NSCN/GPRN Rejoinder Statement 21st July 2018

Ministry of Information and Publicity

Hebron, 21ST July, 2018


The NSCN is constrained to put the matters in right perspective to defuse confusion in the minds of the people who matter with regard to the news articles captioned, “Details of 2015 Naga agreement emerge” published by The Hindu on 19th July, 2018, “Ravi explains basis of Framework Agreement” appeared on Nagaland Post of 20th July, 2018, and “Naga Accord: Parl Panel asks MHA to prepare rehab scheme” on Nagaland Post of 21st July, 2018, issue that:

  1. In this regard, RN Ravi had explained in his interview with the Nagaland Post that appeared on 15th July, 2016, under the caption “Ravi on Framework Agreement”. The excerpt of the interview is as follows:

The Framework Agreement signed on August 3, 2015 lays down the fundamental principles of our relationship. It fully respects the Nagas’ aspirations of recognition of their uniqueness and commits both sides to a peaceful co-existence in an inseparably inclusive relationship on the basis of sharing the mutually agreed sovereign powers. Within this Framework, details are being worked out”.

  1. The recognition of Nagas’ unique history and situation and Framework Agreement in essence implies the important steps taken toward solution through mutual respect by both the entities.
  2. When the negotiating parties are fully committed to working out a solution that is acceptable to both, it is mandatory that the parties must exercise integrity, and restrain any agencies trying to derail the political negotiation.
  3. At no point of time in the negotiations with the GoI all these years the NSCN had ever softened its stand on the issues of Naga history, identity and rights including integration of all Naga areas, let alone accepting the Indian constitution.
  4. The relationship between the GoI and the Nagas shall be based on the Agreement arrived at. The Agreement should not be distorted by anyone for personal benefits. The NSCN and the GoI have taken sufficient steps, including the Framework Agreement, to conclude the negotiation that is honorable to both.
  5. The NSCN will not betray the steps that have already been taken. Our position is clear to the end. We are serious, and we are careful, as we know that the righteous can do nothing if the foundation is destroyed.
  6. Lasting peace between India and the Nagas will equally benefit all in the region. We are prepared and we shall stand to the last.