PRESS STATEMENT, 13 October, 2019

                                                GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF NAGALIM

                                                                       Ministry of Information and Publicity

                                                                                   PRESS STATEMENT

                                                                             Hebron, 13th October, 2019

When the painful reality get exposed, it became a matter of shame and disgrace for the Nagas because there are forces at work waiting to exploit this absurdity on the part of some so called Naga leaders claiming to be talking with the Government of India on Naga political solution. This is what is happening now at the hands of the confused lot of people who are heading the WC, NNPGs but speaking in contrasting tone.

Recently, when Al Jazeera international news channel interviewed Mr. Alezo Venuh and questioned him on Naga constitution, he came up with the most abominable answer, “Unless a country or nation is declared as a nation, how can you have a constitution”. On the other side, Kitovi rubbished the existence of Naga constitution, and said that it can be drafted after signing the agreement for Naga solution. But, to the media, this same WC, NNPGs leaders are saying that flag and constitution are an integral part of the negotiations. When this group presented themselves as a confused bunch of people, disconnecting themselves from Naga political history as a nation, they are easily manipulated when sitting across the table negotiating in the name of Naga political solution and became “Yes man” for all practical purpose. This is the tragic fate of WC, NNPGs today negotiating with Government of India in the name of Naga political solution.

Any layman on the street would be able to know if WC, NNPGs have done anything of hard negotiation with Government of India Representative and Interlocutor Shri RN.Ravi other than being made to listen attentively on the so-called “Economic Package” in the waiting in the name of Naga political solution. Visibly, they have argued that it should be for the Nagas of Nagaland only. This is the picture today in the hands of WC, NNPGs negotiating in the name of Naga political solution. A milestone for them as they are in damning hurry to sign the agreement anytime soon. This is the manner of price they want to pay for the hundreds of thousands of Nagas who died in the name of Naga freedom.However,the true revolutionary patriots will continue to uphold the national trust and our glorious history. We will never walk down the path of capitulated peace.

                                                                                                                                                                    Issued by MIP