to it, I mean member of it. Unfortunately they sold out the right of the nation in the Shillong Accord and nobody can deny it. Am I to accept the Shillong Accord for the sake of unity? Do you think that it is the will of the people, the choice of the people? No, then I have to deny it I have to condemn it. It is not the question of faction, but who is right and who is wrong? This is the question? So superficially, there may be noises claiming this and that but when we get down to the ground realities you will know the reality.

Sanjay: You are now an elderly statesman in the Nagas dominated areas whole Nagalim. Are you going to do something to stop all these factional clashes? What do you think should be done and what are the steps NSCN (IM) will take to stop these factional clashes because so many lives get lost, live is getting disturbed in Nagaland that disturbs you? What are the steps you are going to do?

Muivah :  We will try to understand everyone but not at the expense of national rights. I will not try to please anyone at the expense of national rights. That is our philosophy. That is the reality behind our political philosophy.

Sanjay: They blame that you start these factional clashes and you said that they don’t represent that. Is this war between you suffering? How are you going to adjust like you are accountable to the people finally and you must also be aware of the people’s mood. The younger generation’s mood has changed; they don’t want these things to happen any longer.

Muivah: That is general argument but for me I am a revolutionary. I used to get down to the ground realities; I don’t fly in the sky. Shillong Accord was condemned by whom? By the people by us and so we represent the people. Is there anything wrong? No, there is no wrong. Faction here and faction there may be there but who condemn the Shillong Accord? Who saved the cause of the Nation? By Azheto or by whom? These are noises in the air and in the thin air they will vanish. So we have to see to it that the reality of the ground is understood.

Sanjay: Recently one more faction came up this United Naga People’s Council in Senapati districts. They say that they also break away from NSCN (IM).

Muivah: Yes let them go away. That’s alright if they don’t want to stand for the nation let them go away. We don’t mind, we don’t bother about them. They may create situations; let it be, but the point is, are they standing for the national rights?

Sanjay: But sir, the division among the Nagas you think it is good for the Naga society in general.

Muivah: Yes you are right. We don’t want ourselves to be divided. There is no doubt about it but you know your aims, your views supposing are different from those of mine, naturally we are divided. Now we are living in the world of ideas; if your interpretation of the issue is different from that of mine, naturally both of us cannot be united. The question of unity does not arise there. The question of who is right, who is upholding the historical rights of the Nagas arises. Defectors are there, traitors are there and these people cannot be termed equal with us. Traitors are traitors, defectors are defectors. Those who are really standing for the cause, we have to value that. This is the call of the world in any case of revolutionary struggle.

Sanjay: Recently there was this news item that Chairman Isak Chishi Swu had a telephonic conversation with Mr Khaplang. You agree that that is true? And if you say yes what is the motive/purpose behind this engagement.

Muivah: It is no wrong on the part of any Naga leaders to seek understanding with anyone. If they can understand each other well and good but their understanding will be on what? That is the main issue. But it’s no wrong that I seek understanding with others.

Sanjay: So what transpires? What do you discuss? What Chairman Mr. Swu discussed with Mr. Khaplang?

Muivah: I think they have understood to some extent but just over telephonic conversations for one time is not sufficient to bring about correct understanding between them.

Sanjay: But the thing is that for the first time after 1988, you establish contact with them. That’s a historical thing. How you want the people to know why you establish contact and what’s the motive and what force you to? Are you having a different strategy?

Muivah: The point is that Mr. Khaplang had made his position clear stating that the so called unification is not for unification. They simply claim that they stand for unification but in reality they are not and so we have nothing to do with them. That is the point he has already made clear. So, actually if it is so, then there is possibility between us to understand together or to come closer. That should be done.

Sanjay: Are you thinking of working together in future or coming in together in future the K group and IM group? Should I visualize that in the near future both of you are going to work together for Naga cause.

Muivah: It is hard to say but it is no wrong for one to expect something positive.  But the point I would like to stress is that if we can come to the very point that we have to stand for the right of the Nagas yes, it is possible.

Sanjay: So you don’t deny that, in the future you can come together and some sort of unification between these two factions possible, like Isak Chishi Swu, Thuingaleng Muivah and Mr Khaplang sitting together one day. Do you visualize that possibility, the old friends coming together?

Muivah:  Well towards that end naturally they may be talking over the phone but it is hard to say. If Mr. Khaplang or anyone can keep themselves standing their own ground there is possibility among the Nagas or even between us.

Sanjay: I didn’t get your point. What do you expect from them?

Muivah: If I allow myself to be used by our adversaries there can be no unity. But if I can prove myself that I am standing my own ground, of course, you can understand me Khaplang can understand me. There is possibility of coming closer to each other. But so long as supposing I allow myself to be used by my adversaries Mr. Khaplang can never come to me. Likewise so long as Mr Khaplang entertains himself to the desire of the adversaries how could you expect me to come very close to him? It’s not possible. You know, in practical politics things are not easily reasoned out.

Sanjay: So you are going to like in coming days some more telephonic conversation and might be one to one meeting possible visualized?

Muivah: Well, that cannot be ruled out.

Sanjay: Not ruling out future contact with Mr. Khaplang faction and the process of some sort of unification and understanding.

Muivah: Yes, you are right.

Sanjay: It is the longest movement in the history of the world, I think more than 50 years now. Nepal Maoist fought they won and they are going to form the government. Your movement has been still going on. What future do you see?

Muivah: You know Nagas will have to go on fighting for their rights because they cannot afford to exist themselves selling out their rights. This is a hard reality. So we will have to go on resisting but if there is any nation including India to understand us well and good that we can. This is the reason why we have come so far talking with the government of India. In the past, Roy Choudhury the then Commander in Chief of the Indian Armed Forces said, ‘Military solution is not possible’. That very statement convinced us. Well they have come to realize that solution is not in the military might but in political talks. So we have come to talk with the government of India. How many positive steps we have taken, see?

Sanjay : Last time when I met you, sir, you were a bit angry. There was lots of angst in you. You talk about ok if the situation comes to that part we are willing to get back to the jungle also and take up our guns. You are mellowed this time not that competive should I know the signal I should understand you.

Muivah : If I am conditioned or if I am compelled to take up my guns I have to because I cannot be passive to any imposition on me; I have to resist but if government of India would not choose to take up arms and fight against the Nagas why should we go and pick up arms and fight against them. Some days back when I met him (Prime Minister) he said, ‘Mr. Muivah we must seek peaceful solution and solution must be honorable, acceptable to both taking into consideration the right of both the parties’. This is what he assured. Last time also when we met him for the first time here in 2005 he said the same thing. If it is so, why should we take up arms? You know, that would be not wise.

Sanjay: So you are also very optimistic that peaceful solution can be found for this Naga problem?

Muivah: Yes, that is the expectation we had before but from the Indian government side they want to impose their constitution on us. So we have told them nothing doing. Why, because we will not accept any imposition on us; we will accept any solution that is honorable to both.

Sanjay: They say that you are seeking some sort of arrangement like Jammu & Kashmir. They have a separate constitution but at the same time they are very much part of the Indian Union.

Muivah: No, these things are not that easy. You know, the possibility of honorable solution could be expected only when we work and talk on the basis of historical facts. Then of course, Nagas and Indians can come very close to each other. How much or how far that I cannot say at the moment, but this is what we want.

Sanjay: People in Nagaland and Manipur and other places are so worried about this extortion thing they find that their live is held and they blame to only the Naga factional leaders and the factional groups. Like different factional groups imposing different taxes on common people.

Muivah: I think people are right when they complain. People are right because they cannot afford to give at the same time they find it difficult to oppose anyone also because those people are with arms, so we understand their difficulties. But unfortunately, sometimes people will have to bear such circumstances.

Sanjay: They blame you also and that, IM group came and take tax I have evidence on TV.

Muivah: We are a government. We have the right to levy taxes from the people. There is no doubt about it.

Sanjay: They don’t say taxes they say extortion.

Muivah: No, no, no, extortion will be a different story; some bad elements may do that. For that they may blame us. As a government, if I am to talk, we use to collect taxes and nothing more than that.

Sanjay: What will be your message to the younger generation?

Muivah : We want to leave an honorable history for the younger generation to inherit. And that is the life mission because their future is most precious to me, their freedom is most precious to me. This is my message.

Sanjay: You also feel that violence is not a solution.

Muivah: Violence is not the solution of course but if it is imposed on us, then we will take up arms; there is no other way. Do you remember what Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘Nagas have every right to be independent, there should be no fighting, no blood shedding’ that is what he said. But Nehru started boasting himself and says that, ‘it will be a matter of few days for the Indian Armed Forces to crush the Nagas’ when Nagas were approaching for peaceful solution. So, situation had been created and it has come up to this day. Not by the Nagas but by the Indian big shots. We cannot accept this kind of terms and imposition on us. Naga history is Naga history; it is not given by the Indians. No, you have your history and I respect your history. Do you respect our history? You don’t respect. This is the problem.

Sanjay: But despite that you are very optimistic that only peace is the way?

Muivah: Yes, I hope in peaceful solution but it requires much effort from both sides.

Sanjay: Thank you sir.

Muivah : Thank you



June 2, 2008.

The restlessness and discomfort of Meitei underground groups in the backdrop of the NSCN-Government of India seriousness in pushing forward the Indo-Naga peace process against all odds, is no longer an inside friction but It is exploding into the surface taking the form of a Naga nomenclature but using fictitious Naga names with high sound ranks and titles. Fictitious as the UNPC is, the announcement through the local press is all the more fictitious when the two professed leaders appeared in camera in typical Meitei attire. No eyes, no face, no mouth and no nose. Everything was camouflaged in the manner that smack of deception and vulgarity. The cruel deception was self revealing and it boomerang within no time when no names of non-existent Naga Army official of NSCN was used to give a semblance of credibility to UNPC’s claim of having been formed by NSCN defectors. Within no time all the Naga Civil societies rose up in one voice to condemn the UPNC and the persons behind the move, and out rightly rejected the fake organization sending the message across that Nagas have nothing to do with UNPC.

Interestingly, the next move of UNPC that was hurriedly enforced show off it true color, when it start serving demand notes to all the departments of Manipur Government. And warning the confused department that henceforth no payment should be made to the NSCN. But in the eyes of Naga people this very characteristic styles of functioning prove beyond doubt that UNPC is nothing but mercenary or commercial force. Significantly, as swift as the way UNPC came into being the rejection by the Naga people came swifter as demanded by the situation. A real defeat for the Meiteis plan of creating confusion among the Naga people.

In the practical sense, it was but a make-believe panic reactionary force without physical existence with Meiteis faking Naga organization. It was a form without substance that matters big enough only for the local press. And there ends the chapter for the ghost-like appearance of UNPC through the local press.

Issued by MIP/GPRN


2nd JUNE 2008

Press Release

MIP/GPRN:2nd. Lt. Supong Ao of Naga Army and his auto driver was shot dead today by Mulatuno-Ketovi group gang near the Bible Society of India, Purana Bazaar. They were earlier abducted from Supong uncle’s residence at Naga Cemetery, Dimapur. Mr. Supong is from Nokpu village, Mokokchung District, Nagaland


June 3rd 2008.



This is response to the statement made by highly placed official of the Government of India published through R.Dutta Choudhury in the Assam tribune on May 14,2008 on the position of Indo-Naga peace process.

Be it informed that at no point of time, NSCN and the Government of India has ever agreed to work out solution within the parameter of India constitution. NSCN has repeatedly said that Indian Constitution in no solution to the Indo-Naga political issue. It is a political issue, not constitutional. That’s why from the very outset, it was mutually agreed upon that the talks will be held on the basis of without condition, at the Prime Minister level and in third countries.

The NSCN leadership has also made it clear that Nagas are not demanding sovereignty from India or any other countries. The sovereignty of a people is not a commodity to be given or taken away by any power. Both the parties subscribe to the concept that sovereignty is with the people. Sovereignty of the Indians lies with the Indian people. And there should be no doubt about it that sovereignty of the Nagas lies with Naga people. Ours is a case of invasion and we are defending our sovereignty against the aggressors. We will continue to do so in the future too.

We all know that the global political problems are settled through negotiation. We believe in negotiated settlement. The eleven years long negotiations would be only wastage of time, money and labor if the talks were meant for acceptance the Indian constitution. There is no denying that the talks have been going on in the spirit of working out mutually acceptable solution. But we are opposed to imposition of one’s will upon the other.

The informal discussion between TH.Muivah, Ato Kilonser, Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim and Mr.MK.Narayanan, Special National Secretary Advisor to the Prime Minister of India was confined to the explosive situation in Nagalim particularly in Dimapur only.

Comparative study of the world constitutions including that of the Indians and other relevant agreements and accord papers of the nascent states for working out the best acceptable solution should not be misconstrued. It is so because we want to be apart of solution, not problem.

We are strongly opposed to the logic of demanding land from others. Nagas have no reason and right to demand land from India or any other countries. The Nagas have their own right to demand land and they have been living in their own land since time immemorial. People and land are inseparable. Nagalim is the priceless inheritance of the present Nagas from their fathers. Nagalim is our-everything and no power can take it away from us.

Since it is Indo-Naga political issue, we are talking with the Government of India. The Nagas have no issue to talk with others. Therefore, it is un-conditional and irrelevant to talk with others out of context, while the issue is being discussed between two rightful parties.

Viewing from the context of the present situation people are bound to think that Government of India is trying to backtrack the mutually agreed terms of talks by using anti-Naga people’s elements and Indian mass media. The publication of the Assam tribune’s concocted versions is a revelation of wicked and treacherous policy to impose the will of India upon the Nagas.

But for the NSCN, we are deeply committed to negotiated settlement if war is not imposed on us. We will abide by our commitment.




New Delhi, June 3:

Naga faction vows to continue fight against New Delhi

From ANI

National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) General Secretary Thuingaleng Muivah has said the group would keep up its agitation as no alternative solution was in sight.

“Nagas will have to go on fighting for their rights. This is a hard reality. So, we will have to go on resisting,” Thuingaleng Muivah told Asia News International in an interview.

Muivah said the NSCN (IM) would not accept unilateral imposition of any agenda.

“The government sought to impose their constitution on us. We will not accept any imposition on us. We will accept any solution that is honorable to both,” he said.

He said both the sides would have to work out a federal relationship with each other for any lasting peace.

“We can be a part of each other in the sense a federation of India on one side and Nagaland on the other working out a clearly a kind of relationship between the two,” he said.

The NSCN-IM leaders and Indian officials have met more than 50 times over the past ten years to end the conflict.

The NSCN split into two factions in the late 1980s and the breakaway group, NSCN (Khaplang) claims to be backed by the government.

The two groups regularly fight against each other, but in recent months the Khaplang group had the upper hand, in which dozens of militants from either side have been killed.


Kohima, June 3 (UNI):

Kumawat is neew CFMG and CFSB Chairman

In the backdrop of unabated inter-factional clashes in Nagaland, the Centre has appointed M L Kumawat, Special Secretary (Internal Security) of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) as chairman of the Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG) and Ceasefire Supervisory Board (CFSB). Official sources said here today that previous Chairman Lt General (Retd) R V Kulkarni was relieved on May 31. Kumawat, who took over charge in New Delhi as the new Chairman of the CFMG on June one, was yet to arrive in Nagaland.

According to highly places sources, “Gen Kulkarni has miserably failed to stop the inter-factional clashes and implement the agreed Ceasefire Ground Rules (CFGR) in the state, for which the MHA has replaced him by Mr Kumawat.”  Sources said, “The appointment of MHA officer as the chairman of the CFMG and CFSB is likely to change the entire insurgency scenario and lead towards a peaceful atmosphere in this decades-long insurgency-affected state.”

Now, Kumawat would be the chairman of the CFMG with the NSCN-IM and the CFSB with the NSCN-K. The CFMG and CFSB had been created by the Union Government to monitor the implementation of the agreed CFGR with the Centre during the ceasefire agreements with NSCN-IM in 1997 and with NSCN-K in 2001.


Press Release

June 4, 2008.

At a time when the socio-political scenario is passing through a very critical period, the role of the press become all the more important when the print media is carried away by the situation and went overboard in its reporting it could upset the whole fabric of journalism with damaging  blow to the factual picture of the issue in  question. NSCN comes under pressure when the Calcutta based ‘The Telegraph’ 22nd May provoked unwarranted and undesirable   flare-up of tension affecting the image of certain tribal group in Manipur. The Telegraph reported that it was Poumai people who have formed the already dainted UNPC quoting Brig. Phungthing Shimrang,  Convenor, Ceasefire Monitoring Cell. Unbecoming of the press obligation to issue corrigendum   for the publication of fabricated statement, the paper never went beyond giving verbal word that it will be rectified. According to Brig, Shimrang such statement was never said by him to the Telegraph reporter. “Sensationalizing the UNPC issued is highly regretted”- Shimrang. Strongly reacting to the Kohima based reporter Shimrang said “This is not the time to create such confusion”. He blame the reporter for going overboard, charging him that he will be held responsible for messing up the issue. In upholding the national principle NSCN holds each tribe equally responsible and no tribe is undermined in this aspect under any situation. Brig Shimrang has been playing a facilitating role to be bring better understanding among the different communities that constitute Naga family.

In this context   NSCN  appeal to the press to be cautions while reporting on  sensitive issue, and never put words into somebody’s mouth to magnify news. This is not a good practice among the press.

Issue by:



Press Release

June 5, 2008.

To target innocent civilians after meeting disastrous failure in the battle fields is unwarranted and against human rights and it will not go on tolerating such reckless targeting of innocent civilians. The Ao National Workers of NSCN is hurt beyond measure when Among Ao, son of Longriluba of Aonokpu Village was killed in such manner. Such headstrong policy where terror is used to settle score in the name of failure in their so-called Unification will only provoke the whole Nagas against this socio- political evil that has shown its ugly heads in the person of Azheto Chophy and his company, now amalgamated with Khaplang group. History is being tarnished once again by this gang, and may be, the misfortune faced by the gang in the battle fields against NSCN forces is a sign of God’s displeasure against this Socio-Political monster.

Issued by:

Ao National Workers of NSCN


Dimapur | June 6 :

UG cadre “ flushed out from Dimapur areas”

The Dimapur District Co-ordination Group assisted by around 800 armed police, IRB and  Assam Rifles personnel today conducted a thirteen-hour ‘flush out’ exercise in different colonies of Dimapur town and also in the nearby villages where presence of armed underground cadres were reported. The cadres were forced out from the civilian areas.

Today’s exercise comes in the wake of the government’s directive to the underground cadres to vacate civilian areas by June 10 and similarly, the directive from the Dimapur administration to the armed cadres to leave public places within 24 hours, on June 4.

Dimapur Deputy Commissioner Maongwati Aier informing that the ‘flush out’ started from around 5 am, said that the DDCG even forced out armed underground cadres from Showuba, Seithikima and Xhelhozhe villages. These areas have witnessed continuous factional fighting, the latest being the June 4 incident where 12 cadres were killed.

Claiming the exercise was ‘very successful,’ Maongwati Aier said that through the ‘flush out’ exercise, a message that the town and villages are not places for armed undergrounds to stay and that the cadres should stay in their own designated camps, has been sent out. He also said some incriminating documents, uniforms, arms and ammunitions were also recovered during the raids.

The DC informed that armed cadres from Dimapur town and its adjoining areas have been ‘flushed out’ and added that security forces will be now stationed at Wungram colony and Showuba areas. Concerning outskirt areas, Aier disclosed that a number of armed “Unification” and NSCN (IM) cadres camping in the Seithikima, Xhelozhe and Showuba sides, have been evicted. He further added that four companies of IRB personnel have been stationed in the said area and they will camp there until situation normalizes.

The administration also informed that the coordination group visited Patkai Christian College and checked the hostels especially men’s hostels which have around 500 odd boarders. The visit gains significance since the “NSCN/GPRN” had on several occasions alleged that Patkai Christian College is sheltering NSCN (IM) cadres inside the college campus. The DC said to have advised the principal of the college not to allow any visitors into the hostels.

The “flush out” which was carried out very peacefully, however, some tense moments at Wungrum colony was experienced. This resulted in a nearly 7-hour standoff between the DDCG and the NSCN (IM). The Deputy Commissioner said that he had a “face-to-face” talk with the “deputy commander-in-chief” of the NSCN (IM) armed wing. After a lengthy discussion, the “deputy c-in-c” agreed to vacate the area on the condition that the district administration provides full security to the public living in the colony. The administration agreed to this.

The DC also disclosed that a company of IRB personnel will be stationed in the colony to ensure that young children, womenfolk and the innocent public are protected. It may be recalled that Wungrum colony in April, 2007 was razed down by a mob. Besides, the areas, the District Co-ordination Committee led by Dimapur DC and SP assisted by GBs and DBs forced out cadres from Burma Camp, Borlengri, Khermahal, Middle Point and Kushiabill.



Ministry of Information & Publicity

Press Release

06th June, 2008

Interestingly, it has come to the notice of NSCN that there is discrimination and dishonor on the part of NSCN when faced with death in the battle fields. This wild allegation has come from the public on the death of Corpl. Viloto, son of Yetoshe and Hesheli, Shenakusa village. NSCN was accused that in the hour of death its own cadre was left behind in the field. But the truth has to be seen to dispel the allegation that is now seen to be smeared campaign against NSCN. Corpl. Viloto is not a member of NSCN. He is a bonifide member of Khaplang as testified by the condolence message of Azheto, Mulatuno and Kitovi gang giving the lists of the twelve slain cadres which includes Corpl. Viloto. Moreover with God’s grace there is no casualty from the NSCN side, with the exception of one minor injury.

There is no point in hurling abuses against NSCN, and act of terrorism should be attributed to the very gang who practices in the most inhuman and barbaric manner killing innocent civilians and burning of civilian houses.

Issued by:



06 June, 2008 Asia News International

New Delhi | June 6 :

Muivah talks tough on Naga sovereignty

Despite the splitting of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isac-Muivah) or NSCN(IM) in the last six months and despite growing disenchantment of Nagas with violence, the General Secretary of the outfit, Thuingaleng Muivah continues to talk tough on the issue of sovereignty.

Camping in Delhi for the last one month and studying the various constitutions of the world to find a solution to the five-decade-old Naga problem, the veteran insurgent leader, who likes to call himself “revolutionary”, termed the ongoing talks between the Centre and the NSCN (IM) as “positive” but the problem is that from the Indian government’s side, they still find it difficult to take any bold step”.

In an exclusive interview with ANI Muivah underlined his ideas of solution and what type of arrangement he is looking for. “We are examining not only the constitution of India but the constitution of many other countries. When we are examining any constitution, what would be acceptable we would incorporate them in our constitution”, asserted the NSCN (IM) General Secretary. When asked specifically whether he is looking for some arrangement within the Indian constitution since his team is going through it, Muivah defiantly said “no’. “The constitution of India in many ways is democratic. Yes, we are also democratic, we can accept, but the point is that we will accept, what is acceptable to us. You know, our constitution has to be a separate one,” said Muivah.

He further added “all the nations on earth are interdependent so the term sovereignty should be interpreted from this perspective and in the end what can be best said is that the fate of the Nagas will have to be decided by the Nagas only. And that is sovereignty to us, but can we be totally independent of our neighbours, it is not possible because we are living in the world which is interdependent, so we have a lot to depend on India and at the same time India on us”.

But political analysts and Nagaland watcher terms Muivah’s insistence on “interdependence” as “rigid” and “cut off from the prevailing ground realities in Nagaland”. “NSCN(IM) is reiterating its old positions and hiding the fact that Naga struggle is a fractured struggle and IM does not represent the will of the people of all the Nagas and aspirations of the new generations. The two divisions in the outfit since November last year reinforce this point”, said Bibhu Prasad Routary, Research Fellow, Institute for Conflict Management, New Delhi.

Citing the example of the recent Assembly elections in Nagaland Routary underlines the mood and temperament of the people of Nagaland. “Voting pattern in Nagaland is like any other states in India, and despite the threat from the insurgent groups people took part in the democratic process overwhelmingly. If IM does not realize the ground realities they will be depleted they can go on prolonging the movement and that way it will strengthen the hands of the Indian government and the time will come when NSCN (IM) will not be in a position to bargain anything”, asserts Bibhu Prasad Routary, who has been doing extensive research on the North East for the last five years. NSCN (IM) has been talks with the central government since 1997 when the outfit signed a ceasefire agreement with the government.


A Naga International Support Center , NISC,

A human rights organization

Press Release

Amsterdam, June 6 2008

Congratulations to the Government of India, GOI, for winning the war against the Naga Peoples of Nagalim

( between India and Burma/Myanmar divided Naga Homeland)

After more than a decade of ceasefire and fruitless peace talks the great divide and rule policy has paid off handsomely. Instead of fighting against and negotiating with the Government of India, Nagas are killing each other. As the only thing left for the prestigious GOI do is  to clean up the rubble, the Naga International Support Center, NISC, congratulates the Government of India, GOI, with its victory over the Naga Peoples.

No doubt overjoyed while celebrating your success the GOI might be wise to reflect on what critics are will comment for their sharp remarks could have national and international political impact. From this long awaited victory, more than five decades of incessant warfare, here are some points on what the GOI might expect:

1 –   With an estimated 200.000 of soldiers it took the GOI nearly 60 years to subdue Nagalim, an approximate four million strong nation over the years this alone has cost the Indian People billions of rupees. No doubt money well spent The GOI will state, but what about the Indian soldiers who lost their lives? NISC is sure that you will be held accountable for those two matters alone. After all you’re fuming critics will sat that in a democracy elected leaders are accountable to the people. Yet, the thousands of fallen soldiers and the astronomous amount of money spent to win this war, was not accounted for. And the GOI knows it well because it was first Prime Minister Jawharlal Nehru who waged against the Nagas. Could the GOI be afraid if  both body count and  expenditure of this futile war were public? Now that the war is won we sure the GOI find it money well spent

–        Then – killing is killing and through there is no excuse for killing other human beings, but the GOI will say it was a war and lest our own people and solders would get desperate the Armed Forces Special Powers act was needed to curtail unwilling Nagas,. True of course yet the GOI was fully aware this dreadfully inhumane act makes a mockery out of the self professed greatest democracy.

–         Also – now that the GOI won the war what will it do with all those people it bought with lots of money and gave fake power; the power of  prestige and the power the gun? So much killing has been done  – the Armed Forces wiped out an estimated 300.000 Nagas, women, children, old people and so not just soldiers – it could be called genocide.

–     As India becomes economically more important this terror act could become known throughout the world and could be requested to explain its celebrations to other nations. The GOI realizing it is vulnerable in this respect as the international press will criticize cover up stories. And worse, not by a long shot that’s all: fact finding missions will be sent out to find out what the GOI has done over the years and much will be uncovered. And because the GOI aspires to play a grand role in the world it will be hard to refuse investigators, yet it knows they will bare the misdeeds done spanning decades.

–          And  – now that the GOI is close to give Nagas the final knock out, more than ever the critics will be all over it. Why? Because killing is killing and in obscurity but under its direction this senseless killing went on for sixty years. And, having sacrificed your fellow Indians, Soldiers and Nagas, a people not allowed to  enjoy their right to self determination, inevitably leads to a deep dent in your prestigious government.

So, once more NISC congratulates the Government of India for its long breath in skillfully dividing the Nagas so they could kill each other;

Nagas history has come full circle?

Bringing the good news of the bible Americans missionaries came to the Nagas. The British. already present, allowed them do that because, compared to their own way of killing adversaries, they abhorred Naga warfare. ‘Headhunting’ as they called was outlawed and ultimately stopped. But, did the British stop killing? No, killing continued but British punishment to that effect was lawful and what Nagas did was not. Later, in 1956, the courageous left their Christianized brothers and sisters as they were told to vacate Nagaland. Independent India believed the Americans had set the Nagas up to revolt against the Union of India. The Americans left and, once back home and safe, did not cry out about the genocide which was going on in obscurity.

Again, congratulations on a job well done right? One wonders how the GOI could accomplish victory  where its militarily failed miserably. Before the ceasefire agreement even its own generals lamented that  ‘the only way to win the war was to annihilate all Nagas’ and so that  “this was not a matter of ‘law and order’ but a ‘political’ matter which could only be solved negotiations.

Realizing the war could not be won militarily, the humanitarian fall out could have done the Government of India in, the GOI hatched and sharpened the divide and rule plan. This contours of this plan became visible with the Shillong Accord. And now, since 1975 but more so during 11 years of ceasefire the once so united Nagas fight each other. They forgot to  fight for their rights which the GOI has denied them for so long, their right to live as they wish as a people.

–          Since this has been planned for a long time and the ‘situation’ has become favorable for he Government of India, NISC urges the GOI to immediately stop the killing!

To the GOI Nagas are Indians and so in spite of the joy of victory it experiences killing is still killing, a civilized, a respectable nation will do everything necessary to stop the inhumanity. More so from its own point of view this kind of killing does not serve any purpose anymore. Or, is it that the aftermath of this war is feared? Is it fear that someone will open this box of Pandora? Of course,  it is one thing to be cunning and win the war but another to stop people from killing each other. Again, Killings are killings and remain killings and cannot ne justified, whatever the reason

Congratulations to the Government of India. May you have enough strength to weather the storms ahead.


Kohima | June 7 :

Kumawat’s appointment ‘Unilateral decision of GOI’

S. Daiho Mao

The recent appointment of ML Kumawat, Special Secretary (Internal Security) Ministry of Home Affairs as chairman of both the Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG) and Ceasefire Supervisory Board (CFSB) by replacing Lt .Gen. Retd RV Kulkarni, seems to have not been received well by both the Government of Nagaland and NSCN-IM.

Both the state government and the Naga outfit has expressed reservations on the appointment of Kumawat as a ‘unilateral decision of the Government of India’. The Ministry of Home Affairs has taken unilateral decision in appointing Kumawat as new chairman without even consulting the state government, Home Minister Imkong L Imchen said. He wondered whether the new chairman would be stationed in Kohima or ‘stay in Delhi and monitor things.’

Similarly, the NSCN-IM has expressed strong reservation. “We’ve made our stand very clear to the GoI”, said “brig.” Phungthing Shimrang, convener of the Ceasefire Monitoring Cell, NSCN-IM. “In the past, any changes to be made was done through mutual understanding and consultation with both the parties involved, but the NSCN-IM was not informed or consulted in the appointment of the new chairman,” the NSCN-IM convenor stated with distaste.

The NSCN headed by SS Khaplang and now known as “NSCN/GPRN”, however seems to be a little more receptive to the appointment of the new chairman. Member of the Ceasefire Supervisory Cell, Hokato Vusshe when contacted said that the GoI may have taken the decision to replace General Kulkarni as demanded by his organization. Hokato however said that GoI had not consulted or pre-informed on the new appointment. On the other hand, Hokato asserted that if Kumawat had replaced Kulkarni, he must be stationed in Kohima and monitor state of affairs. “I don’t think by sitting in Delhi, he can monitor the situation” he said.

Meanwhile, outgoing chairman Lt. Gen (Retd) R.V. Kulkarni said he came to Nagaland for the sake of the people and that he had great affection of them. “The time I stayed has bound me”, Kulkarni said and admitted to having been in good contact and association with different sections of the Naga people as well as the underground factions.

On what role he would play on the Naga issue after been relieved of his assignment as chairman of the CFMG and CFSB as he already had very close association with the Nagas, he simply said “it would be with great interest, I’ll be watching”. Gen Kulkarni who was relieved of his assignment said to leave Nagaland on June 12 next.

M.L. Kumawat took over as Special Secretary (Internal Security) in the Ministry of Home Affairs on February 23, 2007. Kumawat, a 1972 batch Andhra Pradesh cadre IPS officer, was posted as Additional Director General in the Border Security Force prior to his stint as Special Secretary (Internal Security).


Press Release

7th June 08

The marauding reactionary force of Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi  kill group another NSCNmember, Mr. Kavito Sumi s/o Pukhazhe of Hetoi village  at Super Market. He is Rajau-Peyu of UT-1.

The NSCN and the Naga nation condole his death. Such untimely death at the hands of this socio-political evil will go down in the history, but the honour shall go with Kavito for standing on the side that dared to face the anti-Naga reactionary forces, till the last.  The Nation also share the grief and sorrow of the bereaved family members. May  God give Strength and comfort to the love ones left behind. May the soul of Kavito rest in peace.

It may be pointed out the killing that is continuing almost everyday is the direct outcome of the government of India who incited such killing to take place among the Nagas by allowing the Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group to be stationed at Vihokhu Camp, which is not designated as per Ceasefire ground rules. The artificial flush out is just an eye wash. Why are this group not sent back to the seven designated Camp?

Issued by:



Office of the


Ref. No……………                                                               Date…            ……………

P R E S S   S T A T E M E N T

Kohima, June 9, 2008

We take this privilege to extend our heartfelt gratitude to President & colleagues of all Naga Tribe Hoho, Civil Society Leaders from length and breadth of Naga inhabited areas and every Naga Citizen for reposing faith on us once again to lead the Naga Hoho in this crucial period of time. We want to thank every Naga who stood with us over the course of our journey – through the good days and the hard times since the inception of Naga Hoho. At this defining moment for our nation, we should be proud that we have many talented, qualified field of individuals ever to run this platform and we have learned from them as friends, as public servants, and as patriots who love Nagaland and are willing to work tirelessly to make this nation better. In fact, the current incumbents of the Naga Hoho have been made consensus not because of our ability or efficiency but because of the moment- a moment that will define a generation.

We expressed our profound gratitude to the Hon’ble Chief Minister and his colleagues for participation in the Inaugural Session of the 9th Naga Hoho General Assembly on May 30, 2008 at Peren and delivered a poignant speech befitting to the present Naga context. Over and above, we cannot just begin to express what their financial contribution means to Naga Hoho and us. It will definitely be most helpful and will go to extremely good use, there is no doubt about that, but more than the monetary value, we greatly appreciate their thoughtfulness behind the gift. The 9th Naga Hoho Session was a great success because of their kind support and generosity.

The Naga Hoho immeasurably thank the Zeliangrong Baudi for hosting the 9th General Assembly in spite of many odds and most importantly, we adore the Guest Speaker Rev.Dr. Wati Aier and all other participants in the programme who have untiringly devoted their time and energy during the 9th Naga Hoho General Session from May 29-31, 2008 at Peren. All the partaker and the valued delegates have done an incredible job for the cause of the Naga people. and we are fully convinced that the entire delegates have realized that “our individual salvation and liberty depends on collective salvation”.

Today, the greatest challenge facing by the Naga people is the challenge of peace and confidence building among different sections of fellow Nagas based on understanding each other’s tribe and their capabilities.  For too long, we have viewed the size of our population as a social and political liability for which enough blood have been shed and shattered our dream for a common future. No matter how strong or weak one may be, educated or uneducated, skilled or unskilled, the challenge before us is to ensure that each and every Naga citizen is an asset. Every individual’s life is so dear and precious to all rational and so also eliminating one person from the same family is irreparable.    We cannot afford to keep doing what we have been doing. We owe our children a better future. We owe our nation a better future. And for all those who dream of that future today, we appeal — let us begin the work together. Let us unite in common effort to chart a new course for Naga Hoho and our people. In our Naga country, we have found that all the groups/ individuals are labeled with certain stigma one way or the other, divisions and categories and petty bickering.

As the matter of fact, Naga people are decent, generous, hospitable, compassionate people, united by common challenges and common hopes. And every so often, there are moments, which call on that fundamental goodness to make this country great again. Leaders of Nagas, this is our moment – this is our time. Our time to turn the page on the policies of the past. Our time to bring new initiatives and ideas to the challenges we face. Our time to offer a new direction for the country we love.

No matter how long we may take or the journey may be difficult, the road may be long. Let us face this challenge with profound humility and remake this great nation so as to enable us to look back and tell our children that this was the moment we ended a conflict and restored our nation and image of the people before God Almighty and the outside world.

The Naga Hoho shall on no account ever give up hope to stop bloodshed among fellow citizens designed by occupational forces clubbing with vested interest and anti-naga people and therefore we fervently appeal once again to;

•           Cease immediately all forms of killings amongst various groups of Naga National workers; besides targeting innocent public/ travelers through various forms of threat perception and intimidations;

•           Come out openly as a true Naga whichever groups are involved in abduction and killings of innocent civilians, whose kids and kin are yet to be informed their whereabouts;

•           Politicians/ political parties and their machineries to work cohesively based on the principle of good governance towards crafting a welfare state; and stop encouraging the unwanted elements in the state from creating unwarranted human sufferings;

•           The mass based Civil Societies and Churches to perform their duties judiciously with the motto-“ united we stand divided we fall”

•           The Leadership of every Naga National organizations/ Governments to retrospect every single killing because our Armed Naga boys are committed and they should not be used to commit sin against men and God in the pursuit of freedom.

(KEVILETUO KIEWHUO)                                     (P.CHUBA OZUKUM)

President                                                                           General Secretary


11th June 08

NSCN condols the death of Benjamin

MIP/GPRN:The untimely death of Mr. Benjamin a Chaplee Staff GPRN, at Shillong is a great lost for the NSCN and the Naga nation. But the service he has rendered for the nation will remain recorded in history.

The NSCN condole his death and share the grief and sorrow of the bereaved family members. May God comfort them and give strength to sustain the lost. May the soul of Benjamin rest in peace.


Press Release

08th June, 2008

With the situation in Dimapur getting bloody by day, the talks on the issue is also going hush-hush with common people saying “certainly, something is going wrong, and advisory board of Western Sumi Hoho backed Mulatonu-Kitovi group must have committed a terrible mistake in their policy of discrimination i.e. ‘Quit Notice’ is certainly against the will of God. The fallen innocent cadres of 16th May and 4th June, 2008 is obviously a victim of this dangerous policy. NSCN is compelled to resist in defiance of this policy hatched by adversaries resulted heavy casualties we never wanted. The fight is purely against the policy and the policy only.

In the given situation, the accusing fingers are pointed towards the advisory board  of Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) who have distorted and criminalized the very meaning of ‘Unification’ by way of practicing and supporting ‘discrimination’ of highest degree. In the first place, they out rightly rejected the Yaruiwo of NSCN’s proclamation on unity through reconciliation, forgiveness and compassion, and rather supported the so-called ‘unification’ designed by guardian of ‘Quit Notice’. With this open defiance of nation’s interests pronounced through such level signed by Isak Chishi Swu, Yaruiwo (President) what impression are they expect from the Naga people? Going extreme, the WSH was also prepared to excommunicate Yaruiwo and his followers if they do not toe the line set by it. Having insulted the head of the Naga nation in such manner, can the Nagas trust them who claimed to play the role of ‘torch bearer’ in the unification issue with this advisory boards in the driver’s seat?

Where had their unification concluded today? Isn’t it strengthened the hands of the guardians of ‘Quit Notice’? Is the killing of innocent civilians belonging to a particular community is all about your unification? You supported the Mulatuno-Kitovi genocide program to bring unification, how can their conscience allow them to process unification over the dead bodies of innocent civilians. God hates discrimination in any respect, because in His eyes, everyone is created equal. But this has not come to the realization of advisory board of WSH. They show great discrimination by targeting the Tangkhuls in support of ‘quit notice’. On the other hand, WSH talked of its broad based unification, would WSH explain the exact meaning of their broad-based unification and ‘Quit Notice’?

It is nauseating and disgusting to talk of WSH’s false show of seriousness on unification. Where is Advisory Board of WSH today? They are equally blamed for the messy affair turned bloody in the name of unification of their own making. The WSH and its Advisory Board is turning Western Sumi areas into battle fields.

Issued by:



June 10, 08

Tangkhul widow house burnt.

June 10 MIP/GPRN:Despite   public appeals and warning by NSCN against the continuing attack on Tangkhul civilians, one house of a Tangkhul widow, Mrs. Marthar was burn down by the hoodlums of Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group at midnight, 9th June at Burma Camp, Dimapur.

Earlier, the same group attacked the house of his son Honpam on 18th May, and shot him in the belly, he survived miraculously. Last night they came to Burma Camp and asked the neighboring Aos to identify the houses of the Tangkhuls. They went away when the Ao people could not identify the Tangkhul houses. But they return at midnight and torched the house.



Ministry of Information & Publicity

Press Release

11th June 08

In the continuing violence, the Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group went for another killing of NSCN members at Tsinmenyu town on 10th June. Sgt. Maj. Starson Anal of V.P. Battalion, Naga Army was shot dead at the gate of his in-law residence at Tsinmenyu after he was forcefully pulled out from the house. The heartfelt plea by his wife and mother-in-law was not heeded. But he was shot dead right in front of their eyes at 8:00 pm.

The NSCN deeply mourn at the lost of such a patriotic comrade, and also pray that may the good Lord give strength and comfort the bereaved family member. May the soul of Starson rest in peace.

Sgt. Maj. Starson was a 2nd in-Charge of the Town Command (Tsinmenyu Town)

Issued by:



Dimapur, June 12 (MExN):

NSCN (IM) walks out of CFMG meeting

The new chairman of the Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG) M.L. Kumawat failed to attend a routine ceasefire monitoring group meeting with the NSCN (IM) today as ‘enraged’ NSCN (IM) representatives walked out of the meeting after expressing displeasure over the “unilateral appointment of the CFMG Chairman and imposition on the organisation by the government of India.”

The meeting which was held at Police Conference Hall, Chumukedima was attended by Joint Secretary (Northeast), Naveen Verma, Nagaland Home Commissioner, HK Khullu, Nagaland DGP and others. The NSCN (IM) representatives came and expressed their displeasure over the “unilateral” appointment of ML Kumawat, the security frisking and flush out of cadres and the attack on the CFMG office on May 16 last. Shortly thereafter they walked out from the meeting, which however continued on without the NSCN (IM) officials.

Nagaland state Commissioner, HK Khullu, while  terming the NSCN (IM) walk out as “very unfortunate”, informed that the today’s meeting anyhow resolved to implement the ceasefire ground rules in toto and to stop the killings and bloodshed in the state. It is informed that due to busy schedule, Kumawat could not attend the periodically held ceasefire meetings. However, Joint Secretary (Northeast), Naveen Verma attended the meeting.

A top bureaucrat informed that the NSCN (IM) representatives came in an “angry mood” and expressed displeasure at the appointment of special secretary (internal security) M.L. Kumawat as the chairman of the ceasefire monitoring Group.

Besides, it is learnt that the NSCN (IM) side questioned the recent flush out exercise carried out by the state government to evict armed cadres in civilian areas. They also questioned the regular frisking and checking in Dimapur and the attack on the Ceasefire Monitoring Cell office at Diphupar on May 16. However, the bureaucrat clarified that the frisking and checking is being done solely to maintain law and order and not against any particular faction.  About the appointment of ML Kumawat as CFMG Chairman, the bureaucrat informed that his appointment was done just as a ‘stop-gate’ or ‘temporary appointment’ though it is the prerogative of the Government of India as to how long they will retain Kumawat as the CFMG Chairman.

The NSCN (IM) CFMG Convener, ‘Brig’ Phungthing, who led the NSCN (IM) representatives, said that they walked out from the meeting due to the “arbitrary imposition on the NSCN by the Government of India”.

He said that when there is a ceasefire going on between two parties, then the ceasefire ground rules is to be implemented not only by one party but by both the sides.

In this regard, Phungthing particularly expressed displeasure at the appointment of ML Kumawat as the CFMG chairman, the frisking and checking in the towns and the recent flush out exercise conducted by the district administration.

Saying that the NSCN (IM) could not work under the imposition of the Government of India, Phungthing said that it is the government of India who is creating confusion and that it is up to them to sort it out at a higher level.

“We cannot accept the arbitrary imposition everywhere,” said Phungthing, “We cannot talk…so it should depend on the Government of India.” He said that the Government of India is thrashing around and kicking the NSCN (IM) trying to insult the NSCN (IM).

He said that the matter has to be discussed at the “higher levels” of the ‘government’. About the absence of the new CFMG Chairman, ML Kumawat, Phungthing simply said that there is no CFMG chairman as the new appointment has been done by the Indian government without consulting the NSCN (IM). Phungthing informed that the next meeting cannot be had at this juncture. “How can we have a meeting at this juncture,” said Phungthing.



Dated Hebron, June 13, 2008

A section or class of Sumi male folk has smeared the whole Sumis with despicable insult. They have used the Sumi people for their personal dirty criminal interests. Now in search of escape route they went to Mon and hatched one more scheme. Naturally, guilty conscious people will keep on running from pillar to post to find a sort of consolation. Let them honestly admit that Naga National Politics is too high a thing for laymen like them. Their usage of BROAD BASE UNIFICATION itself is very wrong. The usage, such as broad base or medium base or narrow base etc. is not applied in Naga Unification in the national level.

Let SH leadership be advised, it is best for you to seek forgiveness from the Sumi people and Naga people for the injury you have inflicted on them. Because, you need to be forthright in admitting how and where you have gone wrong. You also need to know the true color of K group, who may not turn out to be too forgiving when you genuinely engage yourselves in the future scheme of things as freedom loving people.

I can predict for you that signing a resolution with handful men from KU will come to nothing. If you really are for Unification, why didn’t you take the other 60 Naga tribes into confidence before you take the plunge? And within no time why did you choose to wage war against NSCN? Why did you also openly take side with K-group who are out and out for the Indian constitution? They have unilateral ceasefire with Indian Army, and have no political agenda at all. That is why, in their 11 years of cease fire period, they were not given political platform for dialogue, not even once. After all, they don’t even have political status or identity at any stage of their existence. Nagas are no longer that naïve to be blind to all these things.

To speak candidly, for K group, Naga issue is no longer a political issue but law and order situation of India. That is why, in the last clause, no. 15 of their cease fire agreement, they signed in this way; “Security Forces will retain the right to enforce measures necessary to uphold the laws of the land and prevent any disturbance to peace.” This means, they have surrendered Nagas’ right to India so that the Security Forces have retained the right to enforce all measures to uphold the laws of the land (Indian Constitution) in Nagalim. Any attempt to reclaim Nagas’ right will be prevented by terming it as disturbance to peace. Deliberately and desperately, the SH and WSH are supporting such surrendered group in the name of Unification. This is a crime of highest degree against the Nation.

If ever, SH leadership would take the correct route to Unification, they first need to retreat from their misadventure rather than seeking escape route. In this regard, the best policy will be honesty and not being arrogant.

Your reaffirmation of “Unification first and Solution next” is an open campaign against Nagas Independence and therefore, is tantamount to propagating Indian constitution based solution. If ever to go for unity, it must be solution oriented approach and therefore, it must go side by side along with the ongoing Indo-Naga Peace Process. Any attempt to thwart the search for an honorable solution, in the name of Unification, is against Nagas’ long cherished political aspiration.

Kadijinbou, S.O. ZLR

Through MIP, GPRN

Dated Hebron, June 13, 2008


Press Release

16th June  2008


When the damage has been done and when you have cleared your conscience before the Naga people, you are only making yourself a ridiculous figure by withdrawing your statement. The predicament you faced is understandable. Because we understood you were placed under great pressure and you were compelled to listen to the diktat of those persons who runs the Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group. This also reflects your sorry state of position in the group. In the earlier occasions you were designated as the Convener of the Council of Kilonsers. But this is only a decorative designation as the unfolding drama shows. This is unfortunate. I wish you are not in the place where you are now. Why be in the place when your conscience is like a living hell? A disgrace to the community you belong, and it is not a good indication of your ethical standard.

Issued by:

(Chipenthung Ezung)

Dy. Kilonser




Ministry of Information & Publicity

Press Release

17th June’08

The marauding members of Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group raided the rented house of one Under Secretary Royemchu Chang at Signal Angami Basti., Dimapur. The house was ransacked and dismantled at 7:00pm on 16th June’08. Royemchu is a Chaplee-in-Charge of Tuensang and Kiphire. The owner of the house is Ao.

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Press release

June 17, 2008


It would have been nearing to the point of appreciation if Western Sumi Hoho leadership would admit to the truth as much as they admitted to some historical facts. It was true, as they have stated, that “Unification Process was born all of a sudden with the initiative of Azheto and his colleagues from NSCN (IM) and NSCN (K) at Hovishe village near Niuland Town” just last year with an ulterior motive. Azheto and his men produced a lot of concocted stories and WSH were made to believed on their fabricated propaganda such as “Brig. Ramkathing was preparing for attacking the designated camp of NSCN (K) at Suruhoto and Zunheboto of which the then Kilo Kilonser Azheto was not informed even though the matter was a very serious in nature.” If you were wise, Hebron is not that far from your place that you should have come for verification before you took a jump into their pit. For God’s sake, you should have come for guidance or for advice or for suggestion or for consultation while “Azheto, Shikato and their colleagues” started their ground work for their so-called Naga Unification “under the directive of Isak Chishi Swu.” But, sad to say, your becoming of a “like minded people” in Azheto’s line has placed you at a very sorry state of position.

It should have been wise on your part if you withdrew yourselves from participation in passing the resolution of “expulsion and excommunication of Sumi National workers who do not join the Unification move from Sumi community.” Accordingly, you, together with the runaway people and K group, passed this divisive and destructive resolution consecutively on November 23, 2007 at Hovishe village and on November 27, 2007 at Kuhuboto Town respectively. Later on, you picked up this deadly resolution into your hand and by befooling the whole Sumi community “adopted (it) at Dimapur on 11th December 2007 and at Zunheboto Town on 15th January 2008.” As you mentioned, no doubt, enough documents in the form of audio, video and print media are available. This resolution under Azheto’s Unification was just like Korah’s “Golden Bull” made by befooling the Israelites at Sinai while on Exodus for the Promised Land. Therefore, you yourselves have smeared the Sumi Community with national insults. It was not by MIP as you blamed.

Unification initiative, if ever it happened in “Kohima, Wokha, Mokokchung and any other place,” their approach would have been done thoughtfully and correctly in the national line, not in the way of your blue-eyed boy, Azheto. Running away with arms and ammunition, uniform and equipments is never meant for unification but for more bloodshed. How many civilians, businesspersons and cadres have died in the hands of Unification group speaks loud enough to reach heaven. Sincerely, you don’t like your area or Nagalim a killing field but sad to say, inadvertently, you have made it happened by taking hasty decision to support Azheto.

To plead so much for Azheto’s misadventure simply will drive you farther and farther. An attempt to understand will be better in such case. If we were to read your mind and understand you through your actions as well as your writings, would you still be angry with us! Allow us to quote you and ask a few questions later. “Therefore, the question of this unification move as being labeled as ‘Sumi Unification’ does not arise and nor does this unification move was initiated by Sumi Hoho and Western Sumi Hoho alone.” Well, if you are consistent to your today’s statement, why did you take side with Azheto who openly advocates “Sumi Unification” is essential and pre-requisite to Naga Unification, as a result of it, many Sumi cadres ran away. Seccondly, if Azheto’s Unification move was not initiated by you, how come that you almost single handedly are supporting it while the rest of the Naga tribes are watching you silently? If it was a consensus move, why did you also state that “Unification Process was born all of a sudden with the initiative of Azheto and his colleagues from NSCN (IM) and NSCN (K) at Hovishe village near Niuland Town.” Evidently you were the only participant Hoho according to your discourse. What makes you to take side with K group who are bitterly waging war against NSCN, Naga Hoho, NSF, NMA and many Naga civil societies? And in the like manner, why did you also quarrel with Chief Minister Rio, NBCC, APO and NSCN?

Without giving a proper examination you also pronounced that Azheto and his pretentious unification was God’s answer to Naga people’s ardent prayers. Could this really be the answer of God! No, never. God’s answer will be freedom, peace and prosperity, not this kind of bloodshed and fighting amongst brothers.

Regarding to “Quit notice to Tangkhul Community” no tribe had ever issued such devilish notice. Horrendously, it was by K-group. Honestly speaking, SH/WSH didn’t do that in the Hoho level. Would you be able to recall the time when you were served quit notice from Dimapur Area by 15 tribes of Nagaland State at which NSCN came to your rescue? This was a painful reality of the past which should not be forgotten easily. There are, however, many Sumi people who are maintaining their age-old good relationship with the Tangkhuls. We wish such relationship outlived. Thanks a lot for the philanthropic service toward the Tangkhuls. May God indeed bless you and those other kindly people who came and stood by their side in the hour of great distress. Any way, Tangkhuls must have conveyed their heartfelt gratitude for themselves to all concern people. We are simply extending our acknowledgment.

Please don’t mind but allow us to ask you two questions on Wungram Colony mayhem. Can you tell us whose unruly mob did it if not K people to whom you have so much attachment? Can you hold your Bible and wash your hands off that the program was not announced in Sumi Baptist Church, Purana Bazar? We will be very grateful if you are honest enough to help us trace the culprits and book them in a court.

In regards to Unification, yes, all Naga tribes cherish for it. But you know, unlike you, they,  as you mentioned, have a “second thought on the current unification move even though they want Naga unification at all cost.” Because, wrong starting cannot take anyone to right ending. Therefore, it is advisable that you better follow other’s example of cautious approach when dealing with such delicate issues, like Unification and Solution. It must have been known to you that such issues must be taken up or carry forward conscientiously and with mutual understanding. It is also worth drawing your attention that to handle such sensitive issues are not a layman’s task. To lend credibility to your much hyped unification agenda some certain person with national character could have been placed in the fore front rather than using some persons’ names with the tag of deserter and traitor. Because Naga issue is too big an issue to be handled by such persons devoid of national principle.  Any authoritative statement on sectarian line should not come in the way of national interest which is supreme to all the Nagas, hence your slogan “Unification: First and last opportunity  for Nagas” is totally against the unification taste of the Nagas.

Issued by MIP/GPRN



Ministry of Information & Publicity

Press Release

19th June’08

The Ministry of Chaplee, Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim, GPRN issued order for the Cancellation of all the “Authorization Permit” within Nagalim with immediate effect until further order. Henceforth, the collections will be directly dealt by the Chaplee Ministry.

The Cancellation order is issued under K. Among, Secretary, Ministry of Chaplee, GPRN.

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Press Release

20th June’08

A Thought For ENPO

As per the invitation of ENPO, we the members of ENNWU had attended the Tuensang meeting on 18th Dec’07 along with ENNWU and FGN workers. We were made to agree on the regulation passed by the ENPO where in it was stated that no bloodshed be in the jurisdiction of the districts i.e. Tuensang, Mon, Longleng and Kiphiri since that day. It was also stated that which faction so ever violate the regulation, public will not cooperate or support that faction.

Among many other activities, the K group had killed Mr. Chemeng Chang and Lemba Chang at Tobu on 16th March’08. Again Dy. Kilonser Alem’s house was raided at Tizit and took away properties. again on the night of 19th June’08 Mr. Chingngak Konyak was shot and injured at his hand at Naganimera. Seeing all this things we as human being have our memory to ask that people of ENPO in general and ENPO office bearers in particular to bar that organization in accordance with your resolution.

Issued by:


Convenor, ENNWU,



Press Release

20th June’08

A Thought For ENPO

As per the invitation of ENPO, we the members of ENNWU had attended tteh Tuensang meeting on 18th Dec’07 along with ENNWU and FGN workers. We were made to agree on the regulation passed by the ENPO where in it was stated that no bloodshed be in the jurisdiction of the districts i.e. Tuensang, Mon, Longleng and Kiphiri since that day. It was also stated that which faction so ever violate the regulation, public will not cooperate or support that faction.

Among many other activities, the K group had killed Mr. Chemeng Chang and Lemba Chang at Tobu on 16th March’08. Again Dy. Kilonser Alem’s house was raided at Tizit and took away properties. again on the night of 19th June’08 Mr. Chingngak Konyak was shot and injured at his hand at Naganimera. Seeing all this things we as human being have our memory to ask that people of ENPO in general and ENPO office bearers in particular to bar that organization in accordance with your resolution.

Issued by:


Convenor, ENNWU,




21st June’08

The manner of picking upon in significant issue just for the pleasure of making some kind of anti-NSCN propaganda is quite uncalled for. The inadvertent omission of Wokha in the February 2006 edition of ‘Nagas Their Pilgrimage for Self Existence and Quest for Dignity and Peace’ is however regrettable. But in the fitness of the things as invited by Maj. (Retd.) RM. Lotha, Kilonser, the closed Chapter does not warrant raising hue and cry. The issue was raised in 2006 itself and clarified as printing mistake. There is no such thing as made to believe by RM. Lotha. NSCN will not stoop that low to play such derogatory game to play with the sentiment of the Lotha people in particular and the Nagas in general.

For further clarification, the widely circulated booklet has already undergone 3rd edition as on September 2007 and no such omission is visible in the map.

Interestingly, the latest edition was printed by Alezo Venuh when he was the Dy. Kilonser MIP/NSCN before defecting to Kitovi-Mulatuno Camp.

Resorting to provoking emotional upheaval on the issued of yesteryears smack of not only vindictiveness at the cost of playing cheap propaganda on Lotha sentiments but reflects immaturity and defiance of ground reality.

“If we want the best apples we can choose them as we like. But if we want peace we must give peace to others first”. —- Tongmeth Wangnao

Speaker, Tatar Hoho.

*We are sending a copy of the said booklet each to Mr.Alezo and Ghukiho Zhimo for their information*.

Issued by:



21st June’08


Open Letter to Lotha Hoho

It is highly regretted that Maj. (Retd.) RM.Lotha of Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group is desperately trying to mislead the common people and provoke the feeling of the Lotha people on the non-existence issue just to attack NSCN as part of its smear campaign. This does not augur well for the fraternal development of the Nagas. It may be pointed out this mistake in the Map was rectified within no time in 2006 itself when the book was printed. And since then the book has undergone 3rd edition and nothing was left out to cause any reason for emotional flare up as intended by this group using Maj. RM. Lotha. Let us be realistic and not be carried away by false propaganda. Lothas sentiment could have been hurt but that was more than two years back. And kindly note that the latest edition was printed by Alezo Venuh, who was the then MIP Dy. Kilonser, NSCN, who later on defected to Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group. Ironically the unwarranted press note was written by the same Alezo Venuh and Ghukiho Zhimo just to create confusion at the cost of Lotha’s sentiment. You  can now draw your own conclusion. But your conscience should not be disturbed with an eye on NSCN.

Issued by:




22nd June’08

Condolence Message

In the name of unification the Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group killed another Naga Army personnel 2nd Lt. Tsengpeng s/o Renei, of Akhegwo village, on 21st June at 6:00pm in Signal Basti, Dimapur. He was abducted from his rented house and later found killed in the railway track. He was attached to Dy. Kilonser Zavitho Kijiri.

The NSCN and the Naga Nation condoles the death of 2nd Lt. Tsengpeng who has given 14 years of service to the nation. He died like a true Naga Army, not succumbing to the pressure of falling on the wrong side. History will record his name accordingly and honor him in the manner he deserved.

In such hour of sorrow and grief, may God give the strength and comfort to the bereaved family members, and may the soul of Tsengpeng rest in peace.

Issued by:



23rd June’ 08

Two lady Naga Army abducted.

MIP/GPRN:The Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group abducted two lady Naga Army personnel Sgt. Shon Khiamnungan d/o Shingia of Noklak village, Khiamnugan Region and Pte. Shon Amongshe Lams Tikhir, of Phakpur village, on 21st June ’08 from Dimapur.

They were kept in Vihokhu.


Press Release

23rd June’ 08

Immaturity in what he professed to be, and he made himself a vulnerable person to parrot on something sensitive he does not know. The person in the focus is Captain Vedeta, who defected to Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group and rewarded with Lieutenant Colonel rank. And carried away by such overnight promotion under the rule that defied all existing military rules and ethics Vedata has gone headstrong to place himself on the issue he has not seen with his own eyes.

For public curiosity it will be interesting to point out that Vedeta was promoted to Captain in 2006 without the mandatory passing of Military Basic Training. In more than one occasion he was directed to undergo the Military Training. But under one pretext or the other he took leave and never goes for the training. On the contrary he was found indulging in passing away his time in drink, much to the dismay of the Naga Army authorities. To cause further damage to himself he was avoiding reporting for duty till he defected to Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group. Devoid of national spirit he lacks the character other than his interest in monetary and other material possession.

Promotion and rank comes cheap to him after he defected to Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group. From Captain he was given Lt. Colonel. Any self respecting individual or organization wouldn’t have gone through the process to make a sell out of military rank to reward a defector. But given the organization that was set up in a haphazard fashion, this manner of military functioning evoked only laughter and duplicity.

Coming like a bold from the blue was the assertion that two or three Tangkhul villages has been set up in the Jalukie Zangdi area. Such baseless allegation only reflects his state of mind that is not in his control.

We are at pain to know that our former Naga Army officer is making a mockery of himself, not realizing that he is bringing a bad name to the Chakeshang people and to himself. It is not the characteristic trait of the Chakeshang people to indulge in such mischievous thing as done by Vedeta.  For the Chakeshang people in the Naga Army, this is an insult. Anyway, what makes Vedeta go for such unfounded allegation and where will he be when asked to prove his reports? Naturally, such things will emanate from a person without a sense of responsibility to community and to the nation. All said done, it should be wise for the Vedeta to apologize for the non-sens-ical utterance.

Issued by:

Lt.Col. Ape Venuh

Maj. Vekele

Maj. Tsevetso

Capt. Rusu

GHQ Naga Army


Press Release

25th June’08

The government of India assured the NSCN that eviction action will be taken against the Vihokhu Camp as it is not a designated Camp and goes against the ceasefire ground rules. And thereafter a serious political discussion will take off. But to the dismay of the NSCN authorities, nothing was taken up, and NSCN was taken for ride for all this long period. This comes in the face of provocation by the Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group by going on offensive, targeting NSCN cadres in Dimapur and other places. Our stand against the Camp was made very clear to the government of India, State Political Affair Committee (PAC) and to DBs/GBs Joint Forum in more than one occasion. But how long can we allow our cadres to be attacked at random? Forbearance to keep up with the unification spirit cannot go on but line has to be drawn, human as we are.

Coming as another provocation, GOC, DGP and DC visited Khehoi village to be given the status of designated camp. Interestingly, Khehoi is only 1:5 Km away from Vihokhu, which does not make any difference. A face saving action on the part of the government that was never found acceptable for NSCN. Not credible enough, and coming too late. And the friction stays on to prod the Naga Army for attacking the illegal camp. There is no doubt on the persistent of NSCN to pursue reconciliation and unity as demonstrated by Yaruiwo’s proclaimation on 3th June. But what was the response by the Vihokhu camp people. Whereas the NSCN Naga Army were directed not to go for offensive, maximum advantage was taken by Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group, and the attack against NSCN goes on unabated. On 3rd June Lt. Subong Ao Naga Army along with the auto driver was abducted from Naga Cemetery and later on was found killed at Bible Society, Purana Bazaar and also on 7th June, Kavito Sumi, Rajau-Peyu of UT-1 of NSCN was gunned down in Super Market and his Maruti car burnt down. This was followed by attack on the house of one innocent civilian, a widow Mrs. Marthar at Burma Camp, on 9th June. And on the same day Sgt. Maj. Starson Anal of V.P. Battalion, Naga Army was shot dead in front of his wife at Tsimenyu.

Abduction of businessmen never stops. On 12th June businessman Murali Prasad from Hazi Park, Dimapur, was abducted and on 14th June, one Mr. Boran Sungjit, a businessman from Guwahati was abducted. The marauding group on 21st June abducted and killed 2nd Lt. Tsengpeng at Signal Basti, Dimapur. Even lady Army personnel were not spared, on 21st June, two Lady Naga Army personnel, Sgt. Soun, Khiamnungan Region and Pte. Amonsii Tikhir were abducted from Signal Basti and taken to Vihokhu Camp. The NSCN cadres, particularly the Chaplee Staff were placed under constant threat by this group, not allowing normal functioning of duty.

The distorted utterance by Kughalu Mulatuno on the issue of ‘Peace and Reconciliation’ is highly vulgar and bereft of any meaning under the present scheme of things as desired by the Nagas.

All said and done, blame not the NSCN. We have waited enough but things never work out as promised by the government of India. And the account has to be settled in the manner no matter how unpleasant it may look in the eyes of the beholders.

Issued by:



Press Release

26th June’08


The valor of the Naga Army was again proved against the reactionaries forces of Azheto-Mulatonou-Kitovi group in the battle to evict and destroy the illegal Vihokhu camp. A seeming show of resistance could not last long and bunker after bunker were overrun till the Naga army penetrate right in the centre of the camp forcing the demoralized reactionary forces to flee in the panic. The few who were left to defend could not face the on slaughter and seven of them were killed in the camp and adjoining areas. Many more were injured as confirmed by the villagers. Seven arms were captured.

As part of the operation to dismantle any structure of the Camp, around 60 vehicles were burnt down. Every standing houses or camps were destroyed. The Naga Army suffered four minor injuries.

The illegal camp in the name of an illegal organization under the name style as NSCN/GPRN was ultimately driven to meet its doom when the government of India went back on its words to act,  forcing the Naga Army to handle the matter in the manner it deem fit.

Any forces how high it claimed to be but devoid of national principle, cannot go on playing on the national sentiment. And the people cannot be taken for a ride on such sensitive issue by resorting to rhetoric war.

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Press Release

26th June’08

Sgt. Maj.  Venda Shan s/o Momo Shan of Mitchiina Town of Pangami Region (Eastern Nagaland) died in a counter retaliatory attack last night at around 10 pm, June 25th when the reactionary force of Azheto–Mulatuno–Kitovi group made a futile attempt on the outpost of Naga Army at Tsetungse (Sangtam) Village under Dhansiri Sub- division Dimapur. For the act of bravery and sacrifice the Naga Army and NSCN pay homage to late Sgt Maj, Venda. The NSCN also express sympathy to the bereaved family members and pray that the almighty God bless and give strength to them to face this sorrow and tragedy. Late Sgt,Maj was attached to the Defense Command of the GHQ. He joined the National Service on 5th march 1998. A national condolence service was conducted at GHQ Naga Army.

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27th June’08

In the backdrop of the fast changing situation in the Dimapur District and adjoining areas, the Joint Council of the Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (GPRN) have taken the resolute stand to oppose opening of new ‘designated Camps’ in the name of K-group within the jurisdiction of Dimapur District. The villagers are also cautioned not to allow the setting up of such camps in their areas. Any conflict or casualty that may arise in the cross firing, the villagers shall be held solely responsible. Not heeding the GPRN’s warning will be at villagers’ own risk.

For the deliberate act of inciting violence and blood shed among the Nagas, the government of India is strongly cautioned to retreat from such steps and not to provide reason for bloody conflict by allowing unauthorized camps to come up.

Issued by: